The Playboy (Paddock Passion Series Book 3)

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The third and final book in the Paddock Passion Series Follows Mark Johnstone’s journey.

Mark is the playboy of the paddock, no one woman can tame him, he likes his bikes fast and his women faster. His life mantra is to ‘live young, die young and make a good-looking corpse’ Recently promoted to the top team, to ride alongside multi world champion Sabino Antlia.

However, will Marks playboy ways change when he meets the young girl Lilly who came into the paddock to run the Paddock Tot’s Nursery.

After heartbreak, that caused her to rush headlong into the job travelling the world around the Motorcycle Championship Paddock, Lilly is immune to Marks charms, and fearful of his reputation as being a Player. Is it a case of Opposites attract, or will she be the one who got away!

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Part One - Chapter One (Mature Content from the outset)
Chapter One   Mark’s Point of view   The long legs of the nameless blonde were wrapped around my neck as she gyrated herself onto my face,  her redhead friend was doing a good job riding my hard c**k, and all I could think was thank f**k I am famous, thank f**k I am single, and thank f**k for racer chasers.  I have it all, freedom, a seat at the championship winning team as team-mate to Sabino Antlia, they had won every year for 8 years in a row, thanks to him.  This would be his final year, I had joined the winning team, and next season I was determined to be the next world champion, I knew it would not be this year, Sab was unbeatable, an alien the G.O.A.T but once he retired to live out his family life dream, it would be mine for the taking.   But for right now, I was enjoying the pleasurable company of two ‘Ladies’ who want nothing more than for me to f**k them into next week and have the honour of bedding a championship rider and who was I to refuse them that privilege.  I could not comprehend how any red-blooded man could want to tie himself down to family life, like my new team-mate had, that life was not for me. I lived in the fast lane, I lived young, would die young and make a f*****g good-looking corpse. I loved fast motorbikes, and faster women, and at 27 years old it was living my own personal dream.  I stuck my tongue into the folds of Blondie’s hot wet hole, her body shivering in delight, as I thrust into the redhead I felt her walls tighten around my solid hard erection, and I knew they were both on the edge and would come soon, I was glad, give them a story to tell, ensuring the other racer chasers wanted to give me a go, lining up the girls, a different one, two or even three every night, sometimes individually sometimes together playing out every fantasy known to man.  I took my hand and grabbed hold of the redhead’s left tit, it was fabulous, big and round, shame it was fake, but hey I am not going to complain, with my other hand I grabbed the ample ass of blondie giving her a good slap before pulling her further down on my face, this particular party was coming to its explosive end, and I needed to bin these two off as soon as we were done, and head out for my drugs test then to the pre-race press conference. As I emptied myself into the redhead, and blondie squealed with her own delight it was over.  I quickly got off the bed “Cheers girls, good job both of you, got to go see you around” I said, indicating they had to leave, immediately.  They were satisfied, got what they came for, so no need for them to hang around.  In the past I would engage in small conversations, but that had the effect of giving some of the many faceless woman hope that I would call or get involved in a relationship.  So now I refrained from the niceties it made life simple, and they were left in no doubt that I would probably never give them the time of day again. It never put anyone off it seemed the worse I behaved the more p***y would arrive at my door begging to be part of the Mark Johnstone party, and I was happy to oblige.    ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Lilly’s Point of View I finished off setting up the small library at the back of the paddock childcare “Paddock Tot’s”, it was good to be back, employed for the whole season, travelling the world, every other weekend spend doing a job I loved, looking after the children of the racers, mechanics, managers of the Motorcycle Championship.  It had come about like a dream really, I was in a bad place, a really bad place, my Ex-boyfriend had spread lots of rumours about me, causing the bullying to start from the girls at School, the very ones who had done all the things he had accused me of, yet here I was still a virgin, but being called the school slut / bike.  All I wanted was to run away, then suddenly last year, my Mother heard from my Aunt that the paddock was looking for someone to offer childcare services at race weekends, it was a dream come true.  I must admit, I often wondered if my cousin Nathalie had anything to do with me acquiring the job, given she was the wife of the Motorcycling championship world champion the famous Sab Antlia, but she had assured me that I had got the position on my own merits.  Paddock Tots had become so popular that I had to have extra help now, Agnes, a 50 year old lady who loved kids, but had never married or had her own family, joined me, and together we ran a tight ship, with the happiness of the children we looked after top of our list.  “Hey Lilly, here is a coffee for you” Agnes said happily, handing me the hot white coffee, we had been busy since yesterday, setting up.  Agnes looked a good 10 years younger than her age, she had auburn hair, cut into a short bob, and a smile that melted a thousand ice caps, the kids loved her, and so did I.   It was the first race weekend of the season, so needed all the paperwork, and contact details of each of the children up dating.  We had 10 regular kids now, with others being sporadic, only coming to race weekends as a “Treat”. “Just seen two girls giggling and leaving Johnstone’s Motorhome, that man is bad news” Agnes informed me, shaking her head. She was of course correct, he was the player, a good-looking guy, taller than the average racer at around 6 ft, black hair and black designer stubble, his muscular body covered in an arrangement of tattoos.  To say I was not physically attracted to him would be a lie, he was the type of guy who could set a girls heart on fire with just one look, however his behaviour was so aberrant it sharp took away any attraction I felt.  Plus, he was surrounded by the models, he did not even know I existed and that was fine by me.  “each to their own, I suppose” I smiled at Agnes. “If he ever came near you my lovely, I would castrate the bastard” Agnes continued looking lovingly towards me.  She and I were firm friends, and I think she saw me as the daughter she never had.  “I doubt he would even notice me Agnes, and I can honestly promise you, that man would never get anywhere near me even if he did!” 

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