I Want You Back


This book is an English translation of "Te Quiero de Vuelta.", originally written by the well-known Dreame Spanish author Monik AB.

Link to the original book::https://www.dreame.com/story/3728482816-te-quiero-de-vuelta-

I was forced to marry the coldest, most ruthless, and most arrogant billionaire man in the entire country just because of a contract my father made. He married me because of what my family represents. With recognition, social status, respect, and power, our companies merged, becoming the most powerful in the entire business community. We are partners with the same duties and rights. There is nothing better than a wedding between the most powerful families in the country, but there's only one problem: Angel Leffman hates me. I am the woman who ruined his life, and I'm just his wife in the contract. We barely exchanged words, and when we did, we argued like cats and dogs who couldn't stand each other, but in front of the country, we were the perfect couple. Now he has everything; he doesn't need me anymore and wants a divorce. But there is a bigger problem... I have always loved him, but my pride is worth more than him.

My family was the most powerful, along with hers, but we did not have the business power that their name alone gave us. That did not matter to me in the least, but for my family, it did. I was in love with the perfect woman in the world, but that changed when I was forced to marry the most stubborn, proud, and cold woman, Sofia Andrew. We have been living a farce of a marriage for five years, but now that I have everything, I don't need her anymore. Elisa, the woman I love, is back, and she is getting in my way. It's time to change things, get her out of my life, and start a new life with Elisa, but it's not as easy as it sounds.

She loves him, but he will never know, as he always despises her for something she didn't do. He hates her, so how can he forgive what she did? How can he possibly love her after that?

Marriage wasn't their beginning, and divorce wasn't their end because their story was just about to begin.

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The original book (in Spanish) is now published in paperback.

