Revenge of the Betrayed Luna


Vida Sharsmith is the known heiress of Alpha Dexter, the Alpha King of the Black Frozen Pack. She possessed a natural goddess beauty that made every man in their pack to be amazed at her. Despite being the next Alpha Queen, she decided to run away from her obligations and to her ruthless fiancé, just to marry Alpha Terrence whom she had saved, and hid her identity as the upcoming Alpha Queen. She became the Omega, who had been chosen by Alpha Terrence to be his substitute Luna while his mate wasn't found. She thought that she would finally have a vivacious life but everything changed when she found out Alpha Terrence impregnated the love of his life. She forced herself to Alpha Terrence, with the hope he had a little love for her but she was wrong--- because what was important to him was Greta, the woman who had his child. Betrayed by anyone, Vida did everything to escape from Alpha Terrence's pack yet she failed which leads her to die when Alpha Terrence accidentally pushed her just to save Greta.

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Chapter 1
“I'm pregnant,” Greta said. Her eyes narrowed in my direction, causing a pang in my chest while I was trying to process what she had revealed. Fuck them. My hands were trembling when I maneuvered the wheelchair away from her. My brain was fuzzy, clouded with thoughts about why she was the one who had everything I wanted in my life. How could she? “You're such a coward, Omega. This is the reason your husband no longer wants you around. He's been banging on me since your honeymoon day. It means I've been having a s****l affair with him for five years,” she snarled, gnashing her teeth in disgust. My lips quivered because of the sorrow I felt in my chest, which was about to burst out. As I moved the wheelchair away from her, she rushed towards me and stopped me. “You're a useless b***h. I want you to accept the rejection, or else you won't be able to live in this world again.” Greta angrily threatened me. Her nostrils almost flared, and I noticed how her eyes glowed red. Before clutching my face, she gasped heavily. “You little dummy. Did you think he liked you? He is my mate! You're the one who steals him from me.” Greta yelled at the top of her lungs; her body quivered, causing me to angrily push her away from me. Stunned by how she let herself fall, I heard loud and heavy footsteps barging inside. His scent made my wolf howl because of the betrayal he had done to me. When he kicked the wheelchair, it was fast, and I fell down on it. I winced as he stepped on my hand, causing my bones to crack loudly. “How dare you hurt my mate? Are you stupid, Vina? How can you assist me now that the baby has left? He stepped on my hand again. A tear popped into my eyes, and I didn't know why I was crying. Is it because of my hand? Perhaps it's due to the impact of Alpha Terrence's actions on me. All I did was be his obedient Luna so that he could brag. Despite my efforts, he didn't give me a chance to prove to myself that I deserved to be his wife. I was an Omega in his pack, and he chose me to be his Luna after I saved his life twice. Alpha Terrence was so desperate to have a Luna that he didn't mind someone like me—an Omega—as his wife. "Vina, you can't even give me a child." "You're the most useless woman I have ever met!" he added. “Alpha Terrence, Vina told me that you'd never marry me. She stated that this child isn't yours. She wants me to leave you and abort our baby!” When Greta wrapped her hands in his arms, she sobbed, shrieking. She gave me a nasty look while her eyes were full of tears. “No, I--I don't say that!” I denied. “Shut up.” Alpha Terrence darted his eyes at me, full of hatred, before he called the guards to take me. I broke down in tears as I witnessed him comforting Greta in front of me. I couldn't understand why he didn't want me anymore, but... he didn't want me to leave this pack. As I stared down at my knees, I couldn't find the strength to move my feet; it was he who had purposefully brought me to this state. He was the mastermind because I was crippled. “I don’t d-do anything wrong! S-She's lying to you!” I broke down in tears. Alpha Terrence didn’t bother to look at me. When he gave Greta a stare, I noticed how gentle he was. His eyes had lost their fierceness, as if Greta had become his weakness. Greta continued crying, but I noticed how her eyes filled with resentment. The guards rushed towards me before they started dragging me out of the room. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about why Alpha Terrence made my life miserable. I did everything I could to help him. I did. I was always by his side when he needed someone. The guards threw me in my cell, where I was staying, after I attempted to escape from him. I started pulling my hair when I saw from the outside of the window how full and glowing the moon was. The moon resembled the start of a new life, especially since there was a strange color to it. I remembered that my mother always told me that the strange moon would give me the freedom to leave the toxic life I was facing today. My eyes closed tightly as I took a deep breath. I wish I could turn back time to avoid Alpha Terrence. I did everything so he wouldn’t ever regret that he chose me, and I wanted to pay back the good deeds he had ever done in my life. He was the one who saved me five years ago. “Luna!” I heard a tiny voice call out to me. It was Karen, the Omega, who served me. She gently stared at me before she gave me the piece of bread that she stole from the kitchen. “Karen, you don’t need to do this! I don't want them to catch you and punish you!" I was terrified that she was risking her life just to ensure I would have strength every day. I couldn't count how many times she brought me bread, so my stomach would stop grumbling because I was starving to death. “Luna, I think you will finally have the chance to leave this place. I've heard there will be an attack on this pack tonight. Alpha Terrence is making efforts to secure this pack. We can grab the opportunity to run away. I know how you want to leave your husband.” Karen murmured. Before I took a break from her hands, I nodded my head. She smiled at me, then began to run as she heard the strange noise of footsteps rushing towards us. I ate the bread slowly to avoid my stomach aching. As soon as I was about to go to sleep, I heard how my cell opened, and the scent of Alpha Terrence lingered in my nostrils. My heart started pounding fast, anxious that he might do something terrible to me again. “You never learned your lesson, you f*****g w***e! Did you know how pitiful Greta was because of