His Attitude

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Maxwell showered for over thirty minutes, he let the warm water beat at his skin, thinking just maybe it could wash his guilt away. However, he couldn’t wash it away, instead it built up. Thinking about Sarah, he punched the tiled bathroom wall. He was her husband, the only living relative close to her as of now. Her parents died in a car accident ten months ago yet this betrayal of his really might break Sarah into tiny little pieces. She curled up in a little ball and cried, Hair face bloodless and lips turning blue. He was shocked, the only other time he ever saw her cry was when he proposed married. It was later, when she fainted from crying, his personal assistant told him that her parents died on the way to the city in a bad car accident. She sought his comfort, but he turned her away, only throwing money at her to give them a proper burial. He did go to the funeral but only after everything was done to pick her up, Sarah did not speak to him for two weeks. She grieved alone, he let her grieve alone while he sorts the comfort in another woman’s p***y. He knew this time he was going to break Sarah, the woman who took care of him when he was sick, who took insults from his mother yet still was polite and courteous like a model wife. He may not have loved her, but they were together for a very long time, and he at least cared about her feelings a bit. Maxwell wouldn’t want such a woman to be broken, but he loved his mistress. That was the first woman he fell in love with, so how could he not? Sarah’s feelings became the last thing on his mind as of now. His little lady was pregnant with a boy, so he needed to marry Angela, otherwise his son couldn’t have a claim to his inheritance according to his family’s tradition. He could remember the day she came into his office for the first time drenched in rain, she stood in his office dripping on his carpeted floor and broke. By the time he got out of the shower the room was dark, the light from the bathroom lit the room up slightly. Maxwell saw that she cleaned up everything, she took their clothes to the hamper and changed the sheets. He could make out the faint outline of her body on the bed, she appeared to be sleeping. So he went to the closet took out his pajamas and put it on before slipping into bed with her leaning over to kiss her neck and lay down to sleep. Sarah squeezed her thighs together in the memory of the job he just has done. It was no way what she had hoped, but at least he ejaculated in her. The thought of being pregnant made her giddy once again, and before she knew it, she fell asleep. When the alarm rang out, Sarah rolled over to shut it off as she rubbed her aching forehead. She woke up with a headache. Opening her eyes, she turns to see his side of the bed empty, she touched it and frowned. It was already cold. This was getting worse, his cold attitude towards her. Sarah sat up while running her hand through her loose hair. ‘Maybe it was because of her reaction after her parents' funeral’ she tried to convince herself, but she knew deep down it was something else. He was someone else. Tiredly she rolled off the bed and got ready for the day, after she got ready she went down and was greeted by the maids. “Good Morning Madam.” They greeted together, and Sarah nodded at them in greeting. “Tell Kevin to bring the car around,” she waved them off to go do their work. Kevin did as he was informed, he brought the car around. Sarah hopped in and instructed him to take her to the office. She worked in a law firm under her husband’s company name. Sarah began her practice shortly after she and Maxwell married, and she was even one of the lawyers on the board of directors. And one of the youngest, she was married, accomplish and beautiful all before thirty. Sarah hoped Maxwell would change after news of the baby came, he just might change, as becoming a parent changes people. Once she got pregnant, she believed that Maxwell was going to treat her more warmly. She glanced out the window and rubbed her tummy. Her actions didn’t go unnoticed by a certain driver, Kevin glanced at her, and he felt like he was suffocating. Thinking back at what he saw this morning, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for Sarah. She was so unaware her own husband was nothing but a cheating scum. He was the last family she had and now, Maxwell Collins was going to break Sarah Collins into a million pieces. Forcing down his thoughts he focused on driving to the law firm, When they arrived he parked in front and opened the door for his mistress. “Have a great day madam.” Kevin send her off like he usually did, unknowingly it was going to be the last time he did so. Sarah walked in with her briefcase and files at hand, she spared no one a glance as she went into the elevator, unknowing to her everyone was gossiping about her. “Tch, she’s so proud, lets she if she can walk out of here with her head held