Quadruplet Alphas and Their Lost Ice Princess


Get ready for a captivating tale of love, betrayal, and unexpected twists! Emerald Hutton, a shy and humble she-wolf, has always felt like an outcast at school, bullied for her financial situation. But when her long-term boyfriend unexpectedly mates with one of her best friends, Emerald's world is turned upside down. In a shocking turn of events, she is claimed by the famous playboy quadruplet alphas on the same night.

Heartbroken and confused, Emerald is unable to feel the mate bond with the quadruplets, leaving them anxious about their future together. As the quadruplets, who have waited five years for their mate, try to win her over, Emerald is forced to adjust to her new reality. Can she overcome her doubts and fears to embrace the bond with her destined mates?

But the challenges don't end there. Just as Emerald starts to find her footing, she is sought after by another suitor, throwing her into a whirlwind of emotions and choices. Will Emerald be able to navigate the complexities of love, loyalty, and duty? What secrets will she uncover along the way?

Join Emerald on her journey as she grapples with unexpected turns of fate, confronts her deepest fears, and discovers the true meaning of love in "Claimed by the Quadruplet Alphas." This steamy paranormal romance will leave you on the edge of your seat, eagerly turning the pages to uncover what happens next. Don't miss out on this captivating story that will keep you hooked from beginning to end!

Please Note: This is a forced proximity romance story. With headstrong and possessive, bossy Alpha males and a meek FMC that grows in confidence and her character as the story progresses.

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Chapter One: Last Day of Summer
Chapter One: Last Day of Summer Sunday Evening Emerald’s POV: It's the last day of summer, and here I am, already dreading going back to school. Storm Academy is one of the most prestigious schools in the werewolf multiverse; I always felt I didn't belong there. Despite producing ruthless warriors, pack leaders, and established professionals, it had its quirks, with a constant ongoing hierarchy, competition among the students, the drama between the she-wolves, and the ample number of horndog male wolves lurking around. My name is Emerald Hutton. I am turning eighteen in two weeks and am one of the ten scholarship students who attend the academy. I have always wondered why I bothered returning to that place every year. I have always been overlooked and bullied by those socialist brats, claiming that I was a disgrace to the academy because of my financial status and looks and that the academy shouldn't harbor charity cases. I'm no size zero, with those fancy high-end brands and makeup skills. Still, I have a curvy hourglass figure with big breasts, bum-long silver hair, and bright blue eyes. My best friend, Hannah Thor, the Alpha's only daughter and youngest, always said she envied my body and that I should flaunt it. Like every other student at Storm Academy, Hannah was filthy rich but was nothing like the other students. She was a sweet, caring, and humble she-wolf that always stood up for me. She had recently found her mate, Luca Samuel, the future Beta to the future quadruplet Alphas: Ezekiel, Azrael, Zaqeil and Samael Thor, Hannah's older brothers. It was as if the Moon Goddess had hand-crafted them herself; they resembled nothing less than Greek Gods. They were known for their brutality on the battlefield and major playboy ways outside it. The quadruplets had graduated a couple of years ago and were still unmated at twenty-two. As I pack my last piece of clothing for the school year, I can't help but wonder what life will be like once I am of age and can find my mate. Despite being adopted, my adoptive parents have always provided me with the best of their ability. We weren't the richest in the pack, but we had each other. I always wondered where my biological family was. I would never know if they loved me or even thought of me. As much as I wanted a mate, I feared that my mate wouldn't want me due to my financial status or looks. I honestly didn't have much to offer but my time and love. I hope the Moon Goddess finds it in her to pair me with someone passionate enough to accept me for me. The moment I finished zipping up the suitcase, my phone started buzzing. Knowing it was Hannah since I allocated a specific ringtone for her, I rushed to pick up her call because she wouldn’t stop calling till I did. "Hey, Em! Ready for the senior year tomorrow?" asked Hannah. "You have no idea," I replied, trying to get as much sarcasm out of me as possible. I was already dreading tomorrow. "It won't be all that bad, trust me! At least we get to share our quarters this time. Just wait and see. It’ll be so much fun; we have Leah and Ela with us this year. It's going to be epic!" Leah and Ela, which was short for Elanor, were our other two girls' best friends. Like Hannah, they were wealthy but super nice. I still didn’t get how these three decided to be my friends. Alongside Ela and Leah, our friend group consisted of our three clowns: Axel Smith, Ela's twin brother, Jeremiah Dun, who we called Jer for short, and Ian Holder. He, like me, was a scholarship student but wealthier than me. Again, I, to this day, don't get how we all became friends, but as fate would have it, here we are going four years strong on our friendship. " OK, more of that later, baby girl. I called to remind you about the dinner at my place the day after tomorrow. I won't take no for an answer, and you promised you'd let me dress you up,” Hannah said. The current Alpha, Alexander and Luna, Crystal Thor, Hannah’s parents, were hosting a celebratory dinner for the pack leaders, warriors, and Hannah's friends for finding her mate, Luca. So, as fate would have it, or should I say Hannah had it, she was not letting me skip. Usually, I kept going to the packhouse at a minimum because of the weird stares and whispers, but I guess I'll be going this time. "Don't worry, Han! As much as I don't like visiting the packhouse, I want to be there to show my support and happiness. Just please don't overdo it with the outfit!" Whatever I said was true; I was happy for Hannah to find Luca. She always talked about how she adored the guy since they were pups. "Don't worry about that, Em, I got you! Anyhow, I got to go! See you tomorrow,” We hung up after that. I am thankful to the Moon Goddess for helping me find Hannah, Ela, Leah, and my adoptive parents. I would be so lost without them. I sometimes think about where my biological parents are and if they know I am alive or if they ever wanted me in the first place. I was found by my adoptive parents near our pack border. Mum always said that the Goddess herself blessed me and that my eyes sparkled with love and kindness that melted even the darkest of hearts, but I honestly did not think so. If I were, then why did my biological family not want me? I’m not complaining, but I have always wanted to know why. Well, so be it, I suppose. I have my support system right here in the Dark Storm Pack. It may be limited to my adoptive parents, my six best friends, and Gabbana, my pet cat, whom I rescued from the forest, but it was enough for me. Maybe one day my mate could also be a part of it.

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