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"Congratulations, you're pregnant.''

Allie widened her eyes, mouth agape as she stared at the doctor in front of her. "Excuse me?''

"You're pregnant...." The doctor repeated.

"With a hellhounds baby?"

"It appears so"

"Oh, f**k me!''


Nate Harper is a frat boy football star from the wealthy family with athletic dynasty. He's a celebrity in the university with people falling to his feet every chance they get. Also he's a hellhound which makes people fear him more.

Allie Jackson's a student and an athlete, but her similarities to Nate end there. Intelligent, focused, independent, and completely uninterested in Nates charms she's a werewolf omega trying to get through last year of her college.

There was always one strict rule know by all; Hellhounds would never be able to coexist with werewolves. But fate works in mysterious ways one night is all it takes for Allie to let loose and give in to his charms which forever changes her life.


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Part 1
Allie stilled in the night. Quiet and trying to hide in between the trees. She had a handmade crossbow that was currently sitting across her outstretched legs, a pack of arrows sitting next to her thigh and in reach of an emergency. And also a few knives in the secret places of her trousers. The omega sat in the music of the night with the screeching owls and singing crickets, the wind blowing at her loose strands of hair; the only thing coming from her was small, unheard huffs as she breathed in and out calmly. The last thing she wanted was to alert the enemy or anyone else for that matter. She didn't know who was around, or rather what was around. That's why the omega embraced the silence; it was all Allie knew. Taking a deep breath, she looked up slowly above her, eyes rolling back. It never failed to amaze her. The soft glowing light of the moon, all alone in the dark sky while illuminating the space around and kissing her skin. Her back was resting against a piece of broken plaster that was hanging off the wall. All around her were old, detailed images of Hell hounds painted on the damaged walls. Typical narcissistic bastards. That was one of the traits she despised the most among others. Allie took her time to study their omega image, and immediately her mouth twisted at that. The picture depicted an omega with their ears back, submitting to what looked like an Alpha Hell hound with a snarling muzzle and fiery eyes glowing in the dark. She rolled her eyes. Those damn eyes. Allie remembered the first time she saw a Hell hound. A shudder racked through her body as she remembered the screaming, the pain-filled moans, the struggle, the horror on everyone's faces as soon as disaster struck. She could recall back to the emotional pain, and oh, how young she was when the Omega first discovered what it was like to hurt. To lose. To hurt in ways, you shouldn't at such a tender age. The omega could recall when her family were still together; they were always the odd ones out when it came to all the others. At first, she didn't understand why were they treated so differently. Her father kept her and her mother in hiding, never allowing them to step out of pack boundaries. When she asked to play with the other pups in the camp, they only turned her down within a blink of an eye. It stung. Allie was never allowed even to use the playground while others were present. The omega was too young. Too naive to fully understand. It took only a few years to realise their treatment was because they were Pure Omegas - a bloodline that was so rare that it was thought of as a myth. Of course, there were Pure Betas and Alphas, but they weren't as rare as omegas. The only bloodline that was thought to be as rare as a pure Omega was the bloodline of a pure Alpha Hell hound. That's why those Hellhounds hunted for Pure omegas. All because of an age-old myth. It said that if a Pure Omega and Pure Alpha Hell hound were to create offspring, they would be as strong as anything that ever happened to exist. But did she believe it? Not quite, but then again, those narcissistic bastards did and tried to hunt for the pure breed. That's why her pack shunned her for her identity, keeping her family away for their selfish reasons. Some of them went as far as saying that Pure omegas don't exist as if Allie wasn't living proof of that. Just then, a frightfully distinctive scent, legs crunching the leaves, alerted her. It was steadily growing closer, so she yanked another hidden knife out of the dirt she'd staked it in and called upon her inner wolf to heighten her senses. The omega whirled around to face the exact location the foreboding scent was rolling in from, and she didn't have to wait long before the typical and excessively tall, muscular Alpha Hellhound came ambling through the break in the trees. The intruder stopped short when he was met with the sight of an omega. Pure one at that. She didn't bother hiding her scent, knowing it would only lure them closer. He c****d his shaved head to the side in interest, licking his lips. "Well, aren't you just delectable, standing there with your little knife, omega. I have always had an eye for feisty ones," He purred as he took a step forward, the hair on the back of her neck stood up in trepidation. His tone disgusted her. The Alpha was far too close for Louis to rely on her arrows, and her omega scent had undoubtedly reached the Alpha's nose by now. Inconveniences such as these would never stop her from making a valiant effort, though. She sucked in a breath and stood up from her position. "Let's see if you'll say the same thing in few minutes, you devils creature," The omega snarled with an unusual timbre in her tone. The Alphas mouth dropped open in astonishment, taken quite aback by what he'd just heard, but then the corners of his lips turned up in a decidedly delighted grin. What was so funny about that? She wanted to claw his eyes out. "Mmh, that's impressive for an Omega. You may think that you'll be the first in history to have tried to hunt us...but you can't fool me, pup. Tell me, just what are you doing out here all alone, lovely? Did they send you here as bait?" He asked, resuming his advance toward the lone Omega. Ah s**t, she internally cursed. "You asked for it, you asshole," She growled as the omega launched at the intimidating Alpha, sword poised in swinging position over his shoulder. The hellhound had unfortunately managed to jump out of the way before her blade made contact with his neck. Lucky bastard. Allie was on the defensive side of the fight, because of his move, scrambling to keep the blade in her grip as the Alpha sought to take it from her. He's fast, she thought, backing up far enough to strike again and shooting forward without stopping to think about it. A few minutes later, he was lying on the floor, gasping and choking on his blood. Allie smirked, standing above the pathetic Alpha, watching him with rapt attention as he was begging for mercy. They always do at the end. For claiming to be such majesty, high creatures, they were a bunch of sissy's. Just then, her phone rang. She didn't have to look at the screen to know who's calling her in the middle of the night. Without hesitation, she slid on the green icon and pressed it against the ear. "Hello?" "The tone of your voice indicates victory. You're done with him, I presume?" Allie snorted, staring at the light in those eyes dim and hummed. "Obviously. Should I send you the picture?" A chuckle echoed from the other side. "No, thank you. I would be dead before having something like that on my phone." Always so dramatic. She thought with an eye roll. "Mmh, fair point." "Now go be a normal college student!" *** There she was, standing in one of the most prestigious universities in New York. One of a kind. Her steps were almost careful, as if he was entering some kind of holy sanctuary instead of the dimly lit hallway leading to the library. Its been six months since her acceptance, and still, she viewed it as some kind of sacred place. Her heart was beating rapidly in her chest. This was so incredible! Allie could barely contain her excited smile as she plopped down, closing her eyes in the process. This had been her dream for years! A dream that had always been unreachable and still technically was. To be here now, to have a place reserved for a Pure omega — it was akin to a miracle. And so what if she lied and faked her way in? She had no choice, alright. Pure omegas don't go to universities. That's why she had to lie. Allie knew that she belonged to the university; she was good enough. The omega was fantastic. And it was the truth, too, because otherwise, she'd never have been picked for the New York University in the first place, and he certainly wouldn't have been offered a scholarship along with it. It had been tricky, of course. She had broken a handful of rules and probably even laws on her way here, but to her, it would always be f*****g worth it. The omega would fake the gender certificate again if it came down to it, god damn it! It was irrelevant now, anyway, she thought with a grim smile settling on her lips. Allie was here, and she was here to stay. ***

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