The Guardians


Crissy knew it was not going to be an easy year.

What clue her in on that fact was the happens that started her year. Her parents death; Learning about her aunty and then the fact that she belongs in another world... realm, entirely was hard to swallow but she was okay. She does not have to hide herself anymore.

In fact she has to catch up with her mates in her new school.

As if that is not enough, she is mated to the crown prince.

It also seem as if that is not enough responsibility for her, she and her mate discovered they are the guardians and have to save the nine realms from an evil as old as time, or die trying.

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One " knock, knock. " I heard from the door way. I turned to see my aunt leaning on the door staring at me with a mixture of sadness, pity, joy, awe. The last one was lost to me, I mean I know why she is staring at me with the sadness pity and joy but she lost me completely on the awe. " hello aunt. " I said as I tuck some strands of hair behind my ear. " hey Crissy. How are you holding up. " she asks with the pity expression taking over her face and making the rest sidelined although she does not know that I can read her emotions whether she is hiding it or not. I didn't get to tell my parents about this new gift before they were killed by whoever they were trying to expose, so they didn't teach me how to suppress it and they are very good at teaching me things like that... Were, not are. Why do I forget at times. *Em, if you just lost your parents how else will you be holding up. In fact you won't be holding up at all. You will be falling apart.* " I am holding up good. " I replied instead with a smile. " I just finished arranging my stuff now all that's remaining is the stuff you brought me and to study for school tomorrow. " " you know you can take some time off. You just lost your parents no body is going to think bad about you if you take a few days off to mourn. " my aunt said in a soft tone as if the sound of her voice will break me. It can't because I have already pass the breaking stage. *And are you kidding me. No one will think bad of me for skipping, whether it is humans or arcanes, teenagers will always remain teenagers. It is already bad enough that I grew up in earth.* "thanks but I prefer something to keep myself busy so I can remove my mind from you know... The accident. " "oh sorry. I must seem insensitive. " *You are * "no really insensitive. You are just excited for me. " " do you need help to arrange and study, I am a tutor after all." aunt Hanna said with a shrug. I am sure that she is trying to establish small talk but it is weird as hell. How could it not be, one minute you lost your parents and the next, you discovered that you have an aunt you know nothing about but the family resemblance is too much to be faked even by a spell. * Nope. Are you trying to suffocate me.* " no. I got it. If I need anything I will let you know. " I answered instead of saying what's on my mind. Living on earth has really shaped me. I have two answers always. The real one I want to give and the societal acceptable one. I know. I am not suppose to dismiss her like that but she hovered worst than my mother when I was in my developing spell casting age. " oh " she said finally getting my drift. " I will just let you be. " No. Don't call her back. Don't you dare. " aunt. " she turned to look at me. " thanks for everything. " " you are welcome sweetie. " she replied with a smile as she leaves. That is it. First awkward conversation is out of the way and maybe soon we might get to be friends. We would have been best pals if we weren't allowed to see by my parents. My parents... Are dead and then it really hit me, call it a sickyer punch or whatever, but I am never going to see my parents again. That's when a tear drop fell off my eyes. But that was the last. A Romero never cries. Not even for her dead parents. °°°°° " that's her. " the whispers followed me like a wave of depression. If this was a normal highschool with the worst any one can do is ruin your reputation. Then my response would have been something like * yes it's me bitches, what y'all gonna do about it* but if I try that here I might meet my parents wherever they are before the fifth period. As I looked around and realized that they are good casters and do pranks here with spells ,I might not even make it up to the third period. "so" a loud voice asks and when I turned to see who stood for me, I couldn't help but be impressed. A girl who some how got away with wearing pants and the school varsity team jacket. I mean other girl are wearing it but it with flawless faces and extremely short skirts. Just like those girls that always hang around football players on earth highschool. I don't think the sports they play here is football though. It seems too mild for a brunch of arcanes. " what if she is a newbie and her parents died recently and she is staying with an aunt who some of you have no respect for and she is from another planet. In fact you all are going to turn away and act like this is every normal day in this school... Well as normal as it can get while totally ignoring her. " " or what? " one of those natural flawless looking barbie with a varsity jacket asks with a hostile attitude. "or Stacey, " the girl advance towards Stacey whose look of bravado has disappeared and she look on the verge of disappearing too. " with the 'e', I will reign down hell on you and your minions in that God awful club of yours... Before the tournament. " she added as an afterthought as Stacey *with the 'e' * paled a little more as she she strutted pass me. " follow me. " followed the breeze in her wake and like a doll on strings or a toy with no say of mine. I did what any body with half a brain would have done. I followed. How could I not, she has been the one person that gave me time of the day... Well I think she gave the stares and whispers time of the day and it could be because she is tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. But I would like to think that she wants to be my friend. That is more of a happy thought. When she saw that I was not going to take the hint and leave her after she told me to chose my friends wisely in this school, she explained further, that people can stab you in the back even close friends that you should trust and that is why she wants me to keep my friends close and my enemies close too and I should take an example from her that everyone wants to be her friend because of her mate and she acts like she is friends with all even then, she waved some girls to prove her point and they all waved her back smiling brightly, after we walked past them, she told me that they were trying to get into her mates pants when they became newly mates and that for that she sees them as enemies and she won't hesitate to feed any of them to the wolves. And when I told her that I was not interested in being her far friend but a close one, she stopped walking and stared at me for the better part of a minute before she smiles and introduce herself to me and ended it all by saying that she think we will be great friends. The rest after that was history. And that's the story of how I got my first true and real friend in Arcane high ( Lumen Nova_ the capital branch. )

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