Broken Queen



She didn't planned for her life to take such a huge turn when her mate rejected her and selected her sister as his mate.

Penelope Blue, one of famous female warrior was not only rejected but also thrown out of her pack by her Alpha mate where no one gave her the needed moral support except her brother.

Feeling broken and betrayed she reached the royal pack where Alpha King resides who find his choosen mate in Penelope.

But is Penelope ready to be his chosen mate??

Can she forgot how her old pack members had left her alone??

To know the answers read 'Broken Queen' a little hearted werewolf romance with lot of twists and turns.

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1. Running away.
Penelope's POV My claws dig in the wet soil as I force myself to run, run as fast as my claws could take me. I am feeling hell tired, physically and mentally but my sole focus is to run and run, to run away as far as possible. I know my wolf is giving up due to weakness but still, I am running and finally, my wolf give up and I fall down on wet soil of woods. Wet tears spilling out of my eyes just thinking about how my life got changed within a week..... One week back "Guess who?" I yelled teasingly and covered the eyes of Luna who was like a second mother to me. "Who can be this young lady who can dare to cover my eyes?" teased Luna making me giggle and I removed my hands from her eyes with a light giggle before plopping down at the seat beside her and straighten myself to relax my muscles which were stiff due to long hours practice. "So how was the training?" Luna asked. "Good," I grinned. "I am sure that I will be easily beating your son Axel once he gets back. I have become so strong," I smug makes her chuckle. "You know, I really wish that you are the mate of my son Axel. It will be so good that I will get you as my real daughter," Luna chirped excitedly and I rolled my eyes at her imagination. "Not possible," I grunted. "I don't think that the son of Alpha and daughter of Beta from the same pack can be mates." "Why not?" she squirmed. "Moon goodness is unpredictable and its mother's heart which is saying that you are my daughter in law and I can't wait for my prediction to come true," I shook my head and started to fill my plate knowing that she was going to plan our dreamy marriage as this was her usual topic to discuss with me. She really believed that I could be her son's mate. Let me introduce you all to myself, I am Penelope Blue one of the fearless warrior of snowwood pack. I am also a daughter of Beta of this pack which is a plus point for me as I can get everything that I wanted and all thanks to my dad who loved me more than anything even more than my mom, his mate who always hated me. "What the hell are you doing here Penelope? I thought that you have already left for the border?" I clenched my fist hearing my mom who was never mine. "What are you looking at? Get up and leave for the border. My daughter must be arriving and I don't want her to wait for you at the border due to your lazy ass," she taunted me very smoothly without an ounce of regret which made my eyes clouded like always. I took a deep breath to control my wolf and raging emotions. "Your daughter and everyone will arrive after an hour and it will take me hardly half an hour to reach the border so I can eat in the meantime," I replied back and glared at her. "Moreover your daughter can wait," I gave her pointed look and took a sip of my juice before digging in my food. "No my daughter can't wait," mom yelled and pulled plate from my hand. What kind of mom I had who didn't even cared that I hadn't eaten anything from the morning and was hell hungry? And here she was trying to snatch my food from me instead of serving me when I had come back home after four-hour long practice. "Sam, let her eat," Luna announced with authority seeing my temper rising making my mom huffed who placed the plate back on the table. I looked at Luna and smiled gratefully before digging in my food and started to have it. "You little beta, you couldn't even wait for me to end my training," here arrived my younger brother Kyle who teasingly slapped my head. "What to do? Kyle you are slows not me," I shrugged and looked at him teasingly. "Penelope, this isn't a way to talk to your younger brother," my mom scolded me and I muttered under my breath while glaring at her. I felt Kyle placing his hand on mine to calm me down. I didn't know why my mother hated me so much. Maybe because I wasn't so sophisticated like my sister Natasha who was groomed to become Luna one day, or maybe because I choose to be a warrior instead of training of being a housewife like Natasha. I still remembered that day four years back when all the younger pup of our pack of age thirteen to fifteen were asked if they wanted to join warrior training or visit the special werewolf school to learn that sophisticated life of higher rank where I selected warrior training above schooling much to my mom's display who turned her back toward me completely after that incident. My elder brother Joshua and Natasha headed for the sophisticated school while I and Kyle left behind. My dad was happy with my decision knowing my love for the warrior training much against my mom and the result of her hatred was that now I was so powerful that I could easily take down any worrier and I will not step back to challenge the Alpha. "Finish your food fast monkey, We should be leaving," I slapped on the head of Kyle who groaned and quickly finished his food before we walked out of the pack house and shifted into our wolves before dashing inside the woods toward our destination. So here is the first chapter of this book. I hope you like it and will follow this book. So please leave a follow and a review!!

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