Before there were humans, there were Astrals. When Storm Hinato is branded an assassin by the queen, his own guardian, his world falls apart. A masked man chases after him, a war god longs to test his strength and he finds himself caught in a war that spans across the worlds. Will he find the strength to press on? Or will he fall to the chaos like those before him?

Lightning is created by Karim Sissoko, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

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Chapter 1: Prelude to Destruction, Part 1
Celeste walked over the bodies, fallen men who failed their attempts to defeat her. She stifled a laugh seeing how weak they were against her overwhelming strength. She sat down atop of some remains that used to be a building. She yawned, becoming unamused over her "battlefield" which was really a leveled town as a result from the battle from earlier. Celeste's blonde and blue-violet hair ran through the wind, the fair skinned woman standing up again just after sitting, seeing more soldiers coming from the distance. She grinned, stifling yet again another laugh. "I do not take kindly to threats," she said aloud, a soldier running up to her at an inhuman speed, a sword in his hand. The blade had a tinted red color at its edge, a peculiar design for a blade. The soldier also had a long red military cloth wrapped around his neck, flapping in the wind. He carried the blade, running towards her at a high speed. "LEAVE!" he yelled at Celeste, the soldier running even faster. Celeste stopped smiling and put a finger out in front of her. A gold light in the shape of a sphere shot towards the soldier. He quickly sidestepped it, the sphere growing larger and combusting in a golden light behind him. Celeste fired more, the soldier dodged and reflected the projectiles with his blade swiftly and quickly, then suddenly he was mere inches away from Celeste. Celeste sighed, attempting to flick the man's forehead as he circled around her. He quickly moved behind her, causing Celeste to lose sight of him for just a short moment. He threw all his momentum into the blade, almost cutting her down. Almost. She held the blade with two fingers, shattering it. The soldier backed up, holding up an energy pistol and letting loose with the weapon. The weapon fired multiple blue energy shots, and Celeste quickly put up a barrier, negating all the shots from the weapon. The soldier pulled the trigger but got a 'click click' from the firearm. He tossed it way and took two knifes from his pockets, relentlessly attacking Celeste. The woman simply sighed and sat down, still dodging his movements, before spinning her body and kicking his ankle, shattering his bone instantly. "Ah-you must be a Signer- no wonder you move so quickly. You're the first to make me move in a while-hehehe-" she told the soldier who had fallen, panting from their quick exchange. From afar, tanks had begun to shoot projectiles towards the same area. Again, this didn't worry Celeste who crossed her legs atop the rubble and bodies from earlier attacks. She raised her hand, a barrier being created, transparent to Celeste and the soldier, but violet blue to everyone on the outside. "My name is Celeste. What's your name?" she asked the soldier. He merely gave her a cold glare, staying silent. "-What. Is. Your. Name. Answer, dear," she smiled, a dark expression emanating from her. Feeling somewhat threatened, he sat upright and sighed through the cloth wrapped around his neck. "I'm not afraid of you, don't bother," he replied. She merely pouted, crossing her arms. She wore a white dress, blank and devoid of all designs; the dress was not dirtied at all from any of the rubble and dust. The soldier took note of this and sighed. "Scion," he muttered. She smiled, putting her hands together, pushing the rubble out of the way, and going as far as to cut a large piece of debris with her bare hands. Placing a picnic basket atop it, she took out some sandwiches and placed them on a plate that was also in the picnic basket. "You seem very young, dear. How old are you?" she asked, the soldier sighing softly before answering. "Seventeen. Why?" he replied, Celeste replying right back. "So young! I have no reason other than curiosity, child. I expect Signers to be strong at this age. Nothing is of the matter. Now, come, come. Eat with me," she offered. She motioned for him to come, taking two bottles of cold milk from the picnic basket to drink with. "I also brought some cake-oh, but I forgot the cookies-um-eh...what should I do-?" she spoke to herself softly. Scion looked to Celeste, a blank expression on his face. "-What?" He let the word slip out by accident, causing Celeste to look at him, giving a smile again. "Come, come on, don't be shy. I just want to enjoy a meal with you!" she pleaded, a smile on her face. Scion didn't feel troubled by the woman at all. The atmosphere felt quite tranquil, contrary to what was happening earlier. He honestly didn't have a choice and it wasn't as though he could leave, anyway. It seemed as though she purposely broke his foot for this occasion-whatever this was anyway. He moved himself closer, using the large debris as a table. Celeste put her hands together again, closing her eyes. "Ah-thank you, God, for this food and all good things." She opened her blue eyes, looking towards Scion and giggling at his confusion. "What is this, exactly?" Scion finally managed to ask. "Ah! Sorry! I didn't tell you anything. This must be confusing for you-eheh-." she giggled, taking a bite out of the sandwich. Scion shrugged and took a bite from the sandwich she offered and was surprised that it was very good. His eyes widened in shock for a moment. Celeste noticed his reaction. "Eheheh my food is good, isn't it?" She giggled, a bit of sauce on her cheek as she bit into her sandwich. "Yeah-it's pretty good," he replied as he ate a bit more. He even took a sip of the milk, which happened to taste creamy and sweet. It had been a while since he could actually sit down and eat like this. He thought on whether the food was poisoned or not. He contemplated on just how dangerous this woman was. Dangerous, but delusional at the same time? He didn't know what to think. "Okay- so here's the thing. I found this little boy. He's like seven years old and I saw he was being treated badly and then I beat those guys up! So, after that-" The woman spoke as though this was a casual conversation between two people. She was a powerful, strong, sadistic being when he'd first run in with her. Now suddenly they were eating, and he was being overwhelmed by her speech. Scion was intrigued, cautious, but very well intrigued. "-Whew. Sorry for the talky talks. But-y'know." She smiled, eating more of the sandwiches in the basket. Scion thought extremely hard on how this woman, who was so bubbly and innocent sounding, could be so dangerous? Was her earlier appearance made up? She had seemed to break character; he knew he had sensed that there was much more authority present just a few moments earlier. Scion looked to his right, seeing a small child with black hair and blue eyes. The child looked around but did not say much at the moment. This was the child she seemed to be speaking all about. "-So, that kid is-" Scion spoke, Celeste answering quickly. "Yep! That's Hinato. Come here Hina! Give me a hug!" she yelled to him, playfully. The little boy ran towards her, jumping to her, Celeste catching and then cuddling him. "You're soooo cute!" she said as she stroked his hair, ruffling it as she said so. He giggled, cuddling Celeste in return. Scion didn't bother to ask again for her explanation again but put two and two together from what'd she explained to him. "So-where is this home of yours?" he asked. She merely looked up at him and smiled. "Scion. You're nice to me. So--" "Hold on, hold on, no." He cut her off. He couldn't take any more of this. "I tried to kill you earlier. The only reason I'm sitting here is cause I'm either awaiting death or whatever fate you decide upon me because you broke my foot. You gave me food, and because I haven't eaten in three days I'm accepting it, but I'm sure you want something from me," he said to her. Celeste then started screaming and backing up while covering the child's eyes. "N-n-n-no food...Three days-.?! THREE?" she kept saying, counting on her fingers and yelping again. "H-How are you so strong willed?! Teach me!" She put her hands together, slamming her head into the ground, begging him. "DON'T KNEEL!" he scolded her.

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