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Nick Cairns...the guy that made my life a living hell in high school. The guy that got kicks out of bringing me down every day. Spreading rumours, telling lies and making sure I knew no one would ever love me...want me. And back then? I believed him. Back then I was the chubby, geeky girl...the shy one with glasses with no friends. Not anymore. Five years can change a lot.

I was not that girl anymore. Now, I was slim, confident and independent. I was the type of woman he went for. It was time for payback. It was time I got the now millionaire playboy back for what he did to me. I was gonna use who I am now to play him, make him want me.

How am I gonna do that? I am going to get a job as an assistant. Watch out Mr Millionaire, payback is a b***h...

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Chapter One - Setting the plan into motion...
(Hey everyone, thought I would give you a preview of a new book that will be coming very. With in the next week. I just need to finish up another couple of my books, that is coming to an end. I hope you enjoy.)  ******** Riley’s P.O.V This was it. This was the day I got him back. The guy that made my life a living hell in high school, he was two years older than me. The guy that turned everyone against me and made up horrible rumours. I was not that girl anymore. I was not the chubby, geeky girl with glasses anymore. I was not the shy, self-conscious girl with no confidence anymore. It had taken me five years to get here but here I am. Nick Cairns, a name I could never forget no matter how hard I tried. I lost the weight, got contacts, dyed my hair, and change my entire look. I found the confidence in myself that I wish I found years ago. Now, today I was gonna get him back. I was interviewing for the position of his assistant. He was now the CEO of his fathers’ company, something that was always in the cards for him. He went straight to business school after high school. I had done my research on him. He Still seemed like a complete tool it would seem. The only difference between now and high school? He now has millions which I am sure he uses well. He was still a male w***e and a complete jerk by what I have seen. How am I getting my own back on him? The way I am now? I am just his type. I was gonna use that. I was gonna make him chase me, want me and then after that? I will see how things go. Why am I doing this? Maybe people will think that it is going too far but to me, it was not. He ruined my life. It was my turn to ruin his. He had hurt enough people and got away with it every time because of who his parents were. I gave myself the once over in the mirror. I put my favourite red lipstick on. I smirked to myself. Nick Cairns be prepared to be impressed. I grabbed my bag and my car keys heading out to my car. The offices were only a ten-minute drive from my place. He and his family-owned hotels, insurance businesses, clubs, resorts etc… they were known that was for sure. Nick himself was the CEO of the property part of the company. He had other siblings, they all worked in different sectors of the business. I pulled up outside the very fancy, exceptionally large building finding a parking space for my car. I checked my hair and makeup in the car mirror. I grabbed the folder with all the paperwork that I needed and made my way inside. I walked in tall and confident. I made my way to the reception desk. “Hello, my name is Riley Miller. I am here to see Mr Cairns, have an interview.” I smiled at the pretty brunette behind the desks. She made a quick call before sending me up to where he was. On the top floor. He would not recognise my name. In high school, I was Riley Queen, but my parents got divorced. My dad left and I changed my second name to the same as my mother. He will have no clue who I am. That was what I needed though. I could not have him knowing or this will never work. I got into the elevator, heading up to the top floor. When I got there, there was another reception desk. I told them who I was, and she told me to take a seat. I sat down, crossing my legs over. I sat up straight, with a smile on my face. I was not even nervous. I knew I was in for a chance. I had the experience. “Miss Miller, Mr Cairns will see you now.” She smiled. I nodded, giving her a smile back. I stood, straightening out my pencil skirt before going to his office, knocking on the door. He called for me to come in. Here goes. I put my best smile on, heading inside. He was sitting at his desk, in an expensive-looking suit. God, I wanted badly to slap that stupid face of his. The last five years have been good to him. He was always a good-looking guy, now he was very handsome. I hate the man…yes, I know hate is a strong word but that is how I feel about him. I cannot deny he is a good-looking guy. Another reason why he always gets what he wants. “Well, hello there Miss Miller.” He smirked, looking me up and down. God! Could he be any more obvious? He was clearly checking me out. Creep. That is part of the plan though. “Good morning Mr Cairns,” I said giving him my best smile. “Hmm, yes my morning just got a whole lot better.” He said, “Please take a seat.” He added. Eww! Could he be any more of a damn pig? He really has not changed. The way he spoke to the girls and treated the girls in high school was disgusting. I do not know why they let him do it. “Thank you, Sir.” I smiled sweetly. I took a seat across from him, crossing my legs and showing him a little skin. His eyes fell on my legs, licking his lips. I had a feeling this was going to be easier than I first thought. “Do you have everything that you were told to bring with you Miss Miller?” he said resting back. “I do. And please, call me Riley.” I said softly handing him my folder. I had a couple of little white lies on my CV. I wrote a different high school down. I cannot have him working out we went to the same school. That would make him ask questions. He had a look through the paperwork that I had given him. “You are pretty experienced for only being twenty-two.” He smiled. “Yes. I have always been very willing and adamant to get experience. I want to make a good life for myself. I don’t want to rely on anyone else.” I said. “Independent? That is always a good thing.” He said. I nodded in agreement, giving him another sweet smile. He read through what I gave him. Every now and again, he would steal a glance at me. I acted like I never noticed though. “This job is very demanding. I am a busy man with a lot of people relying on me.” he said, “It can be a very high-pressure job. I do not like mistakes. I need an assistant I can rely on. Can you do that Riley?” he added. “Yes Sir, I can. You can rely on me. I am an extremely hard worker. I like to please people.” I said, pulling my lower lip between teeth when I said the last part. His eyes fell on my lips when I did this, licking his own lips. I was already getting to him. He asked me a few more questions. The interview not lasting as long as I thought. “Well, Miss Miller I have a few more interview I have to get through today, but you are looking like a great candidate for the job.” He smirked, “You will hear by the end of the day.” He added. “Thank you for your time, Sir. I appreciate it.” I said. He stood from his seat, extending his hand to me. I reached overtaking it. He took my hand in his, looking me straight in the eye. “I am sure you will be hearing from me very soon, Riley,” He said, a sexy little smile on his lips. “I really hope so,” I said licking my lips. He kept a hold of my hand a little longer than what he needed too. I let him. He pulled away, his eyes still on me. “Have a good day Miss Miller.” He said, his voice husky. “Hmm, you too…” I said biting my lip again. I said goodbye, heading out. This man was an i***t. It really does not take much to get his attention, does it? I headed out, smirking to myself. I had a feeling I would be hearing from him very soon. I don’t doubt that I will not. Oh, Nick Cairns, you have no clue what you are in for. Karma is a b***h…and Karma is me.

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