Secrets of an Alpha

arranged marriage
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For Natalia Fox, the eldest daughter of the Alpha of Silver Moon, finding a mate has never been high on her list of priorities. However when an unexpected, yet necessary, proposal presents itself she finds herself inclined to accept. Besides, with the large number of wolves now choosing their own mates, what’s the point in looking any further. Right?

Why not move with the times? or better yet, move into the arms of a ready-made, strong and handsome Alpha male.

There’s only one problem with that…

and his name is Aiden Pierce.

**Mature scenes will feature throughout.


“What are you doing here!?”

“I couldn’t leave yet… earlier… it just wasn’t enough.” I whisper in reply.

“This is risky...” she murmurs softly.

“I’ll leave then… if you want me to.” I say sincerely.

“Come on.” she answers, pulling me towards the bathroom.

I follow her eagerly, we step inside and she closes the door behind us.

She leans her back against the door and runs her eyes over me.

“Take it all off...” she orders.

“Excuse me?”

“Take. It. All. Off.” she repeats again slowly.

I’m taken aback by her boldness but I’m ready to do as I’m f**king told, no questions asked.

I pull my T-shirt over my head, my eyes still locked with hers as she watches me.

I reach for my belt and undo it. Pushing my jeans down and stepping out of them.

I pause for a moment and she raises her eyebrows.

“I said all of it.” she murmurs seductively, her eyes full of desire and lust as they run over my torso.

I tug my boxers off and toss them to the side as she examines my naked body intently.

I’ve never felt so exposed by a woman before. So challenged and so turned on.

I can feel myself grow h*rder the longer she looks at me and my heart begins to beat faster as she moves closer.

When she reaches my body, she lifts her eyes to mine and puts out her hand to stroke her fingertips across my chest.

Her delicate touch sets every nerve in my body alight and I feel adrenaline begin to pump through my veins as my excitement climbs.

She begins to walk around my body slowly, all the while taking in my form carefully. I’m completely at her mercy, as she toys with me, tormenting me expertly with her teasing touch.


“Shhhh…” she whispers slowly as her fingertips graze over my back gently.

“My, my, … how the tables have turned.” she murmurs seductively as I feel my heart begin to race.

“Are you enjoying the view?”

“Oh… most definitely. I am.” she answers before I feel her lips press gently against my shoulder blade. “I quite like this… my soldier… standing to attention just for me.” she says softly, her voice sexy and alluring.

“There’s only so long… that I’ll hold back.” I reply calmly as I hear her shuffle out of her little silk pyjamas.

Just then, the sound of the shower fills the room, the water bouncing off of the porcelain loudly.

Suddenly, her fingertips begin to retrace their steps as she makes her way back around the front of my body.

My eyes scan her f**king incredible body greedily, eager to take in every inch.

“Eyes up here.” she scolds me.

I follow her command and my eyes meet hers once again.

“You know I’m not used to taking orders… I’m usually the one giving them.” I breath out.

“There’s a first time for everything.” she smirks as my eyes take in the show in front of me.

She strides past me confidently, her arm grazing mine purposely on the way by. She enters the steamy glass shower cubicle, looks over her shoulder and smiles.

“What are you waiting for?”

At that moment.

I snap.

I follow her inside, pushing her up against the cool tiles quickly before she hops onto my body, wrapping her silky legs around me tightly.

My desperation for her is reaching new and f**king terrifying levels. I feel like I’m losing control for the first time in my life. She’s stripped me of my armour and I’m bare.

My emotions are clear for her to see.

My pain, my desire, my love.

Everything is on full display but I couldn’t care less anymore.

“You think you can order me around Natalia…? That I’m your little play thing?” I grit out as I tug her head to the side. "Don't forget who you belong to… you're mine… you hear me?" I continue, my words driving her crazy.

"If I'm yours then take me. Take me right now." she demands in return.

I don't have to think twice...

