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“Are you crazy? Sarah, I never loved you.” Maxwell exploded when he heard Sarah’s suggestion. “Our marriage was one of convenience to me, If I couldn’t get married before the old man died then I wouldn’t have gotten my inheritance.” Sarah stepped back in what seemed to be shocked, his words rang over and over in her head. The words were a huge blow to Sarah’s confidence as everyone could tell she was crumbling. Her smile slowly became bigger she tried to hide the swarming emotions but anyone could see her shivering. She looked at his handsome face and steeled herself. This was the man she chose to love, he was her everything. He was her only family left. He was her only way out if she could not convince him otherwise wouldn’t that mean everything was for naught? “Maxwell, don’t do this I forgive you. I swear I can give you a baby now.” Sarah’s voice shook and cracked, her voice didn’t match her smiling expression at all. Maxwell looked at Angela the at Kim, who then pulled out the folder and handed it to him silently, The divorce papers he had for two months were in his hands. He was going to divorce her even if he had to forge her signature. “Sign it Sarah.” Maxwell shoved the divorce papers towards her, Sarah swayed on her feet. Alicia who was beside her caught her before she went tumbling to the ground. Alicia could feel her heart lunched up to her throat, just by the state Sarah was in she knew this was going to be a very bad day. A million thoughts ran through Sarah’s head while looking at the resolution on Maxwell’s face. Sarah clenched and released her fists three times, by the end of it she made her decision. She pushed Alicia away from her before taking two unstable steps forward and knelt down in front of Maxwell. Everyone in the office let out silent gasps, Sarah Collins was a prideful woman, but she was never arrogant. To see such a woman force to this extent, seeing her tears and her weakness for a man as heartless as this. Some marveled in her misery while others felt sorry for this brilliant woman. Maxwell looked down at Sarah, and he began to waver a bit, he wasn’t completely an asshole even if it were a dog he raised he would have some sort of feeling toward it. “My parents are dead, you are the only family I have left. Maxwell I will love this baby like it’s my own. Please, please don’t do this. I love you I’ve always loved you.” Sarah begged as tears streaming down her face. That smiling expression was replaced with one of pain. She set aside her pride to beg him, Maxwell knew she would beg him. Angela noticed Maxwell’s change in emotions rather quickly and sneered coldly in her heart. Angela raised her hand and tugged Maxwell’s coat jacket. His wavering stopped and he hardened his stare on Sarah. Even if she was willing this many people had seen his family’s scandal. “You are absolutely pathetic.” Maxwell's words were the straw that broke the camel’s back, Sarah's body slumped. She sat down on her legs and stared down no one could see her emotionless eyes they only saw her smile. Whether it was a smile filled with pain or mockery it was anyone’s guess. She stopped crying, she stopped talking she stopped moving. Everyone held their breaths, some gloated even more at her misfortune others felt sad and anger on her behalf. “Maxwell, please don’t leave me.” she whispered lowly, her head hung down and her body slumped in defeat, yet she still begged him. Sarah never felt this pathetic in her entire life. To everyone, she married up, but nobody knew of her painful past. The things she had to do to survive, she was overwhelmed for a second and let her real emotions slip in her desperation. Her desperation to protect him, her desperation to keep their lives separate “Either you sign it now or I sue you in court. We both know you can’t defeat me ever.” Sarah’s body trembled, he was ruthless with his words and ruthless with his ways but she did say anything to him. He didn’t know her well enough, he didn’t know she could win this case with the snap of her fingers. So Sarah said nothing, an ironic smile graced her lips. She begged him yet he gave her no face. She knew he has cheating but she went on like nothing ever happened, she was even willing to raise the child like her own but it didn’t matter. He was a fool blinded by lust. Sarah stood shakily on her own and snatched the divorce papers from him, she didn’t even read through as she hurriedly signed her name on the dotted lines before throwing it in his face. Sarah didn’t even grab her things as she rushed out with a burning face, the humiliation she received today even if she was the nicest person on earth how could she not feel some resentment. Alicia picked the papers up and her eyes happened to land on alimony. She sucked in a breath one hundred and fifty million, the alimony was sky-high. Alicia’s eyes got colder though, she saw her boss didn’t argue or beg as she signed the papers. Sarah already knew, she always knew so she didn’t cling any longer. “One day you will grovel at her feet worse than she ever