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Ricky Convey is an American federalist aged 17, a government organisation established for carrying out anti-terrorism activities through out the world, demolishing others. He was sent on a mission, due to a miscalculation one of his comrade dies a tragic death.

Miyoko Yuugi, a Japanese highschool student aged 17 a normal girl with high expectations for living with her mother, and the only girl who has never left her mother side. Counters a presence inside a book which was very older than the Bible, showing her the present and the future of her meeting the man from the past

Stacy Convey age 24, a Lieutenant of the combat aggressors of the London federalist, always had a worried look on her face, since she lost her brother, and even at her present situation tries to uncover his location.

Shito Nakamura, a Tokyo Federalist a commited captain greater than the 5 badged unlike Ricky. Had a greater expectations of even surpassing the commander General.

Blake Stallion is a masked mastermind from Torres, an underground organization associated in secrete criminal activities along with powers beyond human thinking.

And at some point the five shall meet each other on their demands... kindly read the story for what happens next in their life onwards...

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Episode 1: More than Meets the eye... (part 1)
This story starts in a night lonely street, a car drives in a way it shouldn't, loud music and car skids, was all of the works of this pedalling young boy nearly of a tendered age between 16 or 17 with open car windows and switching headlights up and down. His legs were continuously on the accelerator, and hands on the steer, his face was hidden in the dark exposing only the nose and mouth. Soon his eyes, gazed over three shops aligned towards each other taking look over the time on his watch, found it was quite late as it was past 1 hour after midnight. His legs switched to the brakes pedal. And parked the car infront of the three shops. They were quite unique even when closed; the past light was yet spectacular to view, as it was quite crowded in the day. The first one was an art exhibition, named Pica-sa, a renowned and a quite popular one among the youths and others who pursue art as career, competitions made their luck for presenting themselves taking them to a spotlight as same as that of a celebrity. The other was a flower and bouquet shop named the 'Evergreen', even if closed; the flowers were stills visible through a mere sneak peek, another magnificent shop, as the owner had a record of having nearly 143 species of different hybrid flowers, thanks to the Botanical Garden which paved their way through. Stealing spotlight much different than presenting arts on the barns of street. What can we ever expect for a random teenager to stop near flaccid shops, as he quite looked the delinquent one, the middle shop was the one his eyes had gazed upon, which was none other than a coffee shop? It read on the top as 'Bay Watch Cafe', another celeb prior worshiped shop, as the customer purchased more than 3 brands of coffee, until their taste buds becomes useless in differentiating two tastes after drinking the coffee made by the owner named 'Barter Tromps.' His legs moved towards the coffee shop, where he Suddednly comes across a board, which read as 'A coffee brew is better than stew. ' comparing an apple with an orange. The shop was quite unique as there was nothing unique to begin with, it was a simple shop with many chairs, as the number of people who visits the shops are rounded upto hundred. Barter welcomes the hooded boy, who had black clothes as his daily wardrobe to carry around, with a black hoody and a cap which was at the dark side, his eyes were covered in the dark, while exposing only his lower face. At first Barter mistakes him for being someone else, but afterwards he recognized his unforgettable attire. 'Welcome Young Man, it's been quite a while since you paid me a visit in the night.' The boy opens up his cap and hoody, his face was completely frozen as he was reckless to expose his face in freezing months of November. He was stone cold, yet wearing his loved colour black gloves, but unfortunately it was all for show. 'Long times no see Barter-san' said the boy 'So do you want the Weekend Specials? ' asked Barter. 'No, I'll take the same as the last time, Benito the promising one' replied the boy. 'perhaps you should cycle your thoughts before ordering something young man. ' advised Barter. 'Nah, I'm good besides I am really not that hungry to screw up my taste buds at a night like this.' Replied Ricky. 'Funny as always, well it's not of my personality to keep my customer's waiting.' Said Barter and quickly prepares the order for serving. Meanwhile, the boy switches on the television installed on the wall, where different shows were popping up as the r.c. was not in handy. 'I guess the battery's gone.' The boy Blunted to himself He channelized it further, until he gazed upon a woman who was wearing a business suit. But tried to strip it out, he continues to watch it until, Barter... 'Young man, your order will be placed in 5 min ' said Barter. He gets distracted by Barter calling him out and quickly channelizes it further and catches a glimpse of another woman, but this time unluckily it was a news report. The channel read the name as fox news, as multiple incidents were being reported in the broadcast by the same woman, who had a Lavender fragrance, even when he looked at her, while sitting in a coffee shop, her dress was quite picky as the violet matched her report to the every speech she gave, it was more like a modelling Diva, rather than a news broadcast. But a sudden report came into action which quickly demolished her smile, her expressions grew paler and more terrified more like, when someone sees a dead coffin in your bed taunting you to come near to it. 