The Virgin Alpha

enimies to lovers

Reverse Harem

Alpha Michael Car is everything an Alpha should be, powerful, handsome, strong, dangerous, and rich. The only thing is he is still a virgin. Groomed by his father to be the Alpha he is today but cared for by his mother, she taught him good morals. Alpha should be all things that his father told him they should be but never do any action that would jeopardize his Luna position. His mother taught him the importance of a Luna stressing they are not just pup carriers but their equals. He promised his mother he will never have a girlfriend, mistress, or lover. That he will save himself for his true mate.

Rati Nymph daughter of a fallen Beta, becomes the mistress of their current pack at the age of 18. She never cared if she found her mate she was sure she never will as long as she is Mistress to the Alpha. As fate would have it her mate will make an appearance at a bad time. But fate doesn’t stop there she is stuck between her first or second chance.

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Rati POV: “Rati, wake up”, my mom yelled in a panic. “What is it mom, you know no one is allowed in James' bedroom”, I asked, annoyed she woke me up after an all-nighter with James. “Alpha James sent me here to get you. We are under attack. He wants you to get the emergency bag and go to a hotel until you are called back”, she says as she rushes me out of bed. “Wait! What? Under attack. Who is attacking us?”, I asked, confused. We are not at war with anyone. Last, I was told we are actually working on a peace treaty with a powerful pack. “ The Black Crescent Moon pack is attacking us. They are at the first line of defense, but the way it’s going, they will be in the main part of the pack in no time. Get the hell up NOW!”, she yells scared for us. “Weren’t we working on a peace treaty with them? Why would they attack?”, I asked and she ignored me. I got up and started getting dressed. My mother already has my emergency bag for me in her hands. I get why my mother is scared. Our original pack was the Half Moon Pack. My father and mother were Betas. We were attacked by the Moon Dust Pack when I was fourteen. Most of the men of fighting age were killed, including my father and Alpha. The mate-less or widowed females of my old back were either sent to the Harem or paired with a mate-less male of the pack. Because of our status as Betas, my mother was treated with respect. She was allowed her own house in the pack as long as she didn’t try to rebel or run away. I was allowed to go to school and train with the best warriors. When I was sixteen, I caught the eye of many mate-less men, including Alpha James, who was one hundred years older than me at the time but didn’t look a day over twenty-five. He approached my mother and told her that if by my eighteen birthday I don’t find my mate and he doesn’t find his, he wants to take me as his mistress. My mother was disgusted. She couldn’t imagine me being someone’s s*x toy as she put it. However, we didn’t have a choice. I was sent to his Harem to learn all about s****l pleasures. The older women in the Harem took a liking to me and taught me more than instructed. They taught me the art of manipulation and mental pleasure. When I turned eighteen, true to his word, the Alpha allowed me to go from pack to pack looking for my mate. It took six months and I didn’t find my mate. When I got back, I became Alpha James Mistress. My mother was horrified that I ended up losing my virginity to my father's killer. But I had two choices: either be his mistress or be stuck in the Harem. The Harem is not as bad as it sounds, but women are not restricted to only the Alpha but to anyone of his elite group who could choose any woman he wants to warm his bed for the night. Don’t get me wrong, the women in the Harem of this pack are treated very well compared to the stories I heard about other packs. But I, for one, didn’t want to be passed around and once word got out I was being sent to the Harem there were many requests for me. Thank Goddess Alpha James made sure everyone knew I was off limits. That was five years ago and I must say we are in love with each other. “Rati, move faster, they have already breached the second line of defense”, my mother said as she looked out the window. “Mom, we have to free the women in Harem,” I said as I walked towards the passageway. “No! My daughter, their fate is sealed. I can’t allow you to risk yourself for them. You are all I have left of you, father. I heard horrible things about that Alpha Michael. We heard the door burst open and Alpha James walked in. “My love, why are you still here?”, he says, looking worried. “Why is the Black Crescent Moon attacking us? What about the peace negotiation?”, I asked, confused and still a little tired. “We were but it fell through”, he sighed. “WHAT! WHY?”, I asked. “As part of the treaty he wanted me to get rid of the Harem. I said no. He took it as an insult and now we are here. You need to go now!”, he said as he pushed me to the passageway. “Wait mom, where is your bag?”, I asked at the break of tears. “Baby, you know I am a Beta through and through, I will stay and fight”, she said as she hugged me. “My love, you need to go now, they are almost through our last line of defense”, James said as he kissed me like it was our last time. As Alpha, he is ready to die for his pack, but I am not ready to lose him. I walk through the passageways I hear the ladies in the Harem crying. They are scared shitless and trapped inside a locked room. Some of these women helped me and loved me as their daughter. Some even prayed to the Goddess that I was to become their Luna. “Are you seriously going to leave them in there? They deserve a chance to be free”, Tina my wolf Tina said, pissed off. “No I am not going to leave them in there”, I mentally rolled my eyes at her. Walking through the Harem door, the women crawled up in a corner crying. Their guards have left to join the fight. When they see me, they stop crying. I have one hundred grand in my bag. Which can take care of all of us, I perk my ears up. I hear growls and howls. The enemy got past our last line of defense. “Lades come with me. Just take what is necessary”, I yelled as the ladies followed me through the passageway. Once we made it outside. We are a few miles to freedom. I hear my mother's screams and my heart drops. My mom will not die today. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I let her die without trying to help her. “Dunne…LUNA Dunne", I call. “I am no longer a Luna”, she replies. “Yes you are, once a Luna. It was always a Luna. I am going back to get my mom. Here take this, inside is one hundred grand in cash, a map, and a cell phone. Listen for the river is about a mile and a half down the road because there will be a boat waiting. The map will show you which of our allies are close. If one doesn’t take you out of fear, go to the next. Tell no one about the cash. If no one takes you, find a place for you all to start new. I will call you when I am safe to meet up with you”, I said as I hugged and kissed her. “We need to hurry. Mother is hurt”, Tina said. She felt uneasy. “Take over but don't shift unless you have to”, I said to Tina.

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