Chapter 19 - My Turn

861 Words

Olivia moaned as Blake's hands constantly massaged her breasts. She bit her lower lip. That strange feeling wanted to be driven away. But Blake was so good at it that it made Olivia's skin crawl. "Did you feel anything?" he asked. "I-I," Olivia tried to cover up her moans. "Don't hold back, Olivia; your womanhood is already wet." Blake rubbed Olivia's womanhood without her noticing. "W-what are you doing?" Olivia gasped as Blake's fingers tried to enter her womanhood. "Shut up and stay where you are; you are my slàve. You must obey my orders." Blake snapped. "Turn around," Blake said while gripping Olivia's smooth shoulders. Olivia did not dare to argue; she faced Blake with her face down. "Look at me," Blake ordered. Blake lifted Olivia's sharp chin and then kissed Olivia's tiny

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