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After a five-year-long marriage, Sarah was slapped with divorce papers by her husband under the grounds she was infertile, and to make matters even worse her husband had a woman clinging on to his sleeve caressing her slightly protruding stomach.

Despair, broken-hearted Sarah left listless after the divorce meets a man from her past. The dark, dangerous man with a wicked smile and twinkle in his eyes came back to claim what is his.

But with his arrival, all the secrets of the past come to light once again. All that hides in the dark cannot hide forever.

The trauma they once buried was brought to light.

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Romantic Dinner Date
Sarah clenched her fist in anticipation, doctor Regina Miles, who was moving around busying herself with Sarah’s lab reports in a teasing manner. “Well?” Sarah asked, as she could no longer take the anticipation,” Tell me!” “Well, Mrs. Collins as your gynecologist I have to warn you. " Regina paused and watched as Sarah, bit her lip in frustration, “Warn you to have a butt load of f*****g s*x tonight and tomorrow!” Sarah slumped back laughing at her friend’s antics, but she was mostly relieved. Finally, she could give him the family he wanted. Sarah left the gynecologist’s office with the report stating she was free to have a baby. A baby for him. Four long years, treatment after treatment, she was going to have her baby. Just thinking about it made her giddy from excitement. “Now don’t go too crazy though, you won’t get pregnant on the first try, but as your doctor, I can tell you that it’s all good.” Regina smilingly told Sarah before she could rush out of her office. “Thank you, Regina.” Sarah left Regina’s office while on cloud nine. She really did feel like she was floating. This news was the best news she had heard ever since her parents died in a car accident. Since that thing happened to her back then, she thought she was going to be ruined, but after four long years of treatment, she finally saw the end of the road. She jumped in the car and instructed her driver to go home. Kevin looked at his mistress through the rearview mirror and saw her happiness. He could not control his mouth and spoke up. “Good news, Mrs. Collins?” He blurted out and she beamed at him with a pleasant smile. “Good news Kevin, Good news indeed!” She happily replied using her thumb finger to caress the report. “Congratulations mistress.” Kevin smiled sincerely at his boss, he has driven her to and from doctor’s appointments. He had seen her cry, scream and be depressed from appointments and he was honestly happy to see her so excited. Kevin couldn’t help but speed up so they could arrive at the estate earlier. The usual forty-minute drive ended in twenty-five minutes. Kevin stopped the car ready to get out and open the door for his mistress when she flung the door open and she dashed inside straight up the stairs and into the bedroom, leaving the maids smiling at her silly behavior. Kevin shook his head with a slight smile, he got out of the car to close the car door she left open before driving it into the underground parking lot. Sarah changed out of her clothes before calling the housekeeper and giving everyone in the house the rest of the day off. It didn’t take long for the housekeeper to gather everyone to depart. The housekeeper, Niles, smiled and waved goodbye to his lady boss. Everyone filed out happy to get the rest of the day off, Sarah watched everyone leave before she headed into the kitchen to prepare a romantic candlelight dinner. Sarah was the model wife. Even though her husband was well off as a CEO, she worked, cooked and cleaned. She had maids, cooks, and a housekeeper, everything to be a lazy wife and go to social lunches every day. But Sarah wasn’t born a rich socialite, she was born to a family where, at a young age, they were taught to be decisive, ruthless, cunning but most importantly, independent. She was the envy of a lot of rich socialite women as she got to marry a handsome, rich successor. She met her husband Maxwell when she was a second-year at college, she fell in love with him and decided then and there she would become his wife. After a year of chasing after him, she succeeded in becoming his girlfriend and the rest was ancient history. Sarah was bullied a lot after she got together with him. After all, she was just a poor humble girl who got into the best university on a scholarship. Sarah didn’t let anyone discourage her and went on to marry Maxwell after college and entered the workforce being the modeled wife of a rich CEO. The only thing she couldn’t give to her husband was a child, but thinking of the report by the bedside dresser she couldn’t help but become giddy. This is going to solidfy her position in his heart and also keep the past at bay. Sarah felt as if she was floating on air as she finished cooking and setting the table. Checking the time, she rushed upstairs to wash the sweat and smell of food off her and got dressed in a sexy long sleeve thigh-length lace dress. Checking herself in the mirror, she blushed shyly, she never wore short clothes, neither did she show cleave. Her mother taught her as a married woman she must be conservative and mindful of her husband. Even though Maxwell and Sarah hadn’t had s*x in a couple of months, she was confident he would throw her on the bed and ravish her thoroughly. Sarah slipped on a pair of sexy red heels that made her legs long, more slender and long before letting her blonde hair down in waves. With a slight smile, she made her