Love and revenge

contract marriage
friends to lovers
enimies to lovers

Tessa Scott.

She used to laugh with everyone at the college but deep down she was lonely.Everyone wanted to be with her because of her money. She longs for love. No one in her family have time for her. She met Ricky. A newcomer. Ricky showed her love she was finally happy, but it didn't last for long. Ricky broke her so much that she has no meaning to live. She tried to end her life, but she was saved by strange..

David Valdez is a wealthy man. He is very arrogant and only cared about one thing and that's MONEY . He hates women because of his past. Women are nothing but a tissue to use and throw . Even though he hates women he saved a woman . He started getting attached to her .

What happens when two halves come together.

stay tune to find out about the life of two people who hate one thing and that's LOVE and have one aim in life REVENGE.

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What is love?
Tessa Pov I took my diary out and started writing "WHAT IS LOVE? HOW DO YOU DEFINE IT? I thought love is respect, love is understanding each other, trusting each other, taking care of each other, Love is true friendship! Love is when one person knows all your secret. Your deepest secrets, most dreadful secrets of which no one else in the world knows, And yet that person in the end. That person doesn't think any less of you, Even if rest of the world does But, Love is, giving someone the power to destroy you mentally and physically. Love is when someone is treating you like some kind of trash but you are blind to notice it. Love is when you only have one person in your mind. Love is when someone is stabbing you but you can't feel it. I don't understand how people are okay with themselves knowing they emotionally destroyed someone. I once fell in love with someone, so much that I didn't realize he was stabbing me. He was my world, my everything. But he killed me in a blink of an eye. I have no words to describe what I feel. I just want to die . Ricky, You didn't do me right. If you never loved me, why did you showed me heaven. I'm living in hell for accepting your heaven. My own family don't want to listen to me. It has been a year now. I'm living in hell for one year. For a whole year I'm in dark. I don't think I'll ever see light again. I have made up my mind. I'm going end my life today. Ricky, I know you are happy with that woman. But I am not happy. I don't want to live. I hate my life. I hate myself. I am so f*****g sick of life. My mom says is my fault that I trusted you. My dad says don't come to me with your silly talks, And be happy that I let you live. My brother says I don't deserve to life for trusting you. Everyone is blaming me! Why? Why me? How would I know that you were a cheat. I had enough now . My heart is burning, and this fire must be extinguish. The only way to do so is to end my pathetic life. People say, talk to someone, and I did l, but they all discourage me and blame me. Right now. I don't see the reason for trying, or for talking or for breathing. I'm just done! If this is how my life is going to be, then I don't want it. I don't know why I have to stay alive if I'm going to live like this forever. I can't put in words how unbelievably broken I feel. You have no idea how much pain is running through my veins. Bye Bye world. And I hope you don't let anyone go through what you made me go through." I look at the time and it was already 2am. Well actually, this is not new. I barely got some sleep. I went out of my room with my Journal in my hand. My family member were asleep so I took advantage of it. I took my car keys out, tipped toed to my car and drove to the bridge I dreamed of extinguishing this fire. I came out of the car leaving my Journal in the car so when someone happened to see this car they will know the reason behind what I did. I stood at the edge. Said my goodbyes and throw myself I hope. I hope I find peace now.

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