Loving the Outcast - A Musical Romance



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Melissa is a chubby girl with musical talent,

Parker is the handsome new transfer student and a football player.

She is fat, he is irresistibly hot.

She is bullied due to her size and social stature, he is adored and respected.

How do their lives cross each other?

How does Parker help Melissa overcoming her fears and expose her singing ability to the world?

Can talent overshadow looks and size in the popularity game?

Read on to find out.

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Chapter 1
Melissa's POV My eyes flutter open as the alarm goes off at around 6 in the morning. I drag my hand clumsily toward the clock and switch it off. "It's Monday again. Another 5 days of bullying and torture" I sigh and pull myself out of the bed and start getting ready for school. Yes, this has been happening since the last 2 years. I am Melissa, a chubby girl hailing from an average socioeconomic class . I study at Silverdale High which is the best in city, also known for admitting people coming from influential and affluent backgrounds . So you must be wondering how I got into this so called "prestigious'' school right? Yes, you got that bang on. Scholarship is the answer. I am good at studies, and because my IQ is a little higher than the average population, I got admitted into this school. Music is something I love but nobody knows. So why am I getting bullied? Reasons are lame but true. First is my social stature .I am looked down because of my background. Second is my physical appearance. I am fat according to the so-called beauty standards. To be honest, I do not have a good social life . In fact, I don't have a social life at all. The reason is that, even the ones who are seen with me are bullied hence leaving me alone. Yes, my confidence has decreased a lot from when I joined this school but, I do not want to break my parents’ dreams . I want them happy. So I don't complain and try ignoring all the crude talks or disgusting pranks played on me. Incessant criticisms on my weight and looks are the most sought out topics at school . If somebody is bored, I am their topic of discussion. This is my profile. Interesting right? "Exams are coming up and I need to score high to retain my scholarship. " I mutter to myself and go towards the library. This school Is one of the best schools in the city that serves as a gateway to the Ivy league universities in the country. Hence, their rules are strict. If I score low even in one of the subjects, they would not mind revoking my scholarship. Phew!I wish I was a rich kid where I would’nt have needed to worry about money everytime. After finding the books needed, I start walking out when I bump on something hard as a rock and all my books fall down. Without giving a glance, I start picking the books in hurry. "I am sorry. It's my fault" I hear a husky voice say. I look up to see a boy of my age with deep blue eyes, dark eyebrows, sharp nose and jet black hair glaring into my eyes. He has a charisma that would make any girl fall for him. How can somebody be so perfect? I zone out looking at his chiselled features for a second! Melissa!What are you doing?Do you realise that your face has the smitten look plastered and it can be easily noticed by him? I immediately come back to my senses and look down without responding. I wish he didn't notice me staring at him! This is embarrassing! I hurriedly pick up my books and rush towards the class. “Hey!" I hear his voice loud from behind. I don't turn but run without giving a second glance. There are multiple things running in the back of my head. One, I haven't seen him at school which means he is a new comer. Two, I hope nobody saw him with me else his chances of getting bullied would increase by 101%.Yes, that's the result of any person seen with me. Three, His reputation would spoil on the first day itself . Distracting myself of all the thoughts, I make my way to the class only to be interrupted by Hazel. She is the most popular girl of this school with a pretty face but not-so-pretty mouth. Here she comes again! Why can't she leave me alone? What wrong did I do to her to deserve this? Is this some sort of ritual for her to start her day? What dirty game did she play today? With these numerous thoughts running in the back of my head, I get into the class. "Hey Fatso. We have reserved an empty place for you specially over there" she says pointing to a bench at the corner. I ignore her comments and go to other empty seats but, everybody fails to give me a space to sit. Thanks to Hazel, even the good people have changed.They don’t speak to me as they are scared that they might be her target if they don’t heed to her words. Everybody is scared of her! If you are wondering when did I become her target, it started immediately the day I joined this school! Yes, the first day of my school turned out to be a disaster.Ever since then, there has been no turning back. She is a blood sucker or a Leech that I like to call her ! Once glued to you, never leaves you alone! Without an option left,I reluctantly walk my way to the only seat reserved by her crew specifically for me. Everyone starts to laugh. I reach that bench to see a caricature of mine with snide comments written all over. Tears start to form but I suppress it and sit there quietly pulling out an eraser and trying to erase out all those comments . Enough is Enough!How many more days do I need to survive in this hell hole! What harm did I do to suffer like this? Is being fat and middle class a crime? I want to get rid of this school as soon as possible! This is your parent's dream Melissa. You cannot lose it. You have already come a long way. Just endure for one more year and then you will never see them again. All of a sudden, chuckles and giggles of girls start and I turn to look at the direction from where the sounds are coming from. There, I see the newcomer from today morning standing. Hazel immediately hurries towards the newcomer and introduces herself . Such an attention seeker she is!I still don’t understand how her friends bear her! Mere sight of her makes me cringe! "Hi! You must be the new transfer student?" she says. "Yes, I am Parker" he replies. "Come! you can sit beside me" she says knocking off the girl who was already seated beside her . Whilst Parker is being lead by Hazel, his eyes suddenly fall on me. I immediately face downwards in order to avoid him. Parker turns his direction and starts walking towards me. Oh God, Oh God please! He shouldn't come here -I mutter to myself shutting my eyes tight. Hazel turns and walks towards him in order to stop him. Yes! Yes! Yes take him away. But instead he comes and stands beside my bench. I look up to see him. "I will sit here . I know her." He says to Hazel. Huh? How does he know me? Does a mere encounter which had happened in a hurry today morning enough for somebody to know a person?In that case, I find it extremely weird! I am beyond shocked. Hazel's mouth forms an "o" shape as well. Pin drop silence follows in the class as I turn to look at Professor John entering the class. Hazel leaves reluctantly and I move a little to give space for Parker to sit. “I couldn't apologise to you properly this morning. I am Parker and you?" I don't reply and try concentrating on the class instead. Why can't my life be easy?People love being noticed and I believe the other way round. I am happy being alone and un-noticed. Why did the day have to start this bad? Now that this new guy has come to the school and also noticed me for some odd reason, Hazel is not going to leave me until she taints my name in front of him. *Sigh* Another bully added to my list . I should take a day off tomorrow maybe? Then, he might forget about today and I can get back to my normal routine. I am not someone to be remembered, you see. Countless thoughts run through my mind and for the first time ever, I don't concentrate in the class and wait for it to get over. I wait for the bell to ring and as soon as it does, I run out of the class without saying a word.

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