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Titus Grey the ruthless Alpha everyone was scared of. A heartless monster. Or so everyone thought. He’s waited 6 years for his mate. Titus thought she would never come. Then she just so happens to show up at his door.

Byth Lux the ordinary girl who had no idea of the supernatural world. She was depressed and thought no one would ever love her. Then she goes to work as a maid for the infamous Titus Grey.

Instantly Titus falls for this young girl. She doesn’t know the effort she has on him. That she has the coldhearted Alpha wrapped around her little finger. Titus would give anything just to be near Blyth. Hell he’d even give his life just to see her smile.

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Chapter [1]
[Tears come from the heart not the brain] Third Person POV The rain pounded against the window, lighting flashed across the sky. Blyth laid across her bed crying heart eyes out. Everyday she would wake up feeling empty and numb. Blyth was depressed but wouldn’t tell anybody because she was too scared. Scared that once they found out they ship her away to a mental hospital. Blyth was scared of loosing the only thing left tying her to the ground. It’s been like this for over four years. She never understood what she did too deserve this. This emptiness inside her, the constant sadness she felt. Blyth always dreamed of a house, a car, successful job, and a wonderful husband  dto come home to. Blyth thought she dreamed too big. But doesn’t every parent tell their children to dream big. Reach for the stars. Go for the gold. As Blyth got old she started to believe that it was something every parent has to tell their kids. “Dirty tissues Trust issues glasses on the sink they didn’t fix you Lonely pillows on a strangers bed Little voices in my head.  Secret keyrings stop the bleeding loss a little weight because I wasn’t eating  All the song that I can’t listen to To tell the truth loving you was young and wild and free Loving you was cool and hot and sweet  Loving you was sunshine, safe, and sound  A steady place to let down my defenses  But loving you had consequences. Blyth’s alarm clock sang telling her it was another meaningless day of high school. Her own personal Hell. Slowly crawling out of bed Blyth made her way into the bedroom to do her morning route. Cleaning the tears off her face Blyth starred at the girl standing before her in the mirror. Blyth’s eyes were lifeless, they held no sparkle. Her hair dull and her skin unusually pale. Tearing her eyes away from the mirror Blyth continued getting ready for the day ahead of her. Making her way down the stairs and into the kitchen, she put on a fake smile that didn’t reach her eyes. She pretended everything was fine even though she was dieing inside. The only person who knew this her best friend Kare(Kar-e). But not because Blyth told her, she found out because Blyth cracked. Blyth had actually tried to kill herself, thinking it was what was best for every one. Blyth walked further into the kitchen and took a seat at the island where her mom was currently standing making breakfast. “Hi sweetheart how did you sleep?” Blyth’s mom Tracey asked in her usual happy tone. “Fine, I guess” Blyth mumbled. She hated lying to her mom. How do you tell the person who gave life to you that you don’t want to live anymore. You can’t, so Blyth never said any thing. Unlike most people with depression Blyth’s parents weren’t drug or alcohol addicts. They were working class citizens who try their best to be there for Blyth and her brother. Which made Blyth feel even more guilty. Tracey pass Blyth a plate and she finished it as quickly as she could without choking. Just as Blyth was putting the now clean dish in the dish drain a honk was heard outside. Telling Blyth, her best friend Kare was here. “Bye” Blyth yelled as she ran out the door, not waiting for her to answer back. She jumped into her friend’s Black Honda Civic “Hi” Blyth’s friend Kare said. Blyth said nothing she just sat there, starring out the window. There was no point hiding anything from Kare, she already knew the truth about Blyth. Blyth was great ful to have Kare because Kare understood her. Their ride to school was short, neither one of the girls talked. Not in an awkward silence but a comfortable one. Once they arrived at the school over half the parking lot was full. Blyth sighed getting out the car and walked up to the front doors of the school. As Blyth walked students starred at her, Blyth thought they were probably expecting a hello. Blyth was what others call a mute. But not fully. She talked but only when she had to. Which wasn’t a lot. Blyth went to her locker to gather every thing she needed for the day, to avoid going back. Half way to her English class, Blyth was slammed into a nearby locker by an unknown force. Ignoring the pain shooting through her head she looked up through clouded eyes to see her bully Drew. Blyth didn’t knew why he wanted to cause such pain in her life she never did anything to him, but still Drew constantly torture her. Her books scattered across the hallway. The sound of laughter filled Blyth’s ear. Looking around she saw the students pointing and laughing at her. “Look it’s the little freak and she’s right where she belongs. On the floor.” Drew sneered while kicking Blyth books making them hit her in the stomach knocking the air out of her. Gasping trying to bring air back into her lunges Drew walked over to her grabbing Blyth’s hair with a brutal amount of force making Blyth look at him. “Why don’t you do us all a favor and just die already. Because unlike you some of us actually deserve to live.” Drew said. Tears threatened to escape but Blyth wouldn’t let them. What Drew didn’t know was that Blyth actually did try to kill herself. That she wanted to die. “I-i-i u-u-u-h” Blyth stuttered out. “I-i-i-i-” Drew teased in a mocking tone. Drew slammed her head onto the locker once again before dropping Blyth’s head and walked away. Standing up with shaky leg she managed to pick up the books. Blyth walked towards her English class faster then normal. When Blyth got there she took her usual seat in the middle row. Not to close to the front with the nerds, who always get called on by the teacher. But also not to close to the ‘Bad Kids’ in the back, who get called on a lot more that they would like. “Ok class, I hope you all have your poems ready to share” Mrs. Jones said. “Would anyone like to go first” Blyth shrunk back in her seat looking if anyone raised their hand. Sadly no one did. “Well then, I guess I have to make you read your poems. Um let’s see........how about......Blyth” Mrs. Jones decided. Everyone in the turned to look at the girl in the over sized hoodie. Blyth got up and went over to the podium. As she went, she could feel their eyes watching her every movement. Waiting to criticize her, for the first mistake she made. Blyth took a deep breathe before she began. “My poem is called Giving Up” “Puting up a fight is not worth it anymore It always ends up the same Me getting beat So why fight no one cares anyway Would it be easier if I gave up If I leave tommorow would anyone notice If I left would anyone care Maybe some would But others would not So I’m giving up Cause I got no reason to fight anymore By the Blyth finished no one dared to utter a word. The rest of the day was an uneventful blur. Like Blyth was on auto pilot. Doing the same route every day. ~~~ When Blyth returned home later that day, she found her mom in her home office starring at the computer typing. “Blyth Is that you hun?” Tracey asked still starring at the computer. “Yeah it is” Blyth asked walking closer to the office. “I need you to come here for a sec” Tracey called out. Blyth walked towards her mom’s office thinking what in the world could she need. Blyth didn’t recall doing anything bad. ‘Or did I’ Blyth thought standing in the door way of the office. “Yes mother” Blyth said. “I need you to work as a maid for me” Tracey said. Blyth’s mom own her own business. A maid service to be exact. “Why?” Was all Blyth cause ask. “Because Ashley quit, we just got a new client, and we don’t have enough people to work. So please do this for me. You’ll get paid. Please?” Tracey pleaded with her daughter to do this for her. Tracey tried giving Blyth the best puppy dog eyes she could master. Till finally Blyth caved. “Fine, I’ll do it” Blyth said turning to walk away. “Great you start tommorow at 1” Tracey yell after her. But before Blyth was fully down the hallway Tracie added “You’ll be working for Titus Grey” “What” Blyth shrieked 

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