did.” with a cold huff she thrust the divorce papers in Angela’s embrace then grabs her things and Sarah’s things and rushed out. Alicia arrived at the front of the building and there wasn’t any sign of Sarah, after hesitating for a bit she asked the guard which direction Sarah went off in and ran in that direction. Angela scanned the divorce papers in her hands, a house, a car, and a two percent share plus one hundred and fifty million alimony. Angela’s teeth creaked from her gritting them so hard, for a woman he claims to have no feelings for he sure gave her a lot of money. Maxwell noticed Angela’s weird expression, he could tell she was disturbed after all why give your ex-wife so much money? “This is for all the years she has taken care of me and not because I love her. You are my future Angela.” He pacified her softly and pulled her into his arms. Angela rubbed her face on his warm chest and gloated silently if his ex-wife could get this much for just being his partner for nine years imagine the money she’ll have as his new wife and mother of his child. Maxwell however felt a little empty, He thought Sarah truly meant nothing but the look in her eyes scared him. In the years to come, Maxwell would look back to this day and curse himself. He would scream and smash things in rage as he thought to himself ′ Should have never let her leave’ Maxwell organized the office before he left to meet his best friend. Angela watched as Maxwell got into the car and sped off with a sweet smile before she entered hers and left. The events that just transpired were already up on the internet, everyone who was anyone knew of what happened. So it was a huge surprise to Damien, Maxwell’s best friend, to hear of the divorce from a socialite he was ‘dating’. Damien sat near the window with a cigar burning at hand and a shot of whiskey, he turned when the door opened to greet Maxwell who just arrived with a cold smile. Maxwell glanced at his friend’s cold smile and knew he was already informed, nobody actually knew he was going to get a divorce or that he had a mistress. Many of his friends called him after he left the office. “You better explain to me so I can understand Max.” Damien placed the cigar in the ashtray narrowing his eyes darkly at Maxwell. “I never loved her Damien you know this. ” Damien laughed of course he knew Maxwell didn’t love Sarah he was the one who did the background check on her. She was a clean girl, with ‘poor’ parents easily to manipulate. But after actually knowing the ‘poor’ girl Damien understood she loved Maxwell more than life itself. “What were the grounds?” Damien asked swirling the whiskey in his glass. “infertility, ” Maxwell shrugged and Damien slammed the glass down next to the ashtray. “Your grounds were infertility and she signed it?” Damien looked at his best friend in disbelief and shook. If Sarah signed the divorce papers without a fight does this mean she gave up on Maxwell? Damien shook that thought out of his mind, Sarah would never give up on Maxwell so easy unless... “Yeah, she didn’t read through the divorce papers she just signed.” Maxwell answered nonchalantly. Damien's breathing quicken, a million thoughts ran through his head and it stopped on one obvious thought. She knew he was having an affair from the start which means. “Oh f**k!” Damien swore and pulled out his phone and dialed his special team. “Find me Sarah Collins NOW!” Maxwell was baffled at Damien’s reaction but what surprised him the most was how Damien looked frightened. “Damien what is it?” Maxwell was confused by his actions, why would Damien be so concern about Sarah. “Are you telling me that you don’t even know your wife’s severely depressed? Are you telling me you aren’t even aware that Sarah signing those divorce papers before fighting as hard as she could to keep you was wrong? Or did you not know how much she loves you?” Damien glared at Maxwell and he was left tongue-tied. But when Maxwell thought about it he realized something, he should have been alarmed by the movement she knelt at his feet. Maxwell pulled out his phone and called the housekeeper immediately. “Yes, Mr’ Collins?” The housekeeper greeted politely. “Did she come back? Is she home?” Maxwell hurriedly asked and the housekeeper glanced at the maids busying themselves after taking orders from a woman named Angela. “Miss Angela has arrived sir,” the housekeeper couldn’t help but loathe his boss, Sarah was a kind and loving woman and he threw her away for some arrogant woman. But he was nothing but a humle employee. “Angela? No Sarah where is she? ” Damien looked at the dark overcast sky and laughed silently. It looked as if it were going to rain hard on Maxwell and this time he won’t block the rain for him. “No sir, madam did not arrive nor did she call for her driver.” As soon as he heard that he hung up and looked at Damien whose eyes were already on him. “I’ll find her.” Damien strode out of the room clutching his phone in his hand uneasily. He could only hope he could locate Sarah before anyone else did.
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