His Unsought Bride

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William wants nothing but to be CEO of the family company, but his parents' condition is that he gets married first. Seeing as he wasn't planning on getting married, he told his parents they are free to choose him a wife, but every time his parents find a girl for him, much to his parents' surprise the girls willingly back out of the marriage so they decided to find a different type of girl.

Lillian is a student in college who has lived her whole life with her parents, she concentrates on her studies and has no boys in her life. One day, her parents tell her they are travelling for two months and she should go stay with their friends, William is rude to her at first, unbeknownst to her, they are planning for her to marry William.

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Chapter One
I walked out of my car and walked straight to the door pressing the door button, a few seconds later, the maid opened the door greeting me and stepping aside to let me in. "Thanks Rebecca." I told the woman with a smile walking into spacious living room. "You look tired dear, is there anything you would like?" I had been in school for the past 6 hours but I had my lunch there. "No I'm fine, but thanks." I answered her and she heads to the kitchen. I sighed feeling tired and in need of some sleep before heading for the stairs, I stop in my tracks when I saw Hugh coming down the stairs with two boxes in his hands and my parents in tow, I step aside and Hugh heads straight to the door with the luggage. "Mom, Dad what's going on?" "Oh sweetie you are back, your father and I are travelling and we won't be coming back soon." My mother said as they stand in front of me. "But where are you going to, and for how long?" "Two months dear." she replied.  Two months? My parents have never been away for that long, looks like I will have the house all to myself. "Lillian, I want you to pack, someone will come to take you were you will be living until we get back." "But Dad, why do I have to go somewhere? I can live here perfectly on my own." I said to my father who looks at me a little sadly. "No Lillian, I can't have you stay here all alone it is not safe." "I'm not going to be alone Dad, Rebecca and Hugh are here." "Lillian, your father and I would feel a lot better if you would go stay with our friend, his family would love to have you there." My mother interrupted, I looked at both my parents and they are giving me a look I couldn't decipher. "Okay then." I sighed giving in to my parents' whim. Even though I'm 22, I have never stayed far away from my parents and we never had a problem with that. "Bye sweetie, we will call you when we reach there." I walked my parents to their car and hugged them each, there hugs lasted longer than normal and they bid me goodbye before entering their car and driving away. I walked back into the house and up the stairs to my room. I looked at the time on my phone to see that it's past three. I entered into my walk in closest and pull out my trolley. "Now where do I start?" I wondered knowing I would stay in who knows where for about two months, it took me over 30 minutes to pack everything I would need for my stay. After I finished packing Rebecca came to tell me that the driver is here and with her help we took the cases downstairs. "I will miss you two." I said to Rebecca and Hugh hugging them, they were like second parents to me so I don't understand why my parents wouldn't want me to stay with them. "Take care." the two of them said as I enter the car and waved goodbye at them. The drive to the house took us 30 minutes and we reached the huge mansion, a guard in suit came and checked on us before motioning for the other guard to open the gates. As the car parked in front of the huge mansion, the driver came out and opened my door, I walk out and two maids dressed in their uniform came and started unloading the car trunk of my stuff. "This way Miss." the driver motioned for me to follow him, we walk the 5 steps of stairs up to the door and he presses the door button while I stand in front of the door with the maids along with all my four trolleys behind me. Two seconds later the door opens and there in front of me stands a man, I look up at him to his face as he was much taller than me with a smile on my face, my smile dropped when I saw the look the man was giving me. He looked up and down at me in such demeaning manner with his lips curled downward. "What would you need all this stuff for, as if you would need to be staying that long. Hmmph!" I stood there my mouth agape at the shocked at the hostility of the man, the man rolls his eyes at me and as if that wasn't enough, he walks out quickly hitting my shoulder with his as he passed by me, now that I'm not going to standby and allow, I turn around and open my mouth angry and ready to give the rude guy a peace of my mind when I heard a squeal behind me. "Mooom! She is here!" I turned back around before I felt myself being engulfed in a hug. "Emily let the poor girl go." The enthusiastic girl lets me go and I look up to see two people, probably her parents giving me a welcoming smile and all my previous anger evaporated. The girl called Emily lets me go with a smile on her face. "Sorry I was just too excited to meet you, come in please." Emily grabbed my hand and pulled me into the house while the maids take my luggage inside the house. "Welcome Lillian, I'm Max Black and this is my wife Sarah Blake." "Hi Mr. and Mrs, Black." I beamed at the lovely couple who look older than my parents. "No please call us Sarah and Max, and this is our daughter Emily, you might have met my son William, he was just on his way out." "It's nice meeting you all thanking you for having me." "No problem dear, feel at home, you are like our daughter now." "Emily will take you to your room, dinner will be ready after some time." The three of them were so welcoming and nice I can't believe the rude guy could possibly be there son.

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