Twenty Again


"Jesus Christ! Who is this?"

Norman checked the bathroom. But there was no one else here but himself.

He stroked his cheek with trembling hands, and the handsome guy in the mirror did the same thing as him!

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Chapter 1 God's Favorite
"Oh, that’s definitely god’s favorite. " Looking at the man on TV who was charming his way into the hearts of America, Norman was somewhat jealous. To be with a man like that would be worth anything. He would be nuts about this man if he were a girl.   Well, the funniest part was, this man’s name was the same as his, Norman Levine. "Poor me." Norman signed, rolled out of bed, heading to the bathroom. As he saw the man in the mirror, however, he was slack-jawed. "Jesus Christ! Who is this?" Norman checked the bathroom. But there was no one else here but himself. He stroked his cheek with trembling hands, and the handsome guy in the mirror did the same thing as him! Norman then realized that the man in the mirror was the one on the TV. "Oh god, you’ve got to be kidding me. " With a total mess in his mind, the door of the bathroom was suddenly pushed open. A breathtaking stunner burst in. At the sight of Norman, the girl's eyes lit up. "Aren’t you supposed to wait for me in bed? " she asked in that sugary-sweet voice of hers. Norman got goosebumps all over from just hearing it. "You are such a bad boy. " She cooed, giving him a carnal grin. Hold on! Who was this? Emma Stewart? The girl ranking third in the Boston beauty list and the young lady of the Stewarts? But why was she here? What’s going on? At the moment Norman went blank, Emma pounced on him and kissed him on the cheek with her hand fumbling for his boxers. "Relax, I promise you’re going to love every second. " Emma breathed. Norman swallowed hard and he felt his throat went dry. Her long strawberry blonde hair had him trembling, and her stunning hazelnut eyes annihilated him. And he was almost engulfed in her delicious perfume. As he heated up all over, Norman panicked. In his thirties, anyway, he had never experienced this before. And he had no clue of what was going on here.    Subconsciously, he pushed Emma away and grabbed his short pants. "Norman! Wait, come back!” Emma called after him Ignoring Emma’s scream, Norman rushed out of the door. However, he had barely left the Copley Hotel when he ran into someone he did not want to see for his life! Adam Pitt!   When Norman was at college, Adam was a swinger in his school. He was so popular that countless naïve girls were knocked dead by him. However, that was not what triggered Norman’s hatred for him! Here was the story. Adam was a neat freak, while Norman was the ugliest guy in the college at that time. Every time Adam saw Norman, he got sick and wanted to throw up. When it became known to the rest of the school, Norman became a public enemy and was ostracized by everyone! He was subjected to endless bullying and humiliation and he couldn't even go to the bathroom without getting kicked. Norman’s school bag was often stuffed with all kinds of disgusting things, such as dead mice, cockroaches, and even girl's tampon! "Adam Pitt, you bastard!" Norman said through gritted teeth. When Norman saw Adam, he punched him in the face without a second thought. However, Adam had no idea how seriously he had ruined Norman’s life. Excluded by the whole school, Norman didn’t finish college and ended up working at the bottom of society. His girlfriend, disgusted by his lack of money and his ugliness, ran off with a rag-picker. When he was 30 years old, his parents became seriously ill, and Norman couldn't afford the operation. His sister could only earn money by working as a prostitute. Norman regretted more than once whether his life would have been different if he had finished college. Before Norman's fist hit Adam in the face, a strong man stood in front of him. "Check it out guys, it’s Norman!" "Damn it. I can’t believe your never." "Punch me? How dare you! You poor wretch." "What else do you have besides your fair look?" "I'll disfigure your face today."   Adam grinned as Norman was held down by his men. Adam was supposed to be the number one hunk at Boston University, and all the girls were after him. But things had changed since this piece of trash came out. Norman stole his thunder and was sought after by countless girls. He became an instant hit online while Adam was a has-been. Adam wanted to give Norman a piece of his mind long ago. Today Norman came on to him. Adam took a knife out of his hand and was about to scratch Norman’s face when he heard a cry. "Stop it! " Everyone immediately followed the sound and saw a girl, wearing a red dress and oversized sunglasses, looking like a goddess! "Miss, Miss Stewart?" stammered Adam. Adam panicked at the sight of Emma. Although the Pitts Group was very rich, it was far from the Stewarts Group, the leading enterprise of Boston. Today, Adam stayed downstairs of this hotel in order to curry favor with Emma. As long as the Pitts can ride on coattails of the Stewarts, they would prosper! What Adam didn't expect was that Emma would pop up at this very moment   "Adam, how dare you!" Adam's eyes froze. "What do you mean, Miss Stewart?" he asked in horror. "Are you blind? Norman just ran out of my room. He's my boyfriend!" "What? I’m sorry, Miss Stewart. " "Bully my man? Are the Pitts fed up with fortune?" With that, Adam's legs went limp and he fell to his knees with a bump. Adam looked at Norman with a look of infinite resentment! He blamed all this on this fair-faced man. At that moment, to everyone's surprise, a large number of journalists were pouring out of the hotel door, holding up their cameras and taking pictures of Norman.

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