way downstairs and double-checked everything while putting the champagne on ice. It was at least fifteen minutes after she saw Maxwell's driver pull up to the house. Sarah got up and went to greet him at the door. Maxwell tiredly entered the house, his eyes immediately landed on his wife. His eyes flashed in surprise as he took in her beauty. She wore a red lace dress that hugged her curves, light makeup, and sexy red heels. His lips curled in amusement, his little amusing wife dressed up to greet him. “Welcome home darling,” Sarah blushed under his heated gaze and smirked. “Mhm, I’m home.” Maxwell let Sarah take his coat and suit jacket before she led him to the parlor where she set up dinner. Looking at the spread, Maxwell felt a pang of guilt. His heart ached because she was his wife yet he betrayed her trust and loyalty. Maxwell knew he was all she had left in this world after her parents' death. But gazing at her flat stomach, he forced himself to believe it was the right choice. After being together with her for so long, he knew he didn’t love her. She was just collateral damage he knew he had to deal with someday. She came from a clean background and seemed sincere enough, so he married her under the pretense he loved her, but in actuality, he married her to get his hands on his inheritance. But now he met the woman he loved and that woman was pregnant with his child. He glanced at his briefcase and sighed. He decided to give her one last night of happiness before he gave it to her. Wiping his thoughts away, he sat down and swirled his champagne and enjoyed her cooking for the last time. They chatted intimately over dinner before Sarah pulled Maxwell to walk in the garden to aid digestion. Maxwell felt terrible inside but he kept a neutral face. Sarah glanced at his indifference and got accustomed to it. He was always the silently brooding type, but she could tell something was bothering him. By the looks of it, this something was rather daunting. So she pulled him to a stop and kissed his soft lips. It started as an innocent kiss but he needed to vent his frustration and guilt. Maxwell grabbed Sarah’s dainty waist and pulled her closer as he put a hand on the back of her head to deepen the kiss. Their tongues swirled together, the sucking, nipping and biting almost drove Maxwell crazy and he picked her up and made his way inside with her. He climbed the stairs slowly as he caressed her exposed skin. Sarah shivered under his soft touch. She could feel the heat build-up in her lower half when they reached their bedroom. Maxwell stepped on her feet and closed the door gently. He walked to the edge of the bed and kicked off his shoes, then looked at the flushing Sarah. “Strip for me,” He gazed at her heatedly and she swooned. This handsome man was her husband. A sudden thought flashed in her mind as she walked toward him but made sure to keep some distance. Then she slowly raised her lace dress, she watched as his adam’s apple bobbed when he swallowed. She raised the dress until it was under her butt and stopped before she turned and bent to unclasp her heels, giving him a perfect view of her round plump ass and fleshly waxed p***y. Maxwell clenched his fist, his wife always knew how to turn him into a beast. Looking at her plump backside and pink p***y, how could he let her continue to tease him this way? Unbuttoning his shirt, he stood and pressed his bulging front on her backside. Sarah, who had just finished unclasping her two heels, smirked. She grinds her ass on him a bit before straightening herself. Maxwell didn’t give her time to react as he dragged her dress up her body. “No panties or bra, tell me Mrs. Collins, are you trying to drive me crazy?” He bent down and whispered hoarsely in her ear before lightly nipping her earlobe. Sarah almost fell over but caught herself and turned around and pulled off the dress in one swoop before she pushed Maxwell to the bed. “If I don’t drive you crazy, who will?” She gave him a sultry smile before she pushed him down the bed and straddled his waist. Unbeknownst to her, the words she had just said, the man shuttered in guilt. He decided to make it a quick f**k before he rushed away, so he flipped them over and unbuckled his pants and slid them down with his boxers. He put his index finger in his mouth, wetting it before sliding it between her wet folds. Sarah was shocked but went along with him since he wanted to do this to her. Maxwell brought his mouth down on her as he fingered her. She let out small moans in his mouth which drove him crazy. He had the urge to suck her clit until she came in his mouth but thinking about what would come after tonight, he shook that feeling and quickly let go of her lips and adjusted himself at her entrance. Sarah moaned when he slipped in, she was riding on ecstasy. Maxwell saw her reaction and his guilt only swelled. He held her down and started pounding into her roughly, her cries of pleasure became cries of pain. He was hurting her with his roughness. She choked up and her nails dug into his shoulder blades. She decided to endure the pain for his pleasure. Tears spilled down her face silently and it wasn’t long before he ejaculated inside her. Maxwell got off her and glanced at her before striding into the bathroom. He slammed the door behind him and Sarah curled up in a ball and cried. What they did was no different from the last time they had s*x. The romantic life she pictured was tossed aside like an old shoe. Sarah could only pray that she was going to be able to conceive tonight.  

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