Super Power: Evolution

male lead
supernature earth
special ability
weak to strong

A black rain changes the world. Zombie rules the world.

Humans struggle to survive until they found the supernatural power.

Some people get superpowers instead of dying after being infected with the virus.

Here is the world where superpowers coexist with zombies.


Attention please: It is a MTL novel and we proofread the beginning part.

Release rate: 5 chapters per week

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1 Am I dreaming?
A heavy rain, without warning, fell from the sky in an instant. Black Rain cut through the silent Sky, making the original dark sky appear more gloomy, terrible. With the silver-white Lightning, the whole city fell into a dead night. Wu Hai from outside part-time back to the dormitory, open the door, found that a few guys in the dormitory went out. Generally at this time roommates are still in the dormitory play game together, so it is straight that they all went out today.  But Wu Hai is not in a good mood today, so also did not care. Wu Hai went out in a hurry and Hai did not expect to rain, so he was soaked into Soup Chicken when he came back. It's fine to run all the way back then, but now he feels a little cold. He turns over to bed directly, fell on the bed, and ready to sleep. Lying on the bed, a burst of sleepiness hit him. He fell asleep soon. Perhaps he was too tired, or for some other reason, after falling asleep Wu Hai had a dream, dream that he fell in an ice cave, very cold, cool cold, and is constantly sinking as if there is no bottom in general. A feeling of palpitation appeared to him. Halfway Wu Hai felt the cold. He dazed hit a cold shiver, and then woke up. It was already dark, muddled in the dormitory to see. He found that his roommates have not come back. Although some surprised, he does not think about it. After all, those guys often go out to sleep and do not return to the dormitory. Wu Hai feels sleepy and continues to climb to bed to prepare to sleep for a while again without eating dinner. At midnight, sleeping in a daze, Wu Hai seemed to hear a few screams, even a terrible roar, but he thought it was a dream, did not notice, until the next morning, Wu Hai was awakened by a scream. AAH! The scream stopped. There was a huge collision outside the door, which woke Wu Hai from the bed. At first, Wu Hai thought it was the guys in the dormitory who had come back from the outside. He was impatient to get up from the bed to open the door for them. He got up and looked out of the door. However, Wu Hai was shocked. A suddenly Pa voice led him to look at the door of the dormitory. The red-painted wooden door was smashed in an instant, exposing an arm in the damaged part. This arm is very similar to the human arm, but Wu Hai determined at first sight that this arm is not a human arm, because it had sharp nails, white skin color, blood on it, and dark green unknown liquid. A restless breath spread in this room instantly, making people shudder in an instant. "What's that ?! ” Before Wu Hai could react to what had happened, the door was broken again. With a bang, the door was knocked open, half of his limbs were thrown in, fresh blood splashed everywhere, scattered on the white wall of the dormitory, leaving a blood Mark. For a moment Wu Hai was stimulated by this bloody picture, the brain at this moment, and even the rich taste of blood soon stimulated him! "f**k, am I dreaming? " Wu Hai didn't know if this is a dream, but the real world did not allow him to think much, soon, the thing appeared in the dormitory door let Wu Hai never forget, which is a zombie! It was his first time to see. A human-looking, twisted face, had had no expression, with pale and dull eyes, which was empty inside. Its limbs muscle surged, covered with dark green blood vessels and meridians, and had an extremely strong body, covered with thick blood and dark green nausea liquid. The zombie who appeared at the door was attracted by Wu Hai's words. Its eyes were also moved away from the ground half of the remnant limbs and began to look at him. Scared, Wu Hai saw their eyes met across the air. He took a cold breath, finding his heart had beating madly. Looking at the zombie, he was at a loss for a while. However, the zombie did not give him time to react. With a low hoarse voice, it roared at Wu Hai. The next moment, it jumped at his position. Although he had been scared by this time, the instinctive reaction to survival made him immediately acted, and suddenly retreated against the wall. At this time, Wu Hai was lying on the dormitory bed, which was about 1.7 meters high. Although the zombie is huge, it seems that the jumping ability is not strong. For a while, it unexpectedly did not jump up directly to attack him. But the arms, stained with strange and disgusting liquid, were waving less than 20 centimeters in front of Wu Hai as if