Free preview
Chapter One
Natalia’s POV  “Natalia, are you coming dress shopping with us this afternoon?” my sister Penelope asks as she plops down on the sofa beside me.  I let out a loud groan and continue to skip through the t.v channels lazily.  “Goddess already? The ball is weeks away. You know we have plenty of time right?” I ask in reply as she rolls her eyes at me.  “Yes but I want to find the perfect dress! Perfection takes time and effort you know!” she protests as I look across the room to my other sister Rosalie for back up.  “Hey, hey don’t look at me! As much as I hate to admit it, Pen is right. There will be a lot of expectation for us to look good and make a good impression. Plus you know Mom is going to be on our case… Goddess she would pick all of our outfits if we let her.” Rosalie responds with a shrug.  I flip the off button on the tv and pull my legs up onto the sofa whist shaking my head animatedly.  “Why do we have to look good? So that men can come and fawn over us? Urggg give me a break! It’s the twenty first century for crying out loud! Don’t you think it’s time we revolt? Let’s turn up to the ball in sweatpants! f**k it!” I argue in annoyance.  “Uhh speak for yourself sis… I’m going to make sure that I’m looking hot as hell! If my mate is there, he’s not going to know what hit him!” Penelope giggles in response as she walks over to the mirror above the fireplace and adjusts her hair.  I watch her and shake my head quietly. Searching for one’s mate at a ball has always been an unappealing process to me. Since the only way we can detect our true mate is through skin to skin contact, the whole evening is usually just a parade of men grabbing at your hand, arm or any piece of flesh they can get a hold of to be quite honest. Damn, I just wish there was an easier way to tell! In spite of this, I cannot deny that the idea of finding your one true mate in life is interesting. It is becoming more rare as the years go by to find the one that is made for you and only you. Packs are larger and more spread out, not to mention many wolves are now choosing their own mates and throwing traditions to the side. I guess it’s true with any society, eventually things adapt and move forward. Beliefs and ideologies shift and changes happen. It’s life.  “Do you think Dad will let the warriors come to the ball?” Penelope asks, coyly looking between Rosalie and I.  Despite the shift in opinions regarding true mates, it seems that the werewolves community is still holding onto the ranking system with a tight grip.  “Are you joking? Unless they are ranked wolves Mom won’t be letting them in. She’d be too scared we would run away with one of them.” Rosalie chuckles as she turns the page of her magazine.  Penelope lets out a huff and comes back over to drop down on the sofa beside me. She quickly rests her head on my shoulder and I pat her hair gently.  “Don’t worry about it I’m sure there will be plenty men there that will take your fancy.” I laugh, unable to hide my amusement at the dramatics of my baby sister.  “Easy for you to say!! Men fall at your feet and you aren’t even interested!”  “What!? Not true!!” I reply in shock.  Rosalie nods her head at Pen and they both laugh together.  “Come on Nat!! Practically every Alpha in the country is after you and you know it! I mean that guy you were dating last month… Alpha Jake was it? He was so hot and yet you shut him down after only like three dates!” Rosalie explains knowingly.  “He was an asshole! Guys, he was fine for a bit of fun but I won’t settle just because the guy has abs and a title!”  “Well I’d sure like a guy to take me for a bit of fun!” Penelope argues, raising her eyebrows suggestively.  I point my finger at her and shake my head like a big sister should.  “You’re eighteen… I’m sure you’ll have plenty of time to have fun!”  “…and you’re twenty two! Shouldn’t you have settled down by now? You know, popped out a couple of pups already?” she responds tauntingly, knowing exactly how to wind me up.  Rosalie burst out laughing and I swat Penelope’s arm playfully. There’s nothing wrong with having pups early, plenty of my friends have already but it’s definitely not something I’m interested in right now.  “Okay enough! Fine I’ll come to the damn dress shop-“  Just then, a loud bang comes from the lobby and the main door of the pack house flies open, hitting the wall with force. I look at my sisters worriedly and we all bounce up onto our feet, making our way over to the doorframe to peek out. “THE f*****g NERVE OF THAT MAN!!” my father shouts angrily as he storms into the house followed closely by his Beta and Gamma.  “He’s bluffing Alpha. There’s no way that he will make a move.” Beta Philip says folding his arms as my dad paces the floor.  “He might!! I wouldn’t underestimate how much of an asshole the man truly is.” my father answers shaking his head from side to side.  “So