'Are you kidding me, what's with this report anyway? ' he told himself. The broadcast was still on hold as the reporter tried to calm herself after seeing the coffin, bet that might made her saw a chainsaw on the night. Anyways the broadcast was on the line, where she adjusted her make up, and after a little recitation she started spouting the words similar to that of machines code's algorithm. ' Jazzy Frisbee here, and the world along with the other barren islands have come to know the terrors of the faction which has become a murderous monster spree which can hunt and kill any single one without having second thoughts. These, so called factions are being led by secretive terrorists organisation, and has the only motive to achieve, which is proclaim the dead nation of Europe as a communist all round nation. Which is really freighting, but yet terrifying as people are being mercilessly crushed by their selfish demand, all in the name of uniting the people? Also their victims are being spooked over by a crazy and nostalgic symbol which can once be seen in the ancient scriptures of the history. So, in this daily report I would like to call, the incharge of the case of terrorists' organisation, from the famous government maneuverer called as Federica. Miss Rose Green. Miss Rose green, how are you? Been feeling leading investigation officer? 'Reported Jazzy. '(in mind)Of, course I'm terrified, you wonder woman... ' Said Rose 'Miss... Rose.' Intercepted Jazzy. 'Oh where was I? ' said Rose. Rose green, a beautiful woman with a round face and height which crossed over the girls around her age. She was light skinned having a light make up, which kept her identity undistinguished, as even without her make-up she was self-confident over her works that she performed. She was the same age as that of the boy, and both resembled each other as the boy stared much at the screen rather than being worried about his dish, as it was already on the table for past 5 minutes. 'If you can finish it early, before the vanilla melts young boy. 'Barter snapped his fingers, as he wanted the boy to concentrate on his prepared masterpiece, rather than at glaring at someone, who wasn't even physically present 'I'm sorry Barter-san I think I got caught up in a hue.' Replied the boy. 'Never mind, I'll keep the television playing and besides I think it is too late for you to commence at a late night like this, and I wish you return home. ' said Barter and quickly went back to his kitchen to prepare for the next day's work out. 'Arigato ne barter- san, whenever I come here I always feel this place is a long lost home to me.' Mumbling, he quickly dragged his eyes back on track for the news feed. '(cough) yes I can really insure the citizen and the other higher officials that this is a crisis mode and I am not really sure until when it'll last as there's no saying to what the outcomes can lead us into, whether we fall it'll all be over like jiff. These so called Terrorists organisations are being calling themselves as 'the Owls' and are suspected to have a large scale mafia drugs and other physical assault weapons which are really a threat to the modernised Europe. We as Americans have dignity towards our friendly neighbour countries of being useful in the time of need, and as of now to payback the things they have been doing for us, it's a owe that me must fulfil in a right way. But this is still not the end to it, most terrifying is the fact these people draw these symbols, which was used in the name of the Demon King of Foreign affairs. ' 'The demon king of foreign affairs??' asked Jazzy. 'Yeah the point here to make is to quote, that it can be a code encryption for protection of personal identity, we have many officers who are fit to do jobs like this. And I'm 63% sure that we'll win over these triumphs, as the citizens of every countries, I request you to lock yourself in homes and other places, as I suspect that there's going to be a full-scale world war, and we really don't expect to lose lives in a panic like this. 'Before this, can you tell you me?? What are these symbols and why have they been using these? ' asked Jazzy. '(in mind) I wish I could kill this woman. We didn't get any Intel regarding, the ancient symbols, but it's being suspected by the investigators along with archaeologists that these symbols are derived from Egypt or Syria.' 'Um... hum.. Anyways, it's been a good time with you joining our broadcast... (Disconnects Rose's server. )'said Jazzy. While on the other side of black screen, the power cuts of and Rose was standing still in front of her camera with a fierce burning anger. 'Day, give me some water, I'm pissed.' As soon as she gets the water bottle, she completely crushes it. 'So, anyways there were some connection issues with Ms. Green, but the information we've received is quite devastating. I hope you'll never let tremor follow you through, everyone stay safe and secure' the broadcast was ended as it was already past 5 minutes that the girl Rose took, in accordance of her speech. 'You know Jazzy-san that was very rude of you??' said a crewman working under her unit. 'So, what if I am?? She was frowning and besides her light make-up was sick, I couldn't stand it that's it. ' replied Jazzy as she quickly rushed out of the studio. 'I guess, I have a feeling that those two had rough times talking with each other, anyways we can call this as 'sense of justice of women'. ' replied Ricky as he stirred up his Benito, soon he took out his green velvet dairy, named, "WRIGHT" which looked quite fascinating as it had a rare bookmark, which can never be found in some nearby place in Los Carlos. He takes a look at his dairy. 