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One: Divorce
Sofia Andrew After years of pretending to be the perfect wife for my husband to see me as a woman with beauty and a loving wife, and not just a mere contract, I did not succeed. He hates me for a reason I'm not even aware of. No matter how much I try to be a good wife and get him to know me, he pushes me away. After years of marriage, nothing has changed between us. It's just ironic. Every woman is jealous of me for having the most sought-after man beside me. A handsome, powerful, charismatic millionaire. But that is just the biggest joke of the year. If only they knew the truth—that when we're alone, he's as cold as ice, calculating, ruthless, and revolting. I'm the one who suffers the most because of his bad attitude. Sometimes I ask myself, why, of all the men in the world, did I have to fall in love with someone like him? Why did my father have to force me to marry him? But as much as I am blindly in love with him, I won't let him humiliate me. "What are you thinking?" I heard my best friend, Amelia, ask me. The one person who knows every secret I have, even the stories about Angel, who's nothing but his name. "Oh, nothing. I'm just thinking about the meeting tomorrow. The partners are bothered." "As they should. This is the first time that Angel asked for a meeting that early. Hasn't he mentioned anything to you?" I snorted a laugh. "I am the last person he'll talk to. Aside from 'Get lost', 'I don't want to see you', and many more hateful words." "In front of everyone, you're the perfect couple." I sent her a death glare. "People envy you. He's gorgeous, and you're not so bad yourself. It's a shame that everything's a lie." "What can I say? You just can't get anything you want, no matter how much you want it." "I wonder why he hates you so much. Even if you're not the sweetest wife out there, and even treat him coldly at times," Amelia wonders with a hum under her breath. "And what do you want me to do? I tried so hard to get past his walls, but he won't let me. I'm not a saint, you know?" "If I were you, I would have already drugged him and taken him to bed." "Drugged? Impossible. That man isn't like that." "I just don't understand how you did not get to bed a man like him with the body of a god-like that for five years." "Because he hates me," I deadpanned. "The mere sight of me repulses him. His actions and words told me so." She looked at me like what I said was too much, but she sighed. "Well, you haven't seen the man in five months; who knows? Maybe he missed you. Despite everything, you've been married for five years. He should be used to your presence by now." "He's busy with his business. I wouldn't be surprised if he asked for a divorce one day." The words that left my mouth left a bitter taste, but I know it's not impossible. "Don't say that. Your family's influence helped him and his family a lot—things that he didn't get to achieve before marrying you." "That's the thing, Amelia. Things have changed. He now has everything and has made his name. He won't need me anymore." "But the contract says that you two should stay married for the company, right?" "And that's the only good thing my dad did in this marriage." "Do you think he has a lover?" The mere thought of that made my heart squeeze in pain. I am not stupid. Angel is a man. And a man like him won't be able to last long without s*x. "Maybe, but carefully hidden from the media. Angel will never ruin his good husband's image, of course." "Can't you get along? Have you ever wondered why he's so angry with you?" "At first, I thought he was forced to marry me because of our family. And then I thought Elisa left him because of our engagement, but over time I realized that he hated me for something else. I don't know anymore. I am tired of finding reasons." "Did it ever occur to you to confess your feelings to him?" "And how should I tell him? That man is only ever kind to me in front of the media, company, or our families." "You think he doesn't like you even a little bit?" "No. That man doesn't feel any kind of love for me, and I'm used to it, but I won't let him humiliate me. You know me, Amelia. But actually, I am nervous as to what he'll say tomorrow." "Who isn't? It was unexpected, and we all have no idea what it's about." I glanced at my watch and clicked my tongue when I saw that office hours were over. "We better go now because we have to be early tomorrow, and Angel hates tardiness. It's already hard enough that I have to tolerate him at home." "Okay, but I want to eat first, Sofia. Don't you want to go with me instead of being in that big empty house?" "Nah, another time. It's been a rough day, and I want to rest." I drove to the house, and yes, anyone could tell that it was a mansion. I can still remember the first time I set foot here, a day after our wedding. Angel took me here without any hint of happiness in him. He just bought the house, and it looked so empty, mysterious, and just cold, like him. I didn't like it, but the exterior was beautiful, and so as time passed, I tried my hardest to decorate it, but alas, no matter how much you upgrade something, if there is no love and a family, it is merely a house. As soon as I walked in, Carmen, our helper, greeted me. She was the one who took care of me, taught me how to cook, and advised me. She's like the mother I never had because I lost mine when I was just six. And since then, I grew up in boarding school and in a babysitter's care. I did not get to have or experience a mother's love of care because even my aunt doesn't know how to love. "I'm glad you're home." Carmen greeted me with a smile before taking my coat. "Me too. Is everything alright? I'm hungry, Carmen." "I made shrimp vegetables like you want and fried fish." I paused and looked at her. She knows I don't like fish, and it's Angel's favorite. Unless... "Has he arrived?" I asked her even when I already knew the answer. "Yes. He arrived a few hours ago and just changed his clothes before locking himself in his office." "Alright, Carmen. Did he ask about me?" Again, I already knew the answer, but I was still foolishly hoping. "He just asked what time you arrive home while he's gone." I was just staring at her as she answered me. "He looked worried." "I highly doubt that is the reason." I immediately refuted it. Carmen knows the truth between us. She found out just a few days after our marriage. And why not when we sleep separately? When we barely talk, and when we do, the whole house will hear our screams and fight. I don't even know what's worse between the two. "Should I tell him you arrived, or will you tell him personally?" "No. I will go to my room to take a shower. Please set the table, and when you're done, ask the man if he wants to eat before or after me, and tell me his answer." That is the tradition in this house. You can count on the times we ate together. He mostly eats first, and I will eat after him. If I'm hungry, I will eat with Carmen because I don't like eating alone. I stayed in the jacuzzi to rest my tired body. When I came out after a while, I saw him standing in front of the window. His physique from the back is truly a sight to behold. The way he carries himself is sexy. I was just a few steps away from him, and his scent invaded my nose. He took me by surprise when he turned around, and I saw his infamous charm. But as quick as it came, it soon faded when I saw his eyes narrowing angrily at me and his forehead forming a familiar frown. This time, however, I saw wonder, confusion, admiration, and something I couldn't quite read. His eyes fell on my body, still covered in a towel, and I just realized that my long, wet hair was all over my face and body. I must have looked horrible! Despite the embarrassing moment I was in, I remained calm as I confronted him. "What are you doing in my room?" I asked him, just in case he was here to shout at me and leave. "Carmen told me you've arrived. I had no idea that you take too long in the shower or that you arrive late when I'm gone." He responded nonchalantly, his hands pocketed in his slacks. "Why? Will you now control how long I should take a bath or what time I should be here?" I asked calmly but with a hint of bitterness. "No. You are free to do whatever you