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Stella's world flips upside down when her husband, Kellan Keller, passes away in a car crash. They were excited about starting a family, but suddenly, Stella's left alone with her dreams broken. Besides dealing with her sadness, Stella ends up taking over Kellan's insurance company and keeps her fashion business going strong.

Trying to help her feel better, Stella's parents bring her to Alaska. It's there she finds a book in a bookstore that talks about wolves and Lycans in the forests of Alaska, and about a woman who disappeared. Things get even weirder when Stella's friend, Julie, also vanishes.

One day, while Stella is shopping for groceries, something super strange happens – she sees a man who looks exactly like Kellan, her husband who was supposed to be dead. As she digs deeper into this mystery, Stella uncovers some jaw-dropping secrets that really shake her up. Her search for Julie throws her into a whirlwind of surprises, leading to a discovery that turns her world upside down all over again.

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Grief - Chapter 1
Stella–POV Sitting in the chilly room after my husband Kellan’s funeral, I struggled to accept his untimely death from a car accident. The news had left me reeling, unable to accept the loss. “Stella,” my mom’s voice echoed, brimming with concern. She flicked on the bedroom light, revealing a room filled with memories of Kellan and me. “Let’s go home, sweetie. It might help you heal,” she whispered. I nodded, wiping my tears. Taking a deep breath, I left our apartment, with Dad handling my bags. Mom had packed for me, ever the pillar of support. Soon, we got in a car with a chauffeur to take us to the airport. A private jet awaited us to fly us from New York to Alaska. The draining journey intensified my yearning for my hometown, a stark contrast to the hollow vastness of our New York penthouse. Memories of Kellan enveloped me. Our dreams of starting a family, which we had hoped to realize this year, lay broken. With his startup now stable and him at the helm as CEO of Stella, the insurance firm he lovingly named after me, our future looked promising. Over our two-year marriage, while he thrived in business, I steered my path, managing my flourishing e-commerce fashion store. But now, he was gone, leaving a billion-dollar empire in my hands. Being his only family, the weight of this sudden reality was crushing. My mother’s gentle voice snapped me back to the present, offering me water to quench my thirst as I had been crying. Both she and my dad tried to comfort me throughout our eight-hour flight. The cold air contrasted with my sad emotions when we finally touched Alaska. Assisted by my parents, I exited the jet and entered a waiting car. As we drove, I reflected on my rebellious past—leaving home at eighteen to chase a modeling dream that never panned out, which led me to work as a cashier in a cafe where I met Kellan. My parents disapproved of our union, given Kellan's financial standing back then. But my mother’s recent battle with cancer mended our broken relationship. Returning to Alaska brought a whirlwind of emotions, especially for a place I had once turned my back on. The house, once an old wooden structure from my childhood in Alaska, has been beautifully renovated. It still held traces of its rustic past, yet with a refreshed charm. “Stella, this is your room. Get some rest,” my mom suggested, motioning to a spacious room adorned with my childhood photos. Among them was the wedding picture I had sent them. “I prepared this room, hoping you’d return with Kellan,” Mom expressed, her voice tinted with sorrow. We had planned to visit just next week, marking Kellan’s first visit since our wedding. “It’s lovely,” I replied, my voice raspy from emotion. My mom began unpacking my suitcase, suggesting I take a shower. Gratefully, I stepped into the hot bath, hoping the warm water might momentarily soothe the icy void in my heart. After my shower, Mom served a warm meal, but I could only muster my appetite for soup. Exhausted, I sank into the soft embrace of my bed and quickly drifted off to sleep. **** A week had passed, mostly confined to my room. The door opened, and my mother peeked in. “Sweetheart,” she began, her face lighting up with a gentle smile. “Look who’s here to see you.” She stepped aside, revealing my childhood friend Julie West. The once braces-wearing, awkward teenager had transformed into an elegant woman. Her brown hair, once unruly, was now neatly pinned in a bun, and her eyes sparkled, complementing her fair complexion. “Julie,” I whispered, emotion choking my voice. I closed the gap between us with a few steps, pulling her into a warm embrace. Her arms wrapped around me, offering comfort and familiarity. “I’ve missed you so much,” Julie said, her voice thick with emotion. “It’s good to see you, Julie,” I replied, gently breaking our embrace to look into her warm brown eyes. “Let’s go for coffee,” she suggested. I hesitated. “I’m not really in the mood, Julie. Maybe another time?” I said, attempting a reassuring smile. But Julie had other plans. “Remember the book club you used to love? I thought we could go there. Please, just this once?” she pressed. Despite my desire to stay cocooned in my room, the pleading look in Julie’s eyes melted my resolve. How could I say no? “Give me five minutes to change, and then we can head out,” I said. Both Julie and Mom smiled, clearly relieved that I was venturing out. I quickly slipped into blue jeans, a white sweatshirt, and boots, and grabbed a coat. As I emerged from the house, Julie waited in her car. My parents waved from the doorstep, their faces mixed with worry and hope. Settling into the passenger seat, I turned to Julie and said, “After I left, I lost touch with everyone. What’ve you been up to?” “I’ve become a real estate agent,” Julie replied, eyes on the road. “Many of our friends moved to the city for work. I’ve lost contact with most of them, too.” “Are you upset with me for