Living with My Ruthless Ex-Husband (ENGLISH)

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What will you do if you need to live with your annoying, cold-hearted, and ego-centric ex-husband?

Lucas failed to tell his grandmother about his divorce. She's now going back to the Philippines because her health is not doing well. He doesn't have any choice but to asked his ex-wife to live with him again and pretend to be married in front of his grandmother.

Let's all join Garrie and Lucas on their journey of finding the real meaning of love and marriage.

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PROLOGUE GARRIE “I WANT an annulment,” he said. I was left dumbfounded. I was just asking him about the text but I wasn’t expecting him to answer this question with this. I still couldn’t find my voice to answer him. I didn’t know what went wrong in our marriage. “Why? So you can be with your mistress?” I asked him sarcastically. “I don’t have a mistress!” he shouted back at me. “I’m so fed up with your continuous nagging and paranoia! I can’t take this anymore, let’s have a annulment. I’ll prepare the papers first thing in the morning.” Tears started to roll down my cheeks. My voice cracked when I finally spoke. “I-Is she that important to you?” I asked him. “My god, Margarette! How many times do I have to tell you that nothing is going on between us? She’s just a colleague. Stop being paranoid!” “I don’t believe you! Now, you’re telling me that nothing is going on between the two of you? I wasn’t born yesterday. Lucas. Stop making a fool out of me!” I started throwing punches to him but he’s much taller than me and way bigger. He easily subdued my punches. He is now holding both of my hands. “Stop this, Garrie,” he softly said. “Stop making this hard for both of us. It’s not working anymore. This constant fight and you doubting me are eating up all the energy in my body. Let’s give ourselves a rest,” he said while slowly putting down my hand. I didn’t know if he’s right. If this was really what’s best for us. I loved him with all my heart and all my insecurities, doubts, and fear of losing him was taking a toll on me. I loved him so much that I always thought that I wouldn’t be enough for him, that he would jump to any woman if given a chance. Why not? Lucas was the most sought-after lawyer in the Philippines and used to be the most sought-after bachelor. All the most beautiful and powerful women were lining up just to get a taste of him. And yet here he was, married to an ordinary and plain looking woman. There was nothing special about me and that was what killing me nowadays. “How could you do this to me? I-I thought you love me?” I was still confused about what was happening. Were we really getting a annulment? Was this the end of our marriage? “I did, Garrie. But love won’t be enough if we were both miserable. We need to let each other go.” Slowly, his grip started to loosen. My hands fell on my side while I was staring at the floor. Feeling defeated, I went down on both knees and started begging him. “Please, don’t do this. Don’t leave me,” I begged. He quickly straddled towards me and scooped so I could be back on my feet. “Stop it, Garrie! Begging won’t change anything. You shall not beg. At least have some respect for yourself.” He wasn’t shouting and I didn’t hear any traces of insult from his words but I felt small at that moment. I never begged in my entire life except today. After that incident, he left that night. I waited for him ‘til morning hoping that we could still sort this out but he didn’t come home. Days had passed and I still didn’t see any traces of him; just the annulment paper he drafted for me to sign. I went to his office to check on him but before I even stepped inside the building I already saw him sitting in a coffee shop nearby and sharing a laugh with Sandy, the woman we keep on arguing about. I was about to confront them when their faces slowly started to press together and their lips started locking with each other. I felt the stream of tears flowing through my cheeks and all my hopes started to collapse. I’m setting you free. That was all in my mind while running away from the scene.

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