what you did?” Alpha Terrence angrily pulled my wheelchair, causing me to scream in fright. I winced when he pulled my hair with all his might. My scalp became itchy with pain, and I felt as though some parts of my hair were pulling out of my scalp. I begged him, but he didn’t stop. All I could remember was the pain he gave me, despite my attempt to stop him and make him remorseful. I felt my body ache when he slowly turned his pants on. My tears continued to flow down my cheeks, and I was a mess. He gave me a smug look before tearing up my clothes. “If you still don’t learn your lesson, I don’t mind doing this every day! If you continue to bully Greta, I will have my guards spend the entire night with you." The thought that his threat had truly made me desperately want to leave his pack so fast. I was stupid for not obeying what my instincts had said to me. The moment Greta entered our lives and became my friend, it made me feel like they had planned everything so well. I didn’t know how long I slept, but I was awake when I heard the cell open again. I started to worry that it might be Alpha Terrence again, but I saw Karen walking closer to me. She seemed worried when she gave me clothes. “Luna, we need to leave this pack immediately. The war has already started, and Alpha Terrence is preoccupied with his land.” Karen whispered. She patiently helped me wear the clothes she brought before she carried me to take a seat in my wheelchair. As I licked my lips, I tasted the dry blood in my mouth. I was so exhausted from everything. I wished that I wouldn’t die without getting justice in my hands. I would do everything in my power to make them pay for hurting me and losing my ability to walk. “S-Stop crying, Luna. We will do everything to leave this pack. I promise I will sacrifice my life to make sure you will be away from him.” Karen reassured me. “Karen, stop saying those words. I don’t want you to die for me. I want you to be with me until the end.” I softly rebutted, feeling as though my throat was dying from a lack of water. Karen was stunned, but she didn’t say anything. Before she looked at my feet, I noticed strange emotions in her eyes. “I’m sorry for everything, Luna.” Confusion struck in my head, as I couldn't understand why she was about to cry. She swallowed hard and prevented tears from coming out of her eyes. My lips parted in disbelief when I asked, “What are you sorry for, Karen? I don’t understand you.” “N-Nothing. I wish you would get justice; that’s it.” She didn’t want to tell me, so she started pushing the wheelchair so we could leave the dungeon. As soon as I came out of my cell, I heard a witch laugh, and Greta stood up with a knife in her hand. Her eyes dilated with anger. “Greta, stop this!” Karen angrily snarled. Greta swiftly launched an attack on us, compelling Karen to engage in combat. When I remembered that night, the knife in her hand caused me to hold my neck. “Luna, leave! Argh!” Karen shrieked. I saw how Greta gave her a kick in the stomach. Karen started to crawl; she whimpered when Greta continued kicking her until blood came out of her lips. “Luna, l-leave me here!” Karen pleaded. My eyes were soaking wet because the tears kept flowing. I wanted to help Karen so much, but how? I couldn’t walk. I felt I was the most useless werewolf in this world. Out of my will, I turned back, acting like I didn’t see her, and left the dungeon as fast as I could. I was sobbing; I felt I betrayed the only friend that I had. “Vina!” Alpha Terrence screamed at the top of his lungs. I saw he had a bloodstain on his chest. When he rushed in my direction, his breathing became heavy. My heart skipped; fear rushed into my system at the thought that he might kill me once he got me. My wolf howled, desperate to leave this hellish pack. The screams of agony lingered in the air, and the pack members continued pleading for their lives. “Alpha Terrence!” Greta was crying. She held her tummy, and there was blood dripping between her thighs. Her eyes were bloodshot, and her lips quivered with fear that she might lose her baby. "Vina killed our child! I was trying to negotiate with her when she pushed me.” Greta yelled in pain and sorrow. “b***h! I will f*****g kill you!” Alpha Terrence growled. When an arrow came towards him and stabbed his shoulders, I shrieked. His eyes glowed with red. “Alpha Terrence!” Greta shrieked. She started running for her life when the unknown warriors started running in our direction. She continued screaming until I finally reached the end of the cliff. My hands were shaking; it was so painful that I almost couldn’t move them to maneuver the wheelchair. “Vina, how dare you kill my child? You’re nothing but a--” He couldn’t finish what he was about to say again when another arrow flew in his direction. Greta approached us before she gave me a smug look. “I--I don’t do anything wrong with your child...” I gasped and started to breathe some air because I felt I was suffocating. “She did. She killed our child!” Greta insisted. An arrow flew in Greta's direction, causing Alpha Terrence to push and save her. The arrow pierced my chest, causing blood to spurt from my mouth and my eyes to widen. My hands touched the arrow, and tears formed in my eyes as I looked at Alpha Terrence with anger and resentment. “Y-You will f*****g pay for this.” I murmured, and in the middle of my cough, another drop of blood came out. “I am Vida Sharsmith, the daughter of the Alpha King, and I f*****g swear to the moon goddess name that I will make your life miserable. I will ruin your monarchy and your pack until they become dust in my eyes.” Another arrow came my way, causing me to be dizzy. Alpha Terrence rushed towards me before he pushed the wheelchair off the cliff. Despite the blurriness of his image, my gaze remained fixed on him. Greta had a sly smile on her lips, watching me fall. No, I wouldn’t die this time. I would do anything to be alive—to make their lives miserable like they had done to mine. I promise that I will defy death in order to avenge their actions. As soon as the water submerged my body, I felt the cold water, as the strange full moon was in the same position as me. ‘Moon goddess, if you’re real, I want justice. I want to correct all of the wrong decisions I have ever made. I want to see my family once again. I want them to know that I miss them and that I chose them. Please have mercy on me.’ My wolf's howl faded as I slowly closed my eyes. I wish I had another chance to make them pay for what they have done. I wished they were the ones who would face the pain I had endured for years. “Vina!” “Vina!”

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