leaving without explaining my plans?” I inquired, the weight of the past pressing on my words. Julie glanced at me briefly before refocusing on the road. “It hurt me, you know? You left without a word and never reached out,” she admitted with a sigh. “So you were angry, but not anymore?” I probed, seeking clarity. She nodded. “Yes, I was angry. But now I get it. If you’d told me your plans, I would’ve tried to convince you to stay, to finish graduation, and not drop out.” Her voice carried a mix of understanding. “Anyway, my modeling dream hit a dead end. The designer asked me to sleep with him to become a well-known model, and when I refused, he ensured I never got an opportunity elsewhere,” I shared, forcing a rueful smile. “It wasn’t until I met Kellan that I began piecing my life back together. With his encouragement, I pursued my passion for fashion from a different angle, even if it didn’t involve modeling. But now, with him gone, I’m lost,” my voice trailed off. “Stella,” Julie began as she pulled into a parking spot, “you’re a strong woman. With time, you’ll find your way. Just remember, you’re not alone.” She stepped out of the car, and it immediately enveloped me in the familiar scent of books and the aromatic smell of coffee. Julie led the way into the renovated book club. The space was transformed; it felt inviting and warm. While it kept the charm of the wooden interior, new elegant furnishings made it look vibrant. As I remember, the library section had expanded, with more seating arrangements, and the ambiance was comforting. “Go explore the books. I’ll grab us some lattes,” Julie said. Nodding, I meandered through the bookshelves and went to the werewolf genre aisle. After picking up a romance novel for myself, I grabbed a new release from Julie that I thought she might like. As I continued browsing, I overheard two women conversing nearby. “Did you hear the local chatter? Some folks claim they’ve found evidence of lycans and werewolf shifters around here,” the first woman whispered. The second woman laughed softly. “Lycans and werewolf shifters in Alaska? You’ve been diving too deep into those werewolf novels. It’s just local folklore.” “Don’t believe me if you don’t want to, but I heard Grace from the book club went to investigate the Lycan sightings. After that, she went missing. They found Lycan footprints on the trail, but no sign of Grace,” the woman said thoughtfully. The woman who had been mocking her looked surprised. “Wait, are you saying our Grace is missing? She was so into those werewolf stories. When the news about the Lycans broke out in the local paper, I warned her not to snoop around in the woods. But she never listens,” another woman said. I was taken aback by what I overheard, but I didn’t want to eavesdrop. I continued walking, clutching the romance novel I’d chosen to read for now. Even though I enjoy werewolf and vampire stories, I was in the mood for a sweet romance today. I wanted a temporary escape from the pain of loneliness and the void I felt inside. Julie brought me coffee while I set down our books. We both started reading, enjoying the silence around the coffee’s aroma and the new book's fresh scent. It felt wonderful to be back at the book club. It had always been my sanctuary, a place to unwind. Whenever I felt down, books and coffee were my solace. After our book club session, Julie and I went shopping. We treated ourselves to makeovers. I transformed my mid-waist, brown hair, opting for a pixie cut and a new blonde shade. We also indulged in manicures and pedicures. “You look great with this new look,” Dad said with a smile when I got home. I smiled, running my fingers through my new blonde pixie cut. “Thanks, Dad,” I said, watching him work on the car. I sat beside him, passing tools from the toolkit when he needed them. “Fenrir,” my mom called out to my dad. Her eyes found mine, and she let out a relieved sigh. “Stella, I was worried when you didn’t come home. But you were here in the garage all along. Both of you, dinner’s ready,” she said. “Just five more minutes, Blenda,” Dad replied. Mom shook her head with a hint of amusement. “Stella, why don’t you freshen up? Your dad can finish up here,” she suggested. Nodding, I headed indoors. After a quick shower, I stepped out to help Mom set the dinner table. It was nice to share a family meal instead of eating a few bites in my room, reminiscing about Kellan and our loving moments. The three of us sat at the table, enjoying our meal. I ate more than usual, taking more than just two or three spoonfuls. “How was the book club?” Mom asked. I told her about Julie’s excitement over the Alpha character she was reading about and shared some of the gossip from the club. I noticed my parents tense up at the mention, but I brushed it off. Maybe I was just tired and imagining things. The following day, I woke up after only three hours of sleep. Nightmares of Kellan’s car accident plagued my dreams. The images were so gruesome that I couldn’t discern whether the injured person was Kellan or someone else. I was jolted from my thoughts by a gentle knock at the door. “Sweetie?” Mom called softly. “Come in, Mom,” I replied. When she entered, her face was concerned, making me instantly apprehensive. “The police are here to talk to you,” she said gently. “Julie’s gone missing, and they want to ask you some questions about her.” “What?!” I exclaimed, quickly grabbing my robe and heading out to meet the officers. “Mrs. Stella Keller, I apologize for disturbing you so quickly, but we need some information. You were the last person to see Julie. Her car was found abandoned near the woods, and her handbag was left inside,” the officer explained. Panic welled up inside me. Had something terrible happened to Julie in the woods? And why would she drive to the forest when it was in the completely opposite direction from her home? “I’m willing to answer your questions, Officer,” I said. But deep down, it filled me with worry about Julie’s whereabouts.

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