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I slowly stood up straight, and his eyes ran over me, from my eyes and down my body over my bare chest, and for some reason it felt like something was going on between us. Like a force pulling us towards one another … a pull.

It was almost electric, and I had no idea how to explain it. I had never before felt anything like it, and then his usual cruel smile spread on his lips. The left side of his mouth curving upwards. He crossed his broad arms over his chest, and then he slowly turned around, walking inside again, making me confused, as to what had just happened. This was not normal! It had to do with the fact he had brought me back. How else did I explain my racing heart, the goosebumps on my skin or the fact my throat felt so dry, I choked down the rest of the wine? How else?!

I ran one of my hands over my face before rubbing my eyes with two fingers, and just trying to shake this feeling … this … this need almost. I found myself almost wanting to go over there … but to do what? What was happening to me?!


Carter has been brought back to life by Mefan after almost dying in the war against his uncle. He quickly learns the consequences of being brought back to life, and feels almost numb, yet Carter starts to find a certain mystery man, who seems to be unable to let go of him, intriguing in ways he doesn't think he should be. It doesn't make it easier that he finds himself bound to Mefan, unable to be too far away from him, or he will start dying all over again.

Mefan lost his true love many years ago. He has seen her reincarnated over and over, but none of them compares to her, but then why does a certain prince suddenly catch his attention? He wants to not feel a need for his touch or to touch him, but when Carter reveals he cannot leave because he is bound to him, it becomes very hard to ignore these thoughts.