they could grab them on his feet at any time. Under the panic, Wu Hai put his hand on the iron frame between beds and broke off an iron rod with unsourced power which may come from his deadly fear. And then, whether it's a dream or not, he stabbed the iron rod directly at the terrible zombie in front of him under the conditioned reflex. Puff! Although the zombie was powerful, it could be hurt after all. The iron rod had some sharp places. Hard stabbing, he even hit the Zombie's neck. As Wu Hai's attack happened to hit the Zombie's body vital point, the zombie action in front of him soon became slow up, the body also began to stiff. However, just when Wu Hai thought the zombie was killed by him, at that moment, the zombie once again a fierce roar, more hard to jump to Wu Hai. "Damn it, it is still alive. Is it really unbeatable? Or do I have to hit the head according to the movie!" "Although the zombie in front of him was stopped by the bed of the dormitory and could not attack Wuhai for a while, the zombie did not seem stupid. It began to grasp the guardrail beside the bed with two claws and began to shake hard. The iron bed was still firm, but it could not stand the violent shaking of the zombie for a long time. Soon the frequency of shaking became larger and larger, and it was about to collapse. Once the iron bed collapses, Wu Hai would definitely fall from the bed and then will be torn to pieces by the powerful zombie into his rations. "No, it's strength is too great, and i don't know where this brute force came from. He actually shook the iron bed so easily. If I don't have a plan, the bed will collapse!" Seeing that the bed is about to collapse, Wu Hai couldn't make a plan in detail. He pulled out the iron pipe inserted in the Zombie's neck suddenly pulled out, and then suddenly stabbed the Zombie's head. This time Wu Hai had experience and no longer stabbed like just now. He stabbed the right position, which was the Zombie's eyes. Puff! Although the Zombie's head was protected by a skull, the eyes were not. A half-meter iron rod directly inserted into his head along with the Zombie's eyes. Suddenly, a dark green liquid flowed out along the iron pipe. The zombie, who was still alive, fell to the ground with a bang. The next moment the zombie twitched twice on the ground, and then there was no movement. After seeing that the zombie completely no movement, Wu Hai, who is still nervous at this time, took a long breath, and then cautiously moved the iron pipe he still held. After repeatedly determined that the zombie was dead, Wu Hai slowly came back to his senses. "Sure enough, still as in the movie, does this kind of ghost thing, have to be shot in the head to kill? " "And, what's going on? Don't I dream? it's obviously in the dormitory. Why suddenly there's a ghost thing like this? no, I'm going to see what happened!" After looking around in the dormitory for a week, Wu Hai, who was already in a mess, also felt unable to stay. He decided to go out and see what had happened. But just when Wuhai was ready to leave the dormitory, in the corridor outside the door, and came to a cry of ghosts, let Wu Hai body a shock, subconsciously more careful up. Wuhai carefully toward the direction just issued a scream to see the past, this look doesn't matter, immediately let Wuhai scared silly. The scene in front of him is the most terrible and thrilling scene Wu Hai has ever seen in his life. The original white dormitory walkway was already made by bright red blood, and all kinds of residual limbs made a mess. A rich bloody gas spread everywhere. The disgusting breath that directly rushed to the nasal cavity, even if it was very far apart, it also made Wu Hai's stomach billow and almost couldn't help but spit out. In addition to the residual limbs and bright red blood that can be seen everywhere, a few wandering figures also reflected in Wu Hai's eyes! Those figures are nothing else, they were the zombies the same as Wu Hai just killed before. These creatures, at this time, attached to the ground gnawing at several people's bodies, like the zombie eating people in the movie! "Damn it! *。 ..  .. What's going on? why did the dormitory look like this? And what the hell is going on with these zombies!" Seeing those zombies in the corridor, Wu Hai was scared badly. He was not bare to go out and shrank back. In order not to be found by those zombies, he quickly walked a few steps towards the toilet of the dormitory, hoping to temporarily enter to hide and think about what is now! It has been so long at this time. If it is a dream, Wu Hai feels that he should have woke up long ago, but he has not woke up now. It proves that what he has just experienced is happening alive and those zombies wandering at the door are also real. At the thought of several zombies at the door, Wu Hai's face unconsciously gloomy down.

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