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Destiny has marked Grace with two fated mates, turning her world upside down. At the Alpha welcoming party of the Red Moon Pack, she discovers her first mate, the ruthless Alpha Jacob Green. On the same day, she encounters her second mate, Alpha Grayson Hunter of the rival Shadow Pack. Can Grace handle two powerful and hot-headed Alphas at once? Who will she choose?

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Chapter - 1
Grace – POV My alarm went off an hour before sunrise. I had plenty of time to prepare for packhouse duty. If Roger, the Red Moon Pack Beta, learned of my tardiness, I feared he would deal with me harshly. If I made a slight error, the outcome would be severe enough for me to be constantly terrified of being brutally thrashed. I had two days left until I turned 18. Instead, I might escape this slavery with my mate by my side if I had the chance. As we grew older, I wore second-hand clothes until they became too tight. Finally, I wore my old black t-shirt and black pants from the closet because it was a hot day. As I sat in front of the small mirror, trying to untangle my hair, I began brushing my curly red hair. Nothing was enchanting about the shabby house that servants only inhabited, so Hailey, Rosie, and I all slept in the same room. That Hailey, Rosie, and I grew up without parents drew us closer than pals. Rosie, who celebrated her 18th birthday last week, has already found a mate; Hailey, who turned 18 last month, has yet to find a soulmate. Rosie’s mate was Derrick, and he belonged to the labor union of Red Moon Pack. Hailey and I were jealous of Rosie and Derrick’s romance when they were together. Seeing Rosie and Derrick lovey-dovey, I wished my future mate could feel the same way about me. Last night’s dinner party at a packhouse to celebrate the success of an Alpha company in New York left a lot of dishes stacked up. The Beta, Delta, and Omega families held a party to celebrate Alpha’s success. In addition, members of Alpha’s pack were rewarded for their efforts in supporting the organization’s success with this gesture. Alpha didn’t live in the packhouse and has been absent from the packhouse in the past few years. When I heard the voice from the other side, it startled me out of my stupor. “Grace, I’ve been looking for you. However, why didn’t you wake me up? I slept longer,” Hailey yelled. Hailey was walking through some haze, her brown hair a mess, and her obsidian orbs were droopy from sleep deprivation. “Because I worry about your well-being. I figured I’d help you get some sleep. I’ve prepared pre-sliced vegetables for you to speed up the cooking process. Hailey, are you better now?” I inquired. In a minor slip-up at yesterday’s party, Beta’s wife, Lily, whipped Hailey to the ground. I needed to help Hailey bandage the injured limb to make sure that she could stand the next day. With her mouth open, Hailey sucked in a deep breath. “Even though the wounds have healed, I am still experiencing pain while walking, which makes it difficult for me to walk smoothly,” Hailey replied. As Hailey was beating the eggs in the bowls, she inquired, “Where is Rosie, and did she give Derrick the mining tools he left in our room yesterday?” I put the crockery away with care and replied, “Rosie had gone to meet Derrick and returned. Also, Rosie asked me to ask you about your red dress for her date night with Derrick later today. As for hair and makeup, that task will be split between you and me.” “I’ll lend her that dress; that’s all right with me. I want Rosie to look her best on her date night, and if you ask, I won’t say no,” Hailey, aggravated, responded. Rosie entered the kitchen in her blue jacket and said, “I’m here. Grace, I just finished the laundry. Are you in need of help?” Rosie asked. “Since there will be a meeting today, I suggested you assist Hailey in preparing breakfast,” I said to Rosie. “The Beta’s wife breaks our limbs if we serve breakfast later than usual,” I added. Rosie then assisted Hailey with preparing the rest of the breakfast menu. It took me a few minutes to quickly arrange the forks, spoons, and knives on top of the red and white cloth. During our marathon work session, Beta’s wife, Lily, kept a close eye on things and kept staring at each of us. We were serving food when I accidentally spilled juice on an unknown male. I apologized and tried to remove the stain. I replied nervously, “Allow me to remove the stain from your clothes.” As soon as I said this, the unknown man grabbed my hand to stop me from cleaning his clothes. “I can do it myself. Could you please direct me to the restroom?” the unknown man answered. This handsome man was not chastising me or boasting about the brand of clothes I had ruined. They were terrified when Hailey and Rosie realized what it would be like for me after the meeting. Beta and his wife growled at me; I maintained a straight face. It eventually took me to a room where Beta’s wife, Lily, thrashed me in the back. After being beaten, I spit out some blood and then more blood until I couldn’t hold it any longer. Hailey and Rosie rescued me from the wailing chambers. After Lily left the section, Hailey and Rosie bandaged and medicated my wound in our room. Our hearts stopped beating when we heard the loud knock on the door. “It looks like Beta Roger is coming for the next round. A blow to Grace is on the way,” Rosie screamed in a whisper. Hailey looked through the door’s peephole and said, “An unknown individual. Grace splattered juice. He’s knocking on the door. Allow me to deal with him, and you two should go hide in the restroom.” Hailey used mind-linking to Rosie and me to keep the stranger from hearing us.

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