opposites attract

With all the lies being spoken, how can you trust the words being labeled as the truth?

Georgia Rose resides in a tranquil seaside city. She spent her days holed up in her clinic, listening to all the pretentious lies that everyone was hiding behind their smiles. Her heart, which despises the corrupt world of money and relationships and is used to hearing the truth disguised as "just a secret between us," was put to the test when she met Ezekiel Hendrix on that fateful night.

He is a man with a noble appearance, enviable social standing, absolute authority, and most importantly, wealth. His secret, though, prevents him from reaching a perfect 100 on the scale of human perfection.

She lived with a vision that each person is tainted by malice unspoken to the majority.

He lived with a prideful vow to never let anyone see his defense falter no matter what.

Crossing each other's paths opened a new road that none of them dared to think of--love and companionship. In a place with no one to call theirs, they became each other's strengths and weaknesses.

“I want you here. By my side.” It wasn’t a declaration of love—for someone as isolated from the world as him, what he stated is a confession of possession. “Until I learn how to love you for being you, stay here.”

"You are hurting me, Ezekiel."

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In this world, the only person who can achieve happiness is the person who will hold no grudge against anything or anyone at all. Accepting that the world is cruel and you have the make the best out of what you are given is the only way to battle sadness and suffering. But for Georgia Allison Rose, she can only pretend that she has accepted everything so she can pretend that she enjoys life. “You’re fascinating.” Underneath the crescent moon, he stood there on the sand, barefoot. The waves create gentle sounds that provide their night comfort amidst the chilly sea breeze. “How so?” Dressed in all white, her raven black hair swiftly dances along the wind as she stared at the back of the man who told her a bizarre statement. “You look ignorantly honest. But, for some reason, I feel like you are lying to me.” Saying that, he turned and looked at her, his orbs that are being shone by the moonlight appeared to be silver, looking like a being far from human. Smiling softly at her, he gave her heart a pinch of guilt. She was once a woman who smiles emptily—believing that as long as she gives them what they want to see, no one will dare to look into her life further than what she is willing to show them. Not until he came—Ezekiel Finn Hendrix. “Aren’t you being too much?” she never wanted to associate with him more than once. The man in front of her is obviously not from the same world as her, but instead of finding herself going back to how she spent her days before he arrived, she found him changing her. “Me?” he chuckled. Despite only seeing him at night, his presence never left her mind. After all, it was not every day that you will see a strikingly handsome man with a pair of odd eyes—they appear to be gray, but they were so light that one could mistake them for white. “I already thanked you for what you did. Yet, here you are, ruining the routine that I made for myself.” It was not an exaggeration to say that she used to never feel perplexed or anxious. However, her passive way of living was gone the moment she crossed paths with him. He, on the other hand, was a man who gives everyone a cold shoulder. In the world of money, he never saw anyone with a clear intention whenever they wish to build a relationship with him. But through that fateful encounter, she became his small ray of light—his source of interest. “You can keep secrets, right?” he took a step closer to her. With his right hand on his pocket, a grin painted on his lips as he pulled her closer with his left hand. Underneath the crescent moon, he appears to be a demigod that’s staring deep within her soul. “W-what about it?” unaware of his intentions, she stared back at his mesmerizing orbs, feeling hypnotized by his pair of eyes that seemed to be blessed by the moon itself. “I want you here. By my side.” It wasn’t a declaration of love—for someone as isolated from the world as him, what he stated is a confession of possession. “Until I learn how to love you for being you, stay here.” A story of two unfortunate, scarred souls who met in an accident. She became his salvation in the middle of a stormy night. He became the voice that leads her out of her imaginary perfect world. Will they mend each other’s pained hearts, or was it a mistake to see each other more than once? 

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