'According to my daily schedule... I shouldn't be taking a sip or dad will crush me into two. $ 4:30 in evening onwards, training. $ 5:30 in evening for extra studies of combat theory...... and so on.' Said Ricky. Suddednly, he got his phone ringing. 'Salam Ricky Convey.' A man sounded in his 30's had been on the call logs for thrice, which read the name as Jasper Lutzwort. 'Hey Jas, məni axtarmağı unutma' asked Ricky. 'Sən indi hardasan?? ' asked Jasper. 'sadəcə oturub qəhvə içmək ' replied Ricky. 'Fed rəhbərindən bir zəng alacağınıza baxın və xahiş edirəm onunla söhbət etməyin, yayımdan əsəbiləşdi.' Asked Jasper Narahat olmayın ki, mən həmişə xanımlarla yaxşıydım, amma bu yalnız Gülün etdiyi şey dostlarını qarışdırmaqdır.' Replied Ricky. 'yaxşıdır, tezliklə sənə bir missiya tapşıracaq və bu kimi şansların heç vaxt əlverişli olmadığı üçün hazır ol, yuxarıdakı Ricky'yi dinlə, istədiyim tək şey budur ' and disconnected the call from Ricky, as he soon began to finish his coffee as soon as possible. Barter was grinding the coffee by himself as he extracted the coffee beans on his own, as the other woman from the flower shop 'Evergreen' had a botanical farm, so it was quite easy for her to bear cocoa, full of sacks. He was intercepted with his work, when he heard Ricky talking with Jasper, it felt as if something was there, with Barter's mind as he did was, to hear Ricky talk, rather than him being concentrated on tomorrow's customer. Ricky was astonished, as he never thought Barter had the eyes of suspicion, since he monitored his movements while talking on the phone. Ricky pretended, as he was still talking and got near to Barter, as his nasty eyes pretended nothing else, but a little stalking of a stranger who pops up only once in an ounce. Ricky followed his eyes moment, with every precision, and moved his hand towards his back rib, and had his pistol on the trigger, pretending it as a back scratch. While, Barter moved over his eyes, back to his work of grinding cocoa. 'Mr Barter, I've got no cash. ' stated Ricky. 'Ah, I didn't notice, I am sorry I've got a really bad eyesight.' Said Barter. 'So, will G-pay do good ?' asked Ricky. 'Yeah, it would there's nothing to ask however, I guess you are having a real back scratch out there.' Said Barter. 'Ah, yeah I guess I didn't notice, guess this might be due to travelling all day along.' Replied Ricky. Ricky tried to pull out his gun out a point at which, it was completely out of the holder. Suddednly, Barter spoke up. 'My son, he too knew Azerbaijani, was young had a lot of dreams, damn the way you talked it felt as if he was there talking with his Lieutenant'. Said Barter. 'Barter-san was you're son an Azerbaijani officer or a militant?? ' asked Ricky. 'There we have it, the voice of suspicion.' chuckled Barter. 'What do you mean??' asked Ricky. 'I guess you're talking with the most prominent soldier here kid... ' said Barter. 'Soldier??' surprised Ricky 'Damn this is why?? It's so early for kids of your age, I know you've been taught a lot about groundwork- o- skills, but hear me out, cause I'm not that blunt to be screwed up with!!!' chuckled Barter. 'Should I believe you??' asked Ricky. 'It's all upto you, if you don't believe you can maintain some distance, but no shooting, furniture cost me more than that nostalgic gun. ' said Barter. Ricky quickly, withdraws his hands off from his gun-point at the back. And apologised for causing a little distress at a hour like this. 'Nah, don't worry, it's good for you to be like that, and besides it's quite important these days. ' said Barter. 'It is because of the unrest that has been caused few years ago 'said Ricky. 'So, kid where you from?' asked Barter. Ricky zipped his jacket, while wearing his half-cut black gloves. 'I 'm sorry Barter-san, I cannot reveal my personal identity.' 'Here we go again, damn kid!!! I've never met someone such as you, but keep up with that attitude, perhaps someday it might even rescue your friends or the ones you love.' Predicted Barter. 'I have to keep up with that even though, I don't want to. I wish someday that this world might become one and would be free wars and terrors. ' said Ricky. 'Now, that's dangerous kid, the second part is quite the dangerous one.' Laughed Barter. 'Why so?' asked Ricky 'Haven't you seen movies, where a person tries to change the world, but becomes a villain, and a hero pops up trying to prove his ideals, damn there were whole lot of crazy movies in my time. ' smiled Barter. 'Don't worry Barter-san, my story is quite a different one, because I'll be the one who will change the world, without changing the ideals of other people. ' said Ricky. 'This sort of things happen in dreams, Kid. Your dreams are big, but not complete. ' Laughed Barter. 'Then, I'll make this dream a reality, even if it costs me my life, My name is Ricky Conway and this is my story.' Said Ricky 'Don't tell me, Conway I think I have heard that name somewhere. Hey kid wait I haven't finished up yet. ' said Barter. 'Later Barter-san' Ricky quickly wore his overcoat, as the temperature dipped lower than before, as frost had been the one playing out on his glassy car. Ricky gets into his car, and with his ignition breaks, he turns on his communication system. Ricky checks his call records on his communicator fitted on his car screen. 'I should have noticed it before, 11 missed calls, if I don't reply... 'said Ricky where a link was established. A dark pitched building with green lined dots fixed on their Assault Rifles, such were the ones who wore a black and Prussian blue combat gears with head proof helmets, covered in every nook of the abandoned Building, was their top priority. A grenade came launching, as it's pin was pulled off by the enemy, to blast away the Prussian combatants, from entering further, inside their base.

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