*Book Five*

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Chapter 1
Note: This is a darker fantasy, not following the "typical" dragon plots. Be aware of described violence, k*dnapping, loss of loved one, and death. -Mefan- “I like your eyes,” she says. “I have never seen eyes like that.” She can see me? But no one can see me. I don’t really exist, and yet there she is by the edge of the river. I have seen her visit time after time, but always just at dawn when the sun is about to appear. It chases me away, but I must catch a glimpse of her. No one else is out here but me. There is just me and now … her. “You don’t always have to hide,” she says, looking right at me. She had these extreme blue ones, shining just as the sun hits them. Her skin is so pale, and she has pure white hair. I have never seen a color like hers. “But I guess you have to leave now, don’t you? The sun is on its way up. You always disappear right before it appears,” she says, her voice sounding almost sad. “I will see you tomorrow then.” “Tomorrow,” I finally say, the first word I ever spoke. To anyone. I had seen her reincarnated a thousand times, only small differences here and there, like the hair color, and the eye color, but I always knew it was her. She had always called out to me, but none of them were her. Not even the beautiful Laelia, who reminded me of both her kindness and strength. No, none of them were her. So why I had kept him? Carter was walking around in the big garden, reaching for one of the branches sticking out from a small bush. His skin had always been quite pale, but it had gotten a stronger golden glow now, yet it didn’t help hiding the dark lines running along his skin. Or the fact that one of his eyes had a completely dark color now, instead of a soft green. He was still adjusting. He was still finding a way to live like this. I had brought him back from the dead, but that always had consequences. He wasn’t the same. Maybe I should send him home. Send him back to the North, where Laelia and Ashes now ruled. They even often ventured back to the South. I could even send him there. Instead, I had not given a word of my whereabouts or Carter’s. No, I had been silent. At first telling myself, I would tell them the truth when I was certain he would survive, and then I told myself I would tell the beautiful Laelia, once he had gotten used to being this way, and then … then I ran out of excuses. Yet it was not like Carter had asked to go home. He was unusually quiet, but that was expected. Dying and coming back to life. That was never easy, and then, as I told him about his brother’s death. Will’s death, he got even quieter. More of his family was gone, and now he stayed hidden as well. Hidden in my kingdom, getting used to being a part of the shadows, like the rest of my assassins, yet his roots in the darkness ran deeper than the others. He was reborn from it. “You can stop staring. I am not going to ruin your beautiful garden,” he said, turning to me. I was standing in the shadows, resting my shoulder against a column. “Good, I like my garden more than that st*pid room you trashed,” I said, smiling a little. He nodded slowly and then reached for one of the red flowers that I especially loved. It was a fire lily that only grew here in The Red Desert, yet as soon as he touched it, it turned black and died. He sighed, leaning his head back and looking at the sky, as the sun heated his skin. He was wearing the assassins’ dark clothes that covered most of his body, yet the material was very thin, making sure he wasn’t overheated in it. “You could have let me die,” he said. “I could have.” “Why didn’t you?” he asked, turning to me. “You have already asked me that … thirty times now,” I said, pushing away from the column and walking over to him. “And you still haven’t given me an answer,” he said. He was right. I hadn’t, but that was because I had no answer. I wished I did. I wanted to tell him a specific reason why I had taken him from that battlefield after he had been run through with Criseus’s sword and brought him here. I wished I had a way to tell him that I was doing it for just some reason, but I had no answer. “You still don’t want to tell me,” he said, looking at the flower he had killed. I turned to the dead flower and raised my hand and then turned it halfway to the left. The black color started running backwards and the flower rose, now suddenly all red and alive. Carter looked at it for a long time before looking at me. “How did you do that?” he asked. “Took me a long time to figure out,” was all I said before turning around. I could hear him following me. I walked inside, hearing him gaining on me. “I still want to know why you brought me back to life,” he said. “You are alive,” I said. “Just be grateful.” “But in a way I am not.” I stopped and turned around looking at him, one of his eyes just like mine, while the other was still this soft green. I liked that color. The black one didn’t suit him, nor did the dark lines in his golden skin. I remembered the way he had looked when he had first seen them, like he didn’t understand why they were there or if he was even seeing them. They even ran up his neck and along the side of his jaw and along his cheeks. One line went across his black eye like a scar and then stopping there. “You are alive.” “I don’t feel it …” he said. “What?” “Anything.” My eyes ran over him for a little while, waiting for him to continue. “The sun … the air … the flower … I don’t feel it,” he said. “How can I be alive if I don’t feel anything?” “You are breathing, aren’t you?” I asked. “Your heart is still beating.” “But I am no longer me.” “Is that why you are hiding here, prince?” I asked. “I don’t know what I am doing. There is peace now. Ashes and Laelia ruling. They even have a second child on the way.” “Did you get another one of my assassins to bring you this information?” I asked. He nodded, not even trying to deny it. “I did,” he said. “Well, congratulations to them.” “Henry is having a child as well, Sivanna had Will’s, and I hear Samuel is going to be a father too. The only one still not having a child on the way is Liam,” he said. “And that is wrong?” I asked. He shook his head. “At least he is married, probably working hard on it.” “Most likely.” “Tylon should have a kid on the way as well. You see where I am going with this?” he asked. I shook my head trying to walk away, done with this conversation about kids and such. “I can’t leave,” he said. “You are free to go whenever you want, prince. Nothing holds you here,” I said. “You are.” I stopped and turned around looking at him confused. “Me?” I asked. “I don’t keep the gate closed.” “No, but the further I get from you, the worse I get.” I walked a little closer, only a few steps, narrowing my eyes slightly. “How do you know this?” I asked. “Because I tried to leave. Several nights ago,” he said. For some reason, this made me angry, and I felt my hands turn into tight fists, as I looked at the prince in front of me, not knowing why such words brought me anger. I never felt much. I hadn’t for a long time, but this angered me. “Did you now?” was all that came out of my mouth. “You said I was free to leave.” “You are,” I said. “Then yes, I tried to leave. I had gotten quite far when I started to feel it. The pain from where the sword ran me through. I couldn’t breathe. I somehow knew I had to turn around and so I did. And once I just got a little closer to you, suddenly I could breathe and the pain was gone,” he told me. I knew there would be consequences from bringing him back. I had never before brought anyone back from the dead. No one I thought deserved it. So, I didn’t know what would happen if I did, but I had never expected this. I had never believed I would somehow link him to me. But would that be so surprising? He had been reborn from the same darkness that I came from. “Well, I guess you are staying here then,” I said, feeling a twisted and pleasing feeling from saying the words. “It seems that way,” he just said coldly. “Well, I will see you a little later,” I said, just turning around and leaving him there. At least I knew I could not stay far away from him, and he couldn’t stay far away from me, but I had had that feeling before I brought him back. So, in a way, it felt satisfying he found himself trapped with me as well. Too satisfying.

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