high. Her husband’s mistress is taking over her position, ha pathetic.” One receptionist murmured to the other. “If you think that’s all, you’re wrong. I heard that the mistress is pregnant and Mrs. Collins is barren.” The other gossiped. Sarah arrived at her office to see her personal assistant waving her hands frantically as she argued with another woman. Sarah noticed her office door opened and most of her personal things on the floor. “What is going on here?” Sarah strutted toward the arguing pair, those who were listening from the sidelines slowly gathered, afraid to miss the fun. “Oh, you’re here to take your things and leave.” The woman arrogantly ordered Sarah. “And you are?” Sarah raised her eyebrows at her, smiling coldly. “I’m the personally assistant of Mrs Collins Kim Barton.” The woman Kim introduced herself. “My personal assistant? I never remember hiring such a... person.” Sarah folded her arms, scanning Kim from head to toe. “As if, my boss isn’t you, obviously you’re not the Mrs. Collins I’m talking about.” Kim scoffed, looking at Sarah in a condescending manner. “Okayyyyy,” Sarah dragged out the Y before continuing.” have security kick the woman out there’s only one other Mrs Collins, and that old woman is touring the world right now.” “Madam, I tried that, but they said Mr Collins said to let this woman redo the office as she saw fit.” Alicia, Sarah’s personal assistant, whispered to her. Alicia already figured out what was happening here. The mistress of Mr. Collins was trying to overtake his wife. Maxwell Collins, that scum of a man, was allowing somebody to throw the face of the woman who love him dearly. “Who am I?” Sarah suddenly asked, Alice was taken back, but she answered anyway. “Sarah Collins.” Alicia looked around and saw everyone gathered around them. “Where does it say that?” Sarah asked again and Alice answered. “On all your forms of identification.” Alicia finally understood where Sarah was coming from, but then she understood that Sarah knew her husband was cheating a long time ago. “I am Mrs. Collins, I am married to Maxwell and the security isn’t paying any heed to me, this makes me unhappy.” Sarah sighed. “Then let it make you unhappy, you won’t be Mrs. Collins for long.” A deep voice sounded from behind her. Sarah watched as Kim’s eyes lit up and Alicia’s eyes dimmed. Sarah knew when she turned around, that Maxwell would have a woman in his hand. Closing her eyes painfully, she cracked a smile, why did he have to do this here? Was it her idea? So she could seem superior? Can this make her any less of a home wrecking slut? Did she think everyone was going to support her? Sarah turned, and her eyes landed on Maxwell before they landed on the brunette woman standing next to him rubbing her slightly protruding stomach. “Hi Sarah, I’m Angela Holding.” The woman beside Maxwell greeted Sarah, and the smile on Sarah’s face widened slightly. “Nice to meet you, Miss Holding, can you let go of my husband?” Everyone was shocked at how calm Sarah was, a pregnant woman was hanging off her husband’s arm, and she could still smile and talk calmly like this. “I- I can’t, you see Sarah I love Max and I hope you would stop clinging to him and sign the divorce papers after all Max and I have a baby on the way.” Angela said awkwardly, she made it seem as if Sarah was shamelessly clinging to Maxwell and was the third party in on their love. Sarah glanced at Maxwell, he said nothing to correct his little woman, and she understood his attitude better than anyone. “This is the first time I’m seeing you, why are you acting like we know each other?” Sarah chuckled, ’You make it sound like I am the third party, when I have been his wife for five years known him for nine years whereas you have been his w***e for five minutes.” Gasps were heard throughout the office and Maxwell's face darkened, he looked at Sarah’s smiling face. He saw her facade breaking, he was all she had left, and now he was humiliating her because Jennifer wanted to. “Sarah. “He wanted to say something but looking at her face he just couldn’t utter any more words. “Maxwell, is this how you treat me after nine years? You let your w***e disrespect me? You let her act as if it’s my fault we are married when I haven’t even seen divorce papers in my life?” Sarah's smile was slipping, her knees began to shake. This was bad, Sarah knew whatever happens today she had to sign the papers. She thought she had time but seeing Angela cradle her pregnant stomach it seemed that she has no options left but that. “You can’t stay with Maxwell anyhow, you are infertile, and he is the last living male in his line.” Angela said meekly. Sarah inwardly rolled her eyes, Maxwell still had his uncle and cousin, so he wasn’t the ‘last’. “Tell you what, You have the baby, and we would raise it paying you a hefty sum.” Sarah put the smile back on her face brighter. She was a lawyer, acting was her forte.  
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