Story By Kira Martin

Kira Martin

CEO's Remarriage Proposal
Updated at Mar 14, 2024, 23:15
"Pedro, let's get a divorce." In his heart, her ten years of affection was nothing compared to his first love. Thus, Tiffany Larsen chose to end this relationship voluntarily. Someone asked Pedro Dunphy, "That's it?" Pedro didn't care much. "She can't leave me. Just wait and see. She will come back and beg me when she runs out of money." He didn't expect that so many men would chase after Tiffany a few days later and that her real identity was the daughter of the richest man in Nevada. Tiffany didn't come back to beg Pedro. Instead, there was already a new man with her. "Don't go with him!" Pedro knelt before Tiffany and begged for forgiveness. Tiffany smiled coldly, "You are just my ex-husband. Fuck off!"