The Billionaire's Hunt

first love

The world was getting dull for the youngest CEO ever lived. She thought that maybe getting a pet was what she needed but she was wrong. A day had passed and she dreaded the thought of having to love again. She says to herself that she wasn't going to let the same mistake happen. She would screen every girl she could find until that girl is deserving of her everything.

*Some chapters may contain some things that may trigger those who are emotionally unstable and those who have a weak heart.*

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The Screening
Third Person's P.O.V The day had started slowly, not much to Jade's liking. She did her tasks precisely and she was already done by not a quarter before three in the afternoon. She looked down at the building that she owned. She looked at the tiny people from above, walking hastily as if trying to meet a deadline. "Ms. CEO, your mother has arrived." The beeper beside her desk echoed throughout the spacious office she built from the ground. "Ah, yes, let her in." Jade straightened out her slacks and suit before sitting upright to greet her mother sharply. She wanted her mother to be proud. After a few minutes, the glass door leading to Jade's office opened, revealing her gorgeous mother. Jade's secretary bowed and closed the door. "Mother," "Jade, my, looking sharp as always." Jade chuckled at her mother's tease. The two had shared a bond so deep that they knew and accepted one another without doubt. Since Jade's father had left them, her mother had two roles to fulfill. "That's just me now, mother." Jade's mother smiled and hugged her daughter from the side. Jade accepted the hug and leaned her head on her mother's shoulder. "How was your vacation, mother?" Jade's mother, Sierra, took a seat on the office leather couch and made herself comfortable. This wasn't her first time visiting her daughter's office but she was still amazed at how far her daughter had gone. "It was the best, sweetie. Thank you." "No need to thank me, mother. You brought me up. Of course, I'd like to repay you with good intentions too." Sierra couldn't be any more proud. Her daughter had grown up to be independent, beautiful and smart. She was silently thanking her former husband. She thought that if he hadn't left, Jade wouldn't be this skeptical about the world and created such a great solitude. "Alright, alright. Enough about me, found anyone new?" "Aw, mother, come on. I'm still young." "Yes, you're 28 and I was pregnant when I was already 19." Jade shakes her head at her mother's pessimistic behavior. "Mother, I will find the right woman." "That wasn't what you said last, last week." "Hey, my mind constantly calculates everything." her mother chuckled and smiled happily. "Alright. Then I will leave you to it. Have some fun or something." "I will soon." "Then off shall I go." "I'll walk you down." As the mother and daughter pair went to the elevator, gazes weren't much avoided. Of course, the two were beautiful. The elevator opened up and the duo went inside. Sierra spoke again, "If you're going to take your secretary, then that would be lovely too." Jade groaned. "I will be hosting a screening soon." "For what?" "For finding a girl that suits my taste." "Is your secret-" "No. Please refrain from making such comments." Jade watched or read stories involving the CEO and secretary getting together. Jade didn't hate the idea, in fact, she liked the thrill of what that kind of relationship would bring, but she had set a strict boundary between work life and love life. She wasn't going to interfere with that balance. "Alright, if you find the right woman, make sure to visit me first." "Is that a schedule I hear?" "Oh, please don't." Jade chuckled. Sierra didn't like it when her daughter got too professional. Sierra feels like she's facing the Jade that emerged when her father left. "I'll see you soon, sweetie." "Take care, mother." The elevator chimed, opening the doors. Sierra left the building with a smile. Once Sierra was out of sight, Jade called her secretary to take her things down. After a few minutes, her secretary arrived. She then remembers her mother's teasing and subconsciously eyes at her secretary. She sighed and groaned. "Is everything alright, Ms. CEO?" "Ah, yes. I'll see you tomorrow." Jade exits the building with her wallet, car keys and phone in hand. She walked to her luxurious McLaren and entered. She turned on the engine and drove off to the cemetery. Jade Shae. Jade Shae was your typical happy child. But when her father's business went bankrupt, Jade changed. She was cold, unresponsive for a short period of time, lost and didn't have any friends. She was absurdly smart. At a young age, she was already reading books about scientific studies, research, theories, psychology, logic and money. She entered high school early too and graduated on top. As soon as she graduated, she opened up her little shop. A shop for cleaning shoes. They didn't have money at that time, so she barely had anything for any capital. When she had saved enough, she upgraded her shop to a bigger one, then turned to a shoe maker's shop and now a designer shoes company is what she has. Jade walked a little uphill and stopped. She kneels down and puts down the bouquet. She could feel her heart tightening at the sight of her name. She was her only friend, her cousin. "Hey, how have you been?" Tears started to form in her eyes as she spoke. It had been twelve years since her friend passed away. But for Jade, it was still fresh. "Mother recently came back from the vacation that we had planned for the two of you." She inhaled slowly, trying to stop the tears from falling, but the pain was just too painful. The hot tears streamed down her face. "It's been hard. But hey, you know what?" Jade sniffs. "I'm going to find the right woman for me right now and I bet you're going to say that she's too unworthy of me without actually knowing