Chapter 20 - Fall In Love

1219 Words

"Get lost." Blake snapped at Danzel. "Hahaha, so you haven't fùcked her yet?" "You see my condition; how can I fùck her if my physical condition is like this." Blake held up his bandaged hand. "Silly reason. Blake Stones can't f**k an ordinary girl because of this little wound? Tsk, tsk, tsk, I can't believe this." Danzel sneered. "None of your business; I have the right when I'm going to fùck Olivia." Blake didn't even know why he didn't want to force Olivia to make love to him. Blake wanted Olivia to surrender herself not as a sèx slàve but because she was attracted to him like other girls. 'I've gone mad; she has driven me insane.' Blake thought to himself. "I hope you don't play games with her. Quickly fùck her, then I'll take my turn. After that, just lock her up in the dungeon.

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