CEO's Remarriage Proposal


"Pedro, let's get a divorce."

In his heart, her ten years of affection was nothing compared to his first love. Thus, Tiffany Larsen chose to end this relationship voluntarily.

Someone asked Pedro Dunphy, "That's it?"

Pedro didn't care much. "She can't leave me. Just wait and see. She will come back and beg me when she runs out of money."

He didn't expect that so many men would chase after Tiffany a few days later and that her real identity was the daughter of the richest man in Nevada.

Tiffany didn't come back to beg Pedro. Instead, there was already a new man with her.

"Don't go with him!" Pedro knelt before Tiffany and begged for forgiveness.

Tiffany smiled coldly, "You are just my ex-husband. f**k off!"

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Chapter 1 Let's Get a Divorce
At night, the bar was playing loud pop music. Many wild young people were dancing inside. Tiffany Larsen walked through the crowd and entered a private room. There were not many people in the room, but the way they had fun was bolder than the people outside. Tiffany walked to a woman with a curvy figure and pulled her to the side, her eyes locked on the drunk man. "Pedro, let's talk." Someone recognized who Tiffany was and said awkwardly, "Mrs. Dunphy, why are you here?" Pedro Dunphy was reeking of alcohol, but his eyes were still cold. He took out a cigarette and lit it for himself. He pulled the drunk woman who had been pushed away back into his arms. "If you have something to say, just say it here." The atmosphere suddenly became depressing. No one dared to speak. Only the love song was playing automatically. "Pedro, I have been with you for three years. Have you ever taken me seriously?" Tiffany glanced at Pedro's hands that were roaming on the woman's body. Pedro said, "No, as you can see." He pressed down on the woman and pecked her on the face. The woman did not expect that Pedro would kiss her. She was so happy that she immediately attached herself to him. When Tiffany saw their intimate behavior, her eyes turned red. "So Estrella is the one you love all this time, and I'm only a consolation, right?" A stack of photos was thrown in front of Pedro. In the photos, he was shopping, eating, and even going to a hotel with a woman. Pedro casually picked up a photo. The man and woman in the photo were walking towards a hotel hand in hand. He said, "To go to the hotel, of course, I have to be with the person I like." Slap. Tiffany slapped him. Pedro tilted his face, his right cheek burning with pain. He looked at Tiffany with a gloomy face and said word by word, "You! Are! Crazy!" "I am indeed crazy to have fallen in love with you!" Tiffany clenched her fists and said calmly, "Let's get a divorce." Pedro smiled coldly with disdain in his eyes. "Tiffany, you were the one who begged me to be with you. I hope you won't regret asking for a divorce." "I will prepare the divorce agreement." A smile curved Tiffany's lips. She left resolutely without looking back. Someone asked Pedro, "You guys have been married for three years. And now you're going to divorce her just like that?" "Will, she is a good-for-nothing. If she leaves me, she will be a loser. Sooner or later, she will come and beg me." Pedro's expression changed, and he became a playboy who was free and unrestrained. ... Tiffany left the bar and took a taxi back to the apartment. Only then did the pain and sadness that she endured completely release. She covered her heart and cried. It hurt, it hurt so much... No one would not feel sad when they divorced, not to mention that she had liked Pedro for ten years. Her love for him had long been integrated into her flesh and blood, becoming a habit. Now Tiffany recognized the reality. Pedro was with her because he only used her as a substitute for Estrella Griffith. Tiffany cried for a long time until her tears dried up and she could no longer cry. She sat on the ground and looked around blankly. This was the small apartment that she and Pedro had stayed in for three years, and she couldn't bear to leave this place. Ding. Tiffany picked up her phone blankly. It was a message from a stranger: "He was drunk. I took him home." There was a photo attached. It was the profile of Pedro. There were still finger marks on his face. It was sent by Estrella. She was also the one who sent those photos. Tiffany sat on the ground like a soulless doll. "I'm a total loser..." She sat for the whole night and waited until dawn. Then she dialed a number. Tiffany had thought that the one on the other end of the line would not put her through, but she was wrong. "Tina?" Hearing the familiar voice, Tiffany could not help but cry, feeling aggrieved, "Tim, I want to go home! I want to go home!"

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