Alpha Prince’s Mute Mate


“I’m going to f**k the defiance out of you. I like them quite just like you. Quietly take my f*****g c**k until you spill the truth, hmm? That’s a good girl.”


Elaine grew up surrounded by werewolves, but unlike her family, she was human. This made her feel like an outsider. When they moved to the kingdom ruled by the Alpha King, Elaine expected to feel out of place once again. All she wanted was to turn eighteen and leave.

However, things took an unexpected turn when Killian, the Alpha Prince, noticed her. Despite being his mate, Killian couldn't accept Elaine because she was human and mute. This rejection was devastating for Elaine, especially after Killian marked her as his mate, only to reject her soon after.

To make matters worse, Elaine was accused of a heinous crime—murdering Killian's older brother and mother on the same night. Now, she must navigate a world of suspicion and deceit to clear her name and uncover the truth. A truth that no one expected….

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1: Running to trouble
Elaine’s POV I sat on the table all alone and far away from other students because they clearly don’t want to be around me either. My head is buried in a book but I had no idea what I was reading since my mind is elsewhere. I could hear my twin half sisters giggling somewhere around. They are desperately trying to make sure no one believes we were related, which is fine by me. It has been like that right from the beginning as our mother wanted it that way. We shared the same mother but different fathers. Fortunately for them, they are still with their father while mine is nowhere to be seen. Hell, she has no idea who my father truly is which hurts more than anything. I was a mistake, a result of a cursed one night stand. Consumed in the pages that I read without understanding, my werewolf food is in front of me because I haven’t gotten used to their food around here. Back at the other pack, there used to be human food but here, none. There are no humans here. Only me. The sound of high heels hitting the floor reached my ears before anything could. I may be mute but my instincts are sharper than anything in the world. I hear sounds even real werewolves cannot because I’ve lived with them my entire life and know how to navigate my way amongst them. Sometimes. Raising my head from my book, my eyes found the owner of the heels and sure enough she was coming towards me. My stomach plummeted at the sight of that look in her face. They always have it when they want to bully someone. Despite joining this academy just three days ago, I have learned about all the important figures in the school. The ones everyone should stay away from, not that I haven’t noticed them on my first day anyway. This right here is the queen of this school, Leah. Every girl around here wants to be her or her friend and if they are not, they are all afraid of her. At the moment, I am too. She is gorgeous in every sense of word but it is clear she is out for my blood. Leah stood in front of my table and crossed her arms over her chest. The twins were standing not far away because they have also become friends in just the few days we got here. They have that charm of befriending the important people everywhere we go. They are currently throwing me daggers as if daring me to say we were related in any way. At this point they knew I wouldn’t say anything about us being related. I have learned my lesson for the first time. Leah's presence looming over my table sent a shiver down my spine, signaling trouble. With her group close by, including my twin half-sisters, who distanced themselves from me, the isolation felt suffocating. The unspoken message was clear: I was an outcast, unwelcome even among my own blood. As Leah's piercing gaze met mine, I braced myself for the impending storm that is to come. I just hope she isn’t going to ask me questions knowing I can’t answer. "What's the matter, little loner? Can't find anyone desperate enough to sit with you?" Leah's voice dripped with malice, her words like daggers aimed at my already wounded spirit. "Oh, I see. Cat got your tongue? Or maybe you're just too pathetic to speak." She smirked, reveling in her own cruelty. “She is mute.” One of the twins, Hailey said with a mocking giggle. “Whoa! Really?” Leah laughed so hard she almost fell over on her high heels. I clenched my jaw, willing myself to stay composed despite the burning anger and humiliation rising within me. I have been through this already, every time I end up cowering even if I thought I could do something with my anger. "Come on, Leah, leave her alone since she cannot talk. Life is already cruel on her," it was Leah’s best friend, Olivia that chimed in, feebly attempting to intervene. Leah's laughter echoed through the cafeteria. "Oh, look who's suddenly grown a conscience. How adorable. But don't worry, sweetie, I'll be done with her soon enough." She gave me a wicked smile, then leaned down to take the ketchup from my table, the only thing that tasted a bit human. I tried licking it to help my hunger, knowing I’d still get werewolf food back home. The reason I'm as skinny as a stick. I saw what she intended to do even before she did, so I used my reflexes to stand up from the chair in one swift movement, making the ketchup fall back on her pink dress. Leah shrieked at the mess, then her eyes fell on mine. My fight or flight instinct kicked in, and I was running out of the cafeteria before they could blink. I let my feet carry me wherever they could until I ended up in the forest where I heard they change for their wolf form practice. It might be dangerous being human and all, but I didn’t care. Those murderous eyes Leah shot me promised so much pain that I am not ready to endure. I ran until my feet gave in, and that was when I realized I left heaven and came to hell. I bumped into someone’s tall, muscular back, but he didn’t even budge. I bounced back, wincing at the pain in my feet from running so much. My eyes slowly gazed at the back before the owner leisurely turned around with the coldest blue eyes I have ever seen. It was Killian, the Alpha Prince. Everyone knows who he is by those cold, cold eyes that could freeze a volcano. Right behind him is an older guy hanging from a tree, all bloody and looking to be on the brink of dying. The bruises around Killian’s hands told me all I needed to know. I stumbled back a step, feeling doomed. “Who are you?”

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