who she is beforehand." Jade chuckles at the memory of her friend saying that straight to her face. "Next time, I'll bring her here with me." Jade smiles at her and sniffs one last time before wiping her tear-strained cheeks. "I'll let you meet her, so wait, okay? I miss you." Jade smiles one last time before walking away. A week had passed and word had gone through the city that Ms. CEO of Multi Company Shae is finding a woman to suit her taste. Not only are ordinary women present, but also actresses and models. There was a sign that said, "NO Men Allowed". Today was the big day and Jade already had a headache. She was halfway through the screening but no one had captured her attention yet. Some of them were ordinary, mediocre, too much, too little, too boring, etc.. She was searching for something that had more to show. "This is the next candidate's profile, Ms. CEO." "Thanks, let her in." Jade grabs the piece of bond paper in her hand while massaging her crease. "Hello, Ms. Shae." "Yes, so tell me why you went to this screening?" I looked up and saw this gorgeous girl. Her clothes were revealing but it was as if teasing those who were looking. Jade's eyes screamed more. Jade finally looked thoroughly at her profile and saw that she was an influencer and a model at the same time. She had a sense of style and a depth to which Jade couldn't help but be lured in. "Then please let me get this straight. I am not here for the money nor for fame. I simply want to use you to make my ex-boyfriend jealous." Kheshannah West. That was the girl's name. She had deep cyan eyes. Plump lips. Straight nose. She also has those eyes that are sensual, not too big nor too small. "Oh, the last time I heard, I was the one doing the screening. What made you think that I was going to agree?" "I WILL agree to any of your terms and I will not ask for anything." Jade smiles. "Alright. BUT, you at least have to read the terms and agreement before you actually sign it." "Deal." Kheshannah smiles. "This is still an 'IF'. I will see the end of this screening and if I don't find anyone else better than you, then I'll be sure to contact you." "Okay." Jade's secretary guided her to the exit. As the screening progresses, Jade finds everyone after Kheshannah dull. VERY dull. The screening ended quickly, to Jade's surprise. She wasn't sure what to make out of everyone. Was she too picky or was everyone just too boring? "Ms. CEO, what shall I say to Ms. Kheshannah?" "You can cut the crap about that CEO thingy, you know." "Oh, please, I'm just lying low. Even your mother suspects something between us." Jade shakes her head and sighs. "Right. Oh, you can tell her to meet me this Saturday. When I usually talk to business partners." "Understood." Days passed by fast. Jade had anticipated this day. It was already time. Jade was ecstatic to meet Kheshannah again. She was awfully curious. Kheshannah was a real beauty and she had that perfect body. She craved for Kheshannah. She even made another contract to suit her needs only, remembering that Kheshannah would do anything just to fake their relationship. Jade rushes into the coffee shop that she likes. It was Seattle's Best Coffee. Kheshannah was like Jade's favorite coffee. It was giving her adrenaline and excitement, so addicting that she just wanted to take in more and more. Jade sits down and nods at the cashier who, by now, is so familiar with her order. Heck, everyone in the shop knows her order. She would normally order it but the business owner had insisted. "You're a bit early." "Good afternoon to you too." "So, can I read them?" "Quite excited, aren't you?" Jade eyes Kheshannah behind her sunglasses. She wore tattered shorts, which showed Kheshannah's creamy long legs and a sleeveless cropped top that matched her sandals. Her hair was in a perfect messy bun and she wasn't even trying to impress Jade with her make-up, but Jade was already lured. "I just really want to read what stuff you wrote there." "Sure, sure." Jade gives her the folder. It was labeled as "Terms and Agreement". Kheshannah grabs the folder and slides it to her side, but Jade puts her hand on top of the folder. Jade leans in and smirks. "When you open this folder, you're already in and all you can do is erase one thing out, okay?" Kheshannah raises an eyebrow at Jade but nods otherwise. Kheshannah consciously opens the folder while trying to keep an eye out for any reaction from Jade, but Jade was firm. As Kheshannah reads the contents in the folder, Jade's coffee arrives. Jade sips softly and quietly, not trying to disturb Kheshannah reading. Jade sees this as an opportunity to eye Kheshannah again. Jade's hunger for Kheshannah intensifies as Kheshannah switches her legs to fold. Kheshannah's breasts almost touched the table as she read the contents of the folder. Jade removed her sunglasses and was shocked to see that Kheshannah was blushing. Her face was red up to her ears. Jade smiles as she had expected this to happen. Now all Jade was waiting for was the violent reaction. But it didn't follow. "You said I could remove one?" "Yes?" Jade couldn't believe how calm Kheshannah was. "But can I add one?" "Uh," Kheshannah was different from the other girls. Jade knew that but pushed harder only to fail. "Is that a yes?" "Yeah, alright." Jade answered quite fast. "Here, section 22. It's stated here that you, Party A, can call me, Party B, any time and I don't have any right to decline." "Yes? What of it?" "Actually, can I add two?" "Just spill," Kheshannah laughs at Jade's irritated expression. "I want you, Party A, to be like that to me too." "Eh, fair enough. What's the second one?" "We have to agree to not call each other at an important time or if any of us have any official business." "Of course. I wouldn't want you in my way." "Uh, excuse me?" "Fine, fine. Now, sign." "You better not be sick of my face until two years have passed."

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