want." "Everyone's wondering what the meeting tomorrow is about. May I know the reason or should I wait like them?" I walked towards the mirror to see that yes, I do look like a mess, and this is what he saw after a few months of being away. Great! "No, you do not need to wait because this is the reason why I'm here." Through the mirror, I saw him walking closer to me with a piece of paper that I might have guessed what it was. My eyes went back from the paper to his eyes. "I saw what you did in London. You were able to close a multimillion-dollar contract that opened lots of opportunities for you in Europe, which is precisely what you want." "And that wouldn't be possible if you did not reach out to them." I raised my eyebrow at that. Was that him sounding grateful? "I know we are not on good terms, but I know when I should be grateful." "You've never admitted things like that before when it's regarding my family and me. Why now have you decided to be nice?" "I don't want to argue with you. I'm here to talk." And that sounds like I won't like what he's about to say at all. "Okay, I'm listening." He handed me the papers, and the words I immediately saw glared back at me. "Divorce application." I read the two words that I immediately saw. "Let's not make this hard. Let's talk about dividing our assets. I will leave you the majority of the assets you have in the company. You will now be the new president, although I'm still part of the board because of my shares. I am leaving you the beach house because I never used it anyway. It's your dad's gift, so it's yours. But this house is mine even if you lived here for five years." "You bought it, but it's never mine. It's your style." "And what does that mean?" I laughed mockingly. "Forget it. Even if I explained it to you, you wouldn't understand. So, I'm the new president, and you'll now focus on your company?" He seemed shocked at what I said. I know that after a year of marriage, he started to build his own company, where he invested a large sum of money without anyone knowing, and now it's a success both nationally and internationally. "I know for a fact that the company won't gain from it, and it's for your profit. You got what you want," he stares at me with pride in his eyes at what I said. "A company of your own with major clients and reputation is all you're after, right?" "If you are hinting at a partnership or rights from my company, I won't give them to you even if we have to kill each other. Now sign and accept the things I am giving you." "I will never ask anything from you. That isn't needed. In case you forget, I have the same status and reputation in this business as you." And what he's not aware of is that I also built my own company. Several of them. And it's not related to the family business. I've always wanted to separate myself from the family business, even if it's already an empire. It is safe to say that my dad never saw a woman leading the company. According to him, we don't have what it takes to lead a company, and that is the exact reason I married Angel. An intelligent millionaire who knows the business well. I also thought that it would be nice to earn money from my talent and hard work. I built my own fashion, beauty, and technology company. "You won't ask for anything? Hah!" Angel exclaimed mockingly. "I don't believe that. When did you learn about my company?" "Is that important? I am asking for a request." "Ah, there's the calculated woman I know." "If I won't ask for anything, you'll do the same. You will give what's rightfully mine, and only your house will be left to you." "And what would I want from you? You have nothing but the company. Now that I think about it, your cars were given to you by both me and my dad." "You can keep them if you want; I have no problem with that." I turned my back on him, sat in front of the mirror, and started to brush my hair. I needed to distract myself before my anger betrayed me, and I started crying stupidly in front of him. "You have nothing important to me, Sofia, so sign the damn paper so we can end this act and the lies. So we can get on with our lives." "May I ask the one thing I always wanted to ask you, but you've always avoided it?" I asked him, careful not to lace my tone with hurt. "Then ask so we can end this once and for all." "Why are you so mad at me? And don't tell me that it's because your family forced you to." His frown deepened as his whole body tensed. "And you have the guts to still ask?!" I can see how his eyes darkened with anger and how he's like a log; one lick of fire and you're gone. "Will I ask if I know it? Don't scream at me!" "Because of you, I lost the woman I love." Elisa; of course, it's about her. "Elisa?" "None other than her. You knew I loved her since we were in college. She was my girlfriend, and you... you did not even leave an explanation as to why you did that to us. "And what did I do to you? In case you forgot, I was forced to marry you as well!" I screamed back at him. "Will you keep on acting like you didn't know? That is what I hate about you. You play the role of an innocent lady who can't break a damn glass. Just to get my trust and love. But you know what? You'll never get them because you are nothing but a pretentious, calculating, and lying woman," Angel said with so much venom in his voice. "You didn't have to insult me like that. to make it seem like I'm lower than that woman." How dare he! So he noticed my efforts, but he just didn't care enough! "That woman has a name, and it's Elisa. A woman who's a lot better than you, and the one you need to beg her forgiveness to." "And why would I do that?" "You lied to her. Because of you, she left me. And if that wasn't enough—" He stopped himself, and I saw pain in his eyes that I couldn't understand. "I have no idea what you're talking about." "When did you ever? But because of what you did, I won't ever forgive you. You disgust me, and you will continue to do so until the end." "Do you know what your problem is? You have no idea about what's happening around you!" I shouted at him with overflowing emotions. He doesn't know what kind of person his girlfriend was, and now he's insulting me for her. "You've always been like that. Spoiled and indecisive, you get what you want by hook or by crook. You can't own your mistakes or what you did wrong. "What did I ever do to you and her?!" I asked in frustration. "She's more worth it than you. She's honest, beautiful, bright, and the most dignified person in the world." Oh, please, Angel, if she's anything you mentioned, I'm a sister in a convent close to being a saint. "You can't accept the fact that she's better than you in any way, but now everything will go back to its original place." "How will everything go back to normal? What are you saying?" "Elisa came back and we talked. We fixed things between us, and we want to get back together. And you won't ruin that for us. I won't allow you this time, so sign the paper." That is the reason behind his demand. That woman is back. "Why did you come back when you could have done it before?" "That's not your problem. What's important is that she's back and you're in the way." "She's the victim you said. She's the poor victim in this story. Angel, I am curious as to why a smart guy like you who can read people wasn't able to read her, but that's fine." I turned away from him and scanned the content of the paper. When I was sure that nothing seemed wrong, I signed. The sound my signature created is tuned to the sound of my heart breaking. "There you go. Now you can go and celebrate with your girlfriend. I just hope that you won't flaunt it for everyone to see," I said calmly, even when I was nothing but. He just stared at me for a few seconds with confusion, surprise, and wonder in his face. "Do you need anything else, sir?" "You signed," he stated, as if still in shock. "That's what you wanted, right? I signed, so you can now get out of my room." Please let him leave because I'm close to crumbling down. If he stays even for a minute, he might see me in a pathetic situation. As soon as he left, the tears I'd been holding back fell like waterfalls. But instead of clear water, it's tears of blood from my heart that he just broke into pieces.

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