My possessive boss kisses me.....


Dan Spence (A billionaire play-boy businessman/Father whose first love broke his heart)

Eva Roberts (A tomboyish girl with a loud mouth and absolutely zero femininity and loves being independent)

Max Spence (Dan's 5 year old kid who makes sure every nanny is out of the house on the same day)

Seeing her so helpless I paused for a second but then again the pictures that were sent to me this morning and the way her ex-boyfriend was kissing her flashed in my eyes and something snapped in me “All you women are the same you just want a man’s money and would do anything, stoop to any level to get what you want! A slut will have to be treated like a slut” I hissed out as I wedged my leg between hers with my knee rubbing against her core “is this what you want? Huh? I am gonna make sure you are never going to think about another man ever Eva Roberts”.

She yelled at me “Are you out of your f*****g mind Dan? Damn it…! You think I feel something for John?”

Hearing the name ‘John’ from her lips “here, you are under me and still taking the name of your ex-boyfriend?”

Eva grit her teeth “that is exactly what he is MY EX-BOYFRIEND nothing more if anything it’s… it’s you that…”

Dan sneered looking down at me “You used to be so receptive to my every touch before, what happened now? Do you find my touch that repulsive that you are turning your head away from me? Huh has someone else caught your attention now?”

It all started on the most unlucky day for Eva when she lost her job coz she had a fight with Dan on the job at the restaurant where she works.

Dan frequented a restaurant which catered to the rich primarily as that was the only place where he would get food according to his preference. He was meeting his date for dinner. The dessert they had ordered left his date with an allergic reaction due to which he asked to see the chef, who turned out to be Eva. Eva was an excellent dessert chef who had been working at that restaurant for quite a long time. Dan in the heat of the moment abused Eva who in turn threw the wine they had been drinking on his Armani. This incident left Eva jobless and Dan very pissed with a big blow to his ego as no one ever even dared to defy him in their dreams.

He played Eva right into his palm as his puppet chopping the strings when he felt like!

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** CONTAINS r**e AT A LATER POINT IN THE BOOK. VIEWERS DISCRETION ADVISED ** **"Hi everyone this is my first time writing so please help me by giving me feedback on how the story is so that I can improve accordingly."** Eva had been through a lot the past few weeks in her personal life and the last thing she needed now was the wrath of the most influential and rich Dan Spence. Dan Spence's best friend Leo had set up a date between Dan and Irina Miller who was the daughter of the Miller Empire at "The Raufester" the restaurant which as very popular with the rich and famous. Dan had seen Irina a couple of times at social gatherings and showed a little more interest than usual in her which was why Leo had taken the liberty to do so. Their conversation went something like this: **FLASHBACK** Dan was in his office with Leo while they both were talking casually about things outside of business for a change the topic was veered towards a party they had attended a few days back and about Irina Miller. Dan said casually "There is something about Irina that turns the attention of the people around her to her don't you think so Leo?". This question from Dan intrigued Leo as Dan never commented on any woman or took note of any woman in this way before. So Leo asked "Well she IS the daughter of Victor Miller the owner of Miller industries. What intrigues me more is why you are suddenly taking note of Irina, Dan? You are never one to be taking note of someone, especially women. What got your attention on her?". Dan spoke with arrogance "I am happy the way I have my desserts (Women)". For which Leo scowled and said with clenched teeth "Well your trysts with your 'Desserts' are doing nothing to improve your image nor our business so better straighten up before the damage is irreparable". Dan replied with a laugh "Live a little Leo. Women are not capable of anything other than lusting after fame, money, and power... they are incapable of caring for others. They can only please me in bed and nothing more. I have my way with whom I want and when I want coz I CAN." Dan finished with a snort. Leo scowled and said "It's not just about you Dan you need to think about Max as well. Think about how this is affecting Max. Just the other day he was treating the maid like she is dirt. That is no way to bring up a child. He needs to be cared for." Dan slammed his desk and moved around it inching closer to Leo with eyes filled with hatred and disgust and said "That b***h decided to abandon HIM, not ME. I am providing him with everything he asks for". Leo closed his eyes and while pinching the bridge in between his eyes asked Dan "At least give a try seriously for once and see. If you don't like whoever you meet this time I will stop interfering". Dan scoffed and agreed "This is the last time. You got it?" Leo nodded in agreement and left to his office cabin to arrange everything for the dinner date. **END OF FLASHBACK** Dan came in first and sat at their table without waiting as a gentleman for Irina to arrive at the restaurant. Dan had decided to be his arrogant self to get Leo off his back. Irina wore a dark purple body-con dress and was looking breathtakingly sexy. Dan's eyes raved from her lips to her chest to her legs and felt his d**k twitch in his pants. He greeted Irina and pulled the chair for her to sit and took his seat at the table. They ordered wine and started talking about business to escape the awkwardness and slowly the topic of discussion started becoming more casual. Dan felt comfortable talking with Irina and so did she, but there was no spark between them neither of them felt anything beyond lust. Irina was devouring Dan with her eyes looking at his lips and his well-toned body and to his bulge and knew he wanted to have her then and there. Dan's eyes were lingering on Irina's pink full lips he wanted to have his way with her right there. Dan was not aware of Irina's allergy to lemon and neither did Irina know that the dessert Dan ordered had lemon in it so she went with it as Dan was the one who went through the menu and placed the order. Dan was not aware at the time that this mistake was going to cost him a lot more than just a simple allergic reaction to his date. He was not aware that there was a hurricane that was going to create havoc in his life and his mind. Dan was in a panic when Irina had an allergic reaction and asked to meet the chef as he wanted to blame his mistake on someone. **INSIDE THE KITCHEN** Eva had her hands full as the orders were coming in heavy for her desserts, her day was not going good since morning. The manager rushed in asking for Eva to meet one of the customers who was raging with anger as his date had an allergic reaction after eating her dessert. Eva obliged and came out to meet the customer. Dan yelled in anger at Eva "ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL PEOPLE WITH YOUR DESSERT? Why the hell is my date having this reaction after eating your dessert?." One look at Irina and Eva knew what it was and asked with worry "Do you have any allergies to Lemon?". To which Irina nodded a yes. Eva asked her colleague and best friend Joan to get her anti-allergic pill as Joan also was allergic to Lemon and carried the pill with her every time for safety. Once Eva got the pill Dan held her wrist tight and stopped her from administering the pill and asked "YOUR DESSERT MADE HER LIKE THIS AND NOW YOU WANNA GIVE HER SOME PILL? HOW DO I KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT TRYING TO MAKE IT WORST AND KILL HER?". Eva pulled her arm away in vain and yelled the name of the pill and asked him to check on his phone what the medicine was for. Dan let her wrist go and let her give the pill to Irina. Dan glared at Eva and with clenched teeth as he snapped "Why did you make such a pathetic dessert which made a person suffocate to death? Do you even know how to f*****g bake a dessert? Its people like you who are a pathetic excuse of the working-class crowd, you go after people with money and power and fame, even f**k with them for a little money. You use your body to earn". A loud sound is heard while Dan feels a sting on his cheek and something wet on his chest.

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