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Damien was so shocked he didn’t even notice when Sarah spit out water and coughed herself into a faint. “Sarah?” the man was celebrating silent she spat out some water was scared stiff by her fainting. “Mr. Castello, calm down she just fainted her chest is rising and falling,” A man dressed in a black suit pointed out to the man who was doing CPR to Sarah. Samuel let his tense body relax, and he sat down next to Sarah running his hand through his thick wet locks in a tired way. Not long after an ambulance arrived and took her to the hospital the man only known as Mr. Castello to Damien went along with her in the ambulance with the still shocked and slightly frightened Damien following behind. When Sarah was finally settled in a private ward it was already late into the night. Damien tiredly sat outside waiting for that man to appear again. It wasn’t until he rose his head and saw Maxwell dress half-heartedly rush in with a pregnant woman by his side. Damien’s eyes flashed, he dove in the water with his phone still in his slacks, also he dare not call him. How did Maxwell find out she was omitted. “Damien, why didn’t you call me?” Maxwell caught sight of a disheveled Damien, with a blanket around his shoulders, who was staring at him silently and couldn’t help but ask. “Call you I didn’t think you would care,” Damien’s voice came out slightly horsed as his eyes landed on the ugly expression Maxwell’s girlfriend had. Seeing that Damien saw her she silently fixed her expression. “She tried to kill herself because of me of course I care. It’s bad for my stocks if the board of directors knew this, they are already angry because of the mistress and child thing.” Maxwell glared at Damien whose eyes never left Angela’s face when he saw her face twisted again he couldn’t help but smile. “That’s why you are here? Don’t bother just leave Maxwell,” Damien coldly snorted and moved his gaze to the floor in front of him. “As if I’ll leave,” Maxwell pulled Angela to sit next to Damien and the three sat in silence. “Who called you though?” Damien glanced at Maxwell from the corner of his eyes. “Even though you didn’t want to call I’m still one of the richest men in the city,” Damien rolled his eyes, “The hospital director called personally.” “Oh,” was Damien’s light reply. Damien realized it wasn’t his fault but that man’s oversight. Then his eyes landed on the door that just opened and the doctor and several nurses walked out followed by Samuel. Samuel’s eyes immediately land on Maxwell and Angela then Damien. “So you bring your mistress to see your wife after her suicide attempt?” Samuel sarcastically asked Maxwell. Maxwell’s face twisted, and he glared at the man dressed in black. How could this man be in the room with Sarah while they checked her? “Who the f**k are you?” He questioned aggressively before turning to Damien, “Who the f**k is this? How could you allow this strange man to be near her?” “You almost sound like a jealous husband,” Damien chuckled but secretly cursed Maxwell in his mind. Did he not see how the doctors and nurses were frightened into shaking like leaves? “Are you ridiculing me?” Maxwell roared at Damien. Damien only glanced at Maxwell as if he were a clown. “Don’t you know the most important thing for a suicidal patient is not seeing the things which made them attempt to kill themselves?” Damien didn’t hold back on the account of their friendship. God knows how many times he warned Maxwell to be careful and don’t f**k it up. But all he did was seem like a nagging mother to Maxwell, now things are at this state he was exhausted of this nonsense. As of now, he needed to find a way to keep his life. “YOU-” Maxwell began but was cut off by a loud bang, Maxwell silently looked at the menacing man standing there which his fist on the wall beside himself. “This is a quiet space, not a market shut up!” Samuel’s cold voice made Maxwell swallow back any insults he had to say to Damien. “Who called him?” he seemed to be asking nobody but as soon as he asked the people around the waiting room suddenly stopped what they were doing and immediately lined up in a straight line. “Director of the hospital Mr. Castello.” One person answered, and he nodded in their direction before pulling out his phone and dialing a number. “I want a new director for hospital XXXX in XXXX by morning,” he directly hung up on the half-asleep head of the medical association in New York. (A/N meh too lazy to search hospital names) Damien choked, a man lost his job just like that. Even Maxwell was stunned, just who the f**k is this guy? “Who the hell are you?” Maxwell asked again and Samuel looked at him mockingly. “I’m her guardian angel,” He smiled darkly before spinning on his heel and re-entering her room closing the door gently behind him. The people who stood in a straight line separated and two of the tallest ones went to stand on either side of the door disregarding the stunned Maxwell. Maxwell stood there with his hands fisted at his side for a few moments before he stomped towards the room. The two men immediately moved and blocked his way in an imposing manner. Maxwell’s face twisted even more in anger. “Who the f**k do you people think you are?” Maxwell sneered, “Move my wife is in that room.” “She signed divorce papers today sir, she’s not your wife.” One of the men answered perfectly and the vein on Maxwell’s forehead throbbed. He was so angry right now. “Yeah so? Until everything is finalized legally I’m her husband!” He empathized with the word husband and the two men exchanged looks before turning to look at Maxwell as if he was an i***t. “Sorry sir, even if you were a god. You won’t get in this room unless we are dead,” The other shrugged and signaled the other men and women who were silently watched from the sidelines. Damien saw this action and finally stood to pull Maxwell away from the men, Maxwell was not happy because he pulled his arm roughly out of his hold. “Stop it, Max.” Damien snapped,” Since when do you care about anything concerning Sarah?” Maxwell paused before glaring at him, “She tried to kill herself because of me and I shouldn’t be a little concern when a life is involved?” “Ha,” some let out a dry laugh, Maxwell angrily searched for the person who turned out to be a middle-aged woman who just arrived. “Let me guess you’re Maxwell Collins?” The woman saw him glaring at her and didn’t even flinch as she walked toward them “Who is asking?” Maxwell’s face was ugly as the woman neared him and Damien. “Dr’ Stephine Moyer, Sarah’s therapist.” Stephine introduced as she glanced at the men and women in the room. ‘It would seem this time it is serious for him to come personally’ she thought to herself. “And why did you laugh?” Maxwell tried to sound casual, but his rage only made him sound stiff. “Well from what I know it’s no secret Sarah has been seeing me since her parents died, yet you don’t know that,” Stephine tapped her chin with her perfectly manicured index finger. Maxwell was stunned, then he recalled it. Sarah was in therapy just like the doctor said, but it didn’t explain why she laughed. “I laughed because you didn’t even know your wife is severely depressed and diagnosed with PTSD. So I found it funny how you think this is because of you ha.” Stephine chuckled once more. “What are you trying to say?” Maxwell took a step back and asked cautiously, Angela who was on the sidelines noticed Stephine’s gaze on her. It made Angela fidget under such a deep gaze. “I mean Mr. Collins, you merely pushed her past the breaking point. She didn’t jump because of you she jumped because she wanted the pain to end,” Stephine retracted her gaze from Angela and answered Maxwell as honestly as she could. “No, I um this is....” Maxwell for the first time in his life stuttered like a fool, Stephine lips curled into a sad smile. Stephine didn’t know why Sarah jumped, but she intended to find out all she wanted to be was for Maxwell to back off willing. “Leave Maxwell, I doubt she would want to see you,” Stephine’s voice dropped as she mumbled to him making Maxwell stiffen. That was right he didn’t care then, and he shouldn’t care now.
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