Chapter 2 Come Home

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After leaving a divorce agreement, Tiffany packed up her luggage and took a deep look at the apartment. This apartment witnessed three years of her company with Pedro and her desperate love. However, Estrella showed up and shattered her beautiful dream. Tiffany had thought that Pedro was a stone. She did not work hard enough to win his heart. As long as it was someone else, the stone would soon be moved. "How could I be so stupid?" Tiffany thought she became a joke since she was silly enough. When she went downstairs, Timothy Larsen was standing by the street, waiting for her. "Tina!" He ran over to take the luggage from Tiffany's hand. "Why are you so thin? Did Pedro bully you? Why are you wearing sunglasses early in the morning?" When the sunglasses were removed, Timothy found that Tiffany's eyes had become red and swollen after she cried for a night. "He made you cry. I'll get even with him!" "Tim!" Tiffany held Timothy's hand and said with a trembling voice, "Don't go. I have asked for a divorce from him." Divorce! Timothy looked at Tiffany's sad appearance. His heart ached. He knew how much Tiffany had liked Pedro back then. She happily married him but ended up like this. "I will take you home." Tiffany got into the car and squinted at the scenery outside the window. The streets that flew away were like her love for Pedro, slowly passing away. "Are mom and dad well?" When she was in high school, Tiffany followed Pedro's back. During that period, she was blinded by love. There were many things she could not see clearly. She did not know what a businessman was like. But Tiffany's father, Waylon Larsen, was also a businessman. He knew very well. So when Tiffany insisted on marrying Pedro, Waylon left a sentence. "If you dare to marry him, get out of the Larsen's house. We are no longer your parents!" Tiffany was really obedient and did not return to the Larsen's house. She cut off all contact with her family. As a result, no one knew that she was the only daughter of the Larsen family. They only thought that she was a common girl who had no one to rely on. Tiffany had suffered a lot. Even when she went to Pedro's company to deliver documents, his female assistant would look down on her. However, Tiffany thought that it was all her fault. Because of her, people would laugh at Pedro. Tiffany should have taught that assistant a lesson. How dare an assistant be unfriendly to her? "They are fine." Timothy was driving. He stopped for a few seconds and said, "They miss you very much." Tiffany knew it. She had been missing her parents too, but she was weak and did not dare to go home to face her parents' anger and disappointment. Tiffany hadn't told her parents that she was going home. Waylon went to the garden to practice boxing as usual after getting up. After half an hour, Tiffany's mother, Karen Larsen, would get up and call Waylon to come in for breakfast. The servants placed the dishes on the table. They sat down without saying a word. The days were peaceful, but there was always something missing. They knew in their hearts that after their daughter left home, they had not been happy for a long time. Timothy drove home. He walked to the door and looked back. When he saw Tiffany who was silent, he asked, "Do you want me to go in and tell them you are back?" Tiffany was hesitant. Three years ago, she went against her parents for a man. She still remembered Waylon's angry and sad expression and Karen's sad tears. She finally calmed down and said, "I'll open the door myself." When the door was opened, Waylon and Karen did not notice it. Instead, they heard Tiffany's voice and looked over. "Daddy, Mommy, I'm back." After three years of not seeing each other, Waylon and Karen looked much older. Tiffany stood at the door like a child who had done something wrong. She wanted to enter but did not dare. "Tina!" Karen did not hold her fork steadily and stood up with red eyes. "Now you finally come back! I raised you for nothing!" Waylon was still very angry. Tiffany knew that Waylon had forgiven her. She had no time to change her shoes and rushed into her parents' arms. "Dad, Mom, it's all my fault. I made you worry."
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