The Rogue Winter Wolf

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Amanda Heyes is a struggling children's book illustrator who is invited to look after her editor's remote mountain home for the winter. She hopes it will be a chance to paint and work without worrying too much about rent but instead finds herself drawn toward a huge white wolf and his two pups.

When the wolf turns out to be a shifter named Levi, everything changes for Amanda, as she quickly finds herself drawn to Levi despite his rough exterior. With the threat of rogues led by Levi's jealous older brother, Jed, against them, and the knowledge that Levi must soon return to his secluded pack, can a romance ever truly bloom between the two?

The Rogue Winter Wolf is created by K. Anderson, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

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Chapter 1: The Summer House
Chapter 1: The Summer House Amanda leaned forward, craning her neck, as the car pulled into the driveway. The dirt road was steep and long enough that she couldn't see the house from the main road. Trees rose up along the sides, making it impossible to guess where the property actually began. At her left, Demetri chuckled under his breath. “What?" Amanda asked. “The driveway goes on for ten minutes," Demetri said. “Don't break your neck looking for the house." Amanda flushed, leaning back in her seat. “Can you blame me? I'm going to be here all winter, after all." “Don't worry, it's a nice place. Honestly, if it weren't so cold, I'd probably move here full-time." He frowned. “That and, you know, being able to get out of my house when it snows. But hey, at least you'll have plenty of inspiration for the new book." “Little Red takes place in the winter?" He shrugged. “It can. You're the illustrator." Amanda nodded, scouring the treeline with a closer eye. The pine needles would be easy to paint, at least, but there weren't a lot of colors to draw on. “Speaking of Little Red," Demitri began. “Just because I'm keeping an eye on your house doesn't mean I'll forget my deadlines," Amanda laughed. “Pinky promise." “No, not that. There's been a few wolves around here lately. I don't think it's much to worry about, but my neighbors have been yapping about it since I got back. Something about a huge white wolf." “I'll be sure not to go out in a red cape, then." A moment later, they pulled up to the house. Demitri had said it was nice, but this was another level. It was a beautiful two-story wood house with gray stone veneer, wall-to-wall windows, a balcony, and a two-car garage. She never would have been able to afford so much as an Air B&B stay in a place like this, never mind the mortgage. “Oh, wow," she whispered. Demetri laughed. “Welcome home." They pulled into the garage, and Amanda quickly unloaded her things from the back. The bulk of her luggage was art supplies; Demetri struggled to pull the canvases out of the back seat while she grabbed everything else from the trunk. Other than that, she'd only brought clothes and her laptop. “So I wrote everything down so you don't forget, but the main job is just making sure the well-house is good. I've been meaning to have it replaced completely so that I don't need to keep doing this, but I didn't have time, and no one's doing that during the winter. Just make sure the heater keeps going and be sure to turn on the pump again any time the power goes out; it won't come back on automatically. I try to check it at least once a week." Amanda nodded, though she wasn't really listening. She was too busy keeping her jaw from dropping at the interior of the home. Sleek wood flooring, tasteful jewel-toned paint, intricate wallpaper, pendant lights, and a huge fireplace all warred for her attention. She actually did gasp when she caught sight of the kitchen. “Yeah, you'd think I would cook more often." “Oh, it's a sin that you don't!" Amanda dropped her bags on the kitchen floor and marveled at the quartz countertops and island range. “You're going to come back, and there's going to be like fifty loaves of bread just hanging out." “It'd be a nice change from the frozen dinners," he said. “Oh, let me show you the gun cabinet really quick." Though Amanda was sure that she wouldn't need it, she did go with Demetri to the cabinet by the front door. Once he'd shown her the .22 inside, and how to load it and turn the safety off, he locked it back inside and moved to the bedroom. “There's a guest bedroom, too, but this one has the nicest view." “You don't mind me crashing in here?" “Nah. In fact, if you could just wash the sheets before you leave, and then make the bed back up, that will save me the time and effort of doing it myself since they're bound to get dusty." He opened the closet. “Spare sheets and blankets in here, you may want these when it gets way below freezing. Otherwise, I think that's it, unless I forgot anything?" Amanda shook her head from where she stood looking out the window. “The hot tub is free rein?" “Yeah, just throw some of the powder stuff in it when you're done to keep it clean. Oh, and don't leave it open. Animals like the hot water. I found a deer in there once. Awkward for both of us." Amanda laughed. “I think that's everything. Will I be able to reach you if I have questions?" “Oh, yeah, no problem. No service out this far for your cell, but the land-line works, and my number is on the directory next to it. Plus, we have wi-fi, though it's a little slow. Just enough to get Netflix if you don't mind that it pauses every now and then." “Fine by me," Amanda said. “Hopefully I won't even need it much. I'm really hoping that I spend most of the time painting. Maybe I can get a few extra projects in between illustrations." With that, Demitri was on his way. Amanda waved goodbye to him as he pulled out of the garage, excitement coursing through her at the thought of the mountain retreat she was about to undergo. She went about unpacking and setting up an easel in the main room, and by the time she was just thinking about lunch, got a call. The caller ID showed it was Demetri, so she quickly answered. “Miss me already?" He didn't laugh. “Hey, I just got out of town, but I stopped for gas before I left and ran into the neighbor, Todd." “The one that's like, ten miles away?" “Yeah, uh. I didn't know so I'm really sorry, but I just thought you should know. That huge white wolf I was telling you about? Apparently, it killed a hunter about a week ago." Amanda felt her blood freeze. “If you don't want to do this anymore, I can have someone pick you up and take you to the airport. The locals know how to deal with this, and I can pay Todd to check on the well house once a week." Amanda fidgeted with the hem of her shirt, biting on her bottom lip. On the one hand, she hadn't signed up for man-eating-wolves. On the other, though, was the looming threat of rent she didn't have the funds to pay. This was a good deal, she reminded herself. It wasn't like she'd planned on going out hiking. “N-no. It's… it's okay," she said, eventually. “I doubt that it will come close to the house, right?" “It shouldn't," he said. “But just in case, don't go out without the gun, okay?" She nodded before realizing he couldn't see her. “Right." “If you see it, call Todd and the game warden." He gave her the numbers for both to write down in the directory. “I really owe you. I'm sorry to put you in this position. Stay safe, okay?" “Will do," she said, but suddenly, the prospect of a winter alone in a remote mountain cabin was no longer the fantasy she'd hoped for. She hung up and stood awkwardly in the kitchen, looking at the phone, and wondered how impractical it would be to carry the cordless landline around in her pocket, just in case. She shook her head. After all, the mountains were a big place. What were the chances of her seeing this wolf, anyway?

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