Forced Mate Of The Monstrous Alpha


Lorcan Dalgaard is finally free from his brother mind. Now, with a body of his own, everyone expected him to be a man of good standing. However, Lorcan is anything but. A vicious and uncaring man known as the Monstrous Alpha, feared by many, deserves nothing more than death. However, when Gianna accidently wanders onto Lorcan's land, she realizes she's just stepped into her worst nightmare. Lorcan Dalgaard is her mate. Gianna runs, but Lorcan catches her. Though he didn't want Gianna, Lorcan won't let her go. Treating Gianna like the enemy pleases Lorcan, but when tragedy strikes, will Lorcan be able to prove he can change? Or is he kidding himself? When no one else believes in him, can Gianna show him the way to be a better man?

As the unlikely pair's lives intertwine, Lorcan's ruthless exterior begins to crack, revealing a man haunted by his past and desperate for redemption. Can Gianna, the one person who sees beyond his dark facade, help Lorcan find the light within himself? Find out in this new instalment of the Werewolves Of Lykos!

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1 - Wrong turn
Welcome to book 5! This is Lorcan and Gianna's story. Now, I will warn you that Lorcan is not a nice man in any sense of the word. You will hate him very soon, but I hope you'll read the story anyway :D There will be trigger warnings in this once due to domestic violence. I will post them when needed. Gianna There is no better feeling than running through the woods with the wind in my fur. I’m proud to be a Lykonian Wolf. I’m proud to be Gianna Astoni. I come from a well-off family. My father is a senior guard in the Supreme Alphas Army, and my mother is a pack doctor. However, Mom isn’t stationed in one place, though she works closely with Toby, the personal doctor of the Dalgaard family. Mom travels to nearby packs when called up, which she is often. My mother is a fantastic doctor, and everyone loves her. My sister, Isabella, or Bella as she’s known, is my best friend. It sounds weird to some that my twenty-five-year-old sister is my best friend, but it’s true. Bella was born three years before me and loved me from the moment I was born. She never went anywhere without me, and she was never jealous, as some siblings can be, when a new baby came along. Bella took care of me during my first transformation at fifteen, and we loved running through the forest together. Bella is a warrior and works alongside our father. She’s fierce and powerful and everything a she-wolf should be. She’d make a wonderful Luna one day; her dominance is something all bow down to. On the other hand, I work with my mother. I’m a healer, and I practice the old ways of medicine. We Wolves have ancient traditions and medications that most have given up on, thanks to the art of time and science. Mother believes I waste my time with it all, but I love it and won’t give it up any time soon. Why should I when there’s so much to learn? I love learning new things; my brain is like a sponge, constantly soaking up information. ‘Keep up, slowpoke!’ Clover, Bella’s Wolf, laughs through our sibling mind-link. Lyra, my Wolf, chuckles as she takes off after Clover. We shouldn’t be out in the forest at this late hour. Our parents would throw a fit; they’re too overprotective of us. They have no reason to be; we’re in our twenties and plenty capable of taking care of ourselves. But Bella and I are their only children, and they worry about us, even if it is unnecessary. They won’t find out we’re in the forest; they’re out for date night, and Bella and I know to be careful. Lykos is a prominent place and has many packs outside of the capital. If you aren’t a Royal Lycan, trespassing on territory that isn’t your own could lead to terrible things. We could be killed or taken prisoner. I don’t know which is worse, but I do know that I don’t wish to find out any time soon. I notice Clover running closer to the border. The border of where? I can’t tell in the dark. I do know that we shouldn’t be here, however. Bella can care for herself and me; she’s a trained warrior. I’m no shrinking violet myself, but that’s not to say Bella and I go looking for trouble. ‘Clover!’ My Wolf yells into our mind link. She stops and turns to my Wolf. Clover, a large black and tan Wolf, trots over and nudges my snout with her own. ‘Let’s get out of here,’ ‘I’m sorry, Lyra, I didn’t realize how far I’d run.’ A rustling in the trees has my Wolf whimpering. Nothing good can come of us being here. Lyra tips her head for Clover to run ahead. Yes, she’s older and more experienced in fighting, but I’m incredibly protective of my sister. To lose her would be to lose myself. “Now, what do we have here?” ‘Clover, take Bella and run!’ My Wolf calls to Clover. ‘I’m not leaving you,’ ‘I’ll be right behind you, I promise. He can’t chase both of us, so go!’ She hesitates momentarily. Bella is trying to push forward and protect me. Bella would never leave me here, but her Wolf listens to mine usually. Clover’s slight hesitance allows the rogue to stalk closer to her. Lyra charges at him, snapping at his ankle, and he turns, red eyes burning like fire. Lyra screams for Clover to run, and she finally does, leaving my Wolf to escape the rogue. “You want to play, little one?” The rogue smirks. “Let’s play.” Lyra turns and runs as fast as possible; the rogue, now in wolf form, chases us. Lyra runs into the territory we tried to stop Clover from entering. There are guards positioned everywhere, and each one aims their gun at Lyra. If only I could tell them that we are no threat. A-ROO-OOO! The rogue howls so loudly that Lyra instantly frightfully crashes to the floor. She lies on her belly as bullets fly from guns in all directions. I hear them hit their target, and Lyra chances a peek behind us. The rogue is definitely dead; the thing is riddled with silver bullet holes. Lyra stands on all four paws, watching as the rogue slowly transforms into human form. From the light of the packhouse behind us, we can see his dark skin and the muscles he was packed with. Lyra shivers and pulls her subconscious back, leaving mine to push forward in wolf form. ‘Thanks a lot, you coward!’ “Who the hell are you, and what are you doing on my territory?” The Alpha! “Shift, and show yourself!” I don’t know which pack territory I’m on, but I’m not staying here so the Alpha can tear me apart. I turn tail and run for my life. I hear the Alpha curse before chasing me. I don’t want to die here; I want to go home. I need to make sure Bella made it back safely. But I don’t know how I’m supposed to outrun an Alpha! If only Lyra had kept form, she’d be able to run faster than I can. Goddess, my Wolf, can sometimes be worse than a coward when it comes to Alphas. Suddenly, the most oversized charcoal Wolf I have ever seen – possibly eight feet tall on all fours lands in front of me. It must have jumped over my head, and my Wolf howls in fear. The Wolf shifts, and standing naked in front of me is the Alpha. Tall, handsome, built like a God, and covered in tattoos—across the top of his chest and his arms, anyway. He looks familiar, but I’m too scared to acknowledge what I know deep down. “When I tell you to shift, you shift, little girl.” My Wolf whimpers, stepping back. But Lyra can’t run, and nor can I because we’re suddenly surrounded by Wolves. Each one growls, teeth bared and ready to pounce should their Alpha demand it. “You have five seconds. Either shift or I’ll force you to shift.” What choice do I have? With a sigh, Lyra retreats fully, and I take over our body. Once in human form, I sit on my ass, knees against my chest, and my arms wrapped around them. I’m not comfortable with my own nudity the way this man so obviously is, as most Wolves are. Now, as I look at him through my lashes, I can see that he’s gotten dressed in jeans and nothing else. I don’t know where he got them from; I’m just glad he’s covered his lower half. He’s a big boy in every area of his body, and seeing his huge dic.k made me shiver. The Alpha walks closer, sniffing the air. He crouches in front of me, forcing my head up with his fingers beneath my chin. His pupils dilate, and my body shudders. “What’s your name?” “Gi – Gianna.” I stammer. The Alpha sniffs me again before growling, “Mate!” “No!” I yell without moving. This can’t be happening; this man cannot be my mate! But the truth is, I feel it in my bones. The Alpha of this pack is my mate, and there’s no getting away from it. “Please, I just want to go home.” I implore, hoping he’ll take pity on me and let me go. But he smirks while c*****g his head to the side. “You are home, Little Wolf.” I whimper as he snaps his fingers, takes a t-shirt from someone near him, and drags it over my head. I don’t fight back when he grabs my right arm and forces it into the sleeve before doing the same with the left. Then, he picks me up bridal-style and begins walking towards his packhouse. “Please, let me go.” “Not a chance, Little Wolf. You’re mine now; there is no escape. Try, and I’ll find you, and you don’t want to know what I’ll do if that happens.” I shudder with fear. “But my parents and sister will be wondering where I am.” “They’ll be informed of your whereabouts. This is not up for discussion, Gianna,” The authority in his tone has me clamping my mouth shut. I am terrified right now, and I don’t know how the hell I’m going to get out of this. I do not want this man as my mate; I know nothing about him. I don’t give a damn about biology or the mate bond; I want to go home! No matter what I have to do, I will get out of here.

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