Unexpected (A best friend romance)

enimies to lovers
friends with benefits

Evan and I have been best friends for twenty years, we were only three when we met, and I have probably been in love with him for ten of those. I would never tell him because I don’t want to risk our friendship. It is too important and beautiful to be ruined by what-ifs. I have kept my feelings to myself; no one else in this world knows the truth. And even if I did decide to tell him, he wouldn’t be interested. He has a type, one which isn’t me. He likes his women beautiful, slim, blonde, confident, and successful. I am brunette, curvy, shy, awkward and make enough to scrape by.

We were opposites, but it seemed to work for us. Evan has always been a ladies’ man, one for always getting what he wants, but he has a heart of gold, too, which sometimes gets taken advantage of. I have watched many women break his heart, but it never puts him off falling in love again. I think that is the hardest part for me, watching him give his heart to other women, all while a part of me wished he would give it to me instead because I wouldn’t break it. I have dealt with it for ten years, and I plan to continue for the rest of our lives.

Yet, somehow when I least expect it, everything changes and all because of a stupid drunken kiss, one which could have been prevented if either of us had been sober enough to realise what we were doing.

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Chapter One - I hate Monday mornings!
Brooke I am in my kitchen, making some fresh coffee and still half asleep since I just woke up. It is six o’clock in the morning! I have a busy day ahead with classes, and after, I need to go to work. If I don’t have my coffee first thing, there is no hope for me for the rest of the day. I groan, sitting down at the table, lying my head down on it. I want to go back to bed! I hate Mondays. It is always my long day. I have classes from nine to four and work from five to eleven. It is always such a long assed day. “Good morning, my sunshine. I hope you are up.” my best friend Evan’s voice rings through my apartment. Why did I give him a key again? He is my best friend, and I love him, but I can’t deal with how happy he is in the morning. It should be illegal, especially on a Monday morning. “f**k off, Evan.” I moan, not lifting my head from the table. He chuckles, “No need to be so rude, my lovely.” I lift my hand to flip him off, “Why are you so damn happy?” I ask, irritated. “Because unlike you, I enjoy mornings, plus I got laid last night. Do you remember what that is?” he teases. I finally glance up at him, glaring, “We aren’t all hoes like you.” He chuckles loudly, coming up behind me, draping his arms over my shoulders, kissing my cheek, “It is a beautiful day. Cheer up, princess.” A beautiful day? It is January in Scotland. There is nothing beautiful about it. It is cold and wet. “Why are you here at this time anyway?” I complain. I knew the answer. He shows up at my place nearly every morning, usually not at six o’clock, usually seven or eight. “The girl I hooked up with last night stays a few minutes away. I thought rather than travel the twenty minutes to my place; I would come here for a shower and change.” He shrugs. He has clothes here, anyway. He usually stays here a couple of nights a week, or I stay at his. We discussed getting a place together, but I talked him out of it. I didn’t want to hear him f*****g some girl in the next room, wishing it was me instead of her. I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Evan doesn’t need to know the real reason, though. I roll my eyes, “I should have known.” He chuckles, kissing the top of my head before pulling away, “Hopefully, when we get some coffee in you, you will be in a better mood.” Evan trots to the counter and pours us a large mug of coffee, bringing it back to me. I inhale the scent, enjoying it. I take a sip and sigh happily. “You need to see someone regarding your caffeine addiction.” He mocks. “And if you don’t shut up, you will need to see a doctor for a broken nose,” I say sweetly. “Get that coffee down you, so I can have my sweet best friend rather than the crazy, violent one.” He reaches over, bopping my nose. I snap my teeth at him, pretending I am going to bite his finger, and he is quick enough to pull back. “Now, shh, until I finish my coffee, I promise I will be my sweet self.” I giggle. “Yes, ma’am.” He replies, taking a sip from his mug. Evan stays quiet until I finish my coffee, and I instantly pipe up. “What did you end up doing last night? Did you go out?” I ask. When I last spoke to him last night, he didn’t know what he was going to do. “Yes. I went to the pub with Cameron for a couple of beers. He went home to his girl, I went home with the girl I mentioned a few moments ago,” he snickers, “And damn, it was good.” He adds, groaning. Evan hasn’t always been like this, sleeping with a different woman every weekend. It has only been for the last few months after he broke up with his long term girlfriend of two years. God, I hated her so much! She hated me. We never got along, but I put up with her for Evan’s sake, even if she did everything she could to try to keep him away from me. I was glad when they called it quits. “I don’t need details.” I stand up, walking away towards the bathroom for my shower. I have heard enough about the women he hooks up. Maybe because I am jealous, who knows, but I would rather not know anything about them. I sigh, running my fingers through my messy hair. I stroll into the bathroom, not bothering with the door because he would probably follow me in here anyway. I switch the shower on, quickly stripping down and stepping into the shower, closing the door behind me. He can’t see anything because of the type of glass on the door. Not like he would care if he could because he doesn’t see me like that, he never has and never will, so seeing me naked would do nothing for him. I rest against the wall, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, letting the water run over me. I hear him come into the bathroom after me, sitting on the toilet seat. “I still think you should let me set you up with someone. You haven’t been on a date in like two years or had s*x in over a year.” He sighs. “I don’t want to be set up, Evan. I have told you this a million times.” Me and relationships have never worked. I either get my heart broken, or I compare them to Evan, which isn’t healthy. Plus, many guys don’t like the fact that my best friend is a guy. It has been an issue more than once. “You must get lonely. I hate knowing you are alone when I am not around.” I know his concern for me comes from the heart, but I will date when I am ready and not before it. “I don’t mind being alone. You are around more than you aren’t. It isn’t like I have a chance to become lonely.” I reply. It is the truth. I enjoy being alone sometimes. “I wish you weren’t so damn stubborn, Brooke.” I couldn’t see him, but I knew he would be shaking his head. “You have been my best friend for twenty years; you should be used to it now.” I snicker. Evan and I have been friends since we were three. We stayed next door to each other. Our mums were friends. We have always had a special bond and became inseparable in no time. He chuckles, “I am, but it doesn’t make being your best friend any easier.” “Yes, because being your best friend is always a delight.” The sarcasm drips from my voice. I wouldn’t change him for the world. My life wouldn’t be the same without him, but we always take the piss out of each other. “Your life would be dull without me, princess.” I am sure he probably has a smug look present on his face. I hate when he calls me princess, it is why he does it because he knows it annoys the hell out of me. I ignore him, getting on with my shower. “Can you pass me a towel, please?” I ask, switching the shower off. I open the door slightly, enough to take the towel from him, “Thanks.” I slip it around myself before stepping out of the shower. “My turn.” He smiles, stripping down right in front of me. I stole a quick look at his bare chest and stomach as he took his tee off. He takes care of him, and his body is incredible. He is toned in all the right places. He has a couple of tattoos, also. He is so damn sexy. I hate myself for being attracted to him. It is more than an attraction and has been since we were teenagers, but he or no one else has a clue about my feelings. I will always keep them to myself because I never want to ruin our friendship. I have become a pro at hiding them. I quickly divert my attention away from him before he catches me, “Yes. It is all yours. Do you want to grab breakfast before my classes?” I ask. “Sure! I won’t be long.” He smiles, taking his jeans off. He reaches for his boxers, and I take it as my cue to leave. I rush to my room, wanting to get myself together before he comes back through. I know I complained when he showed up at first, but starting my morning with him always makes me feel better and sets my day on a good path. Evan would probably be waiting for me when I come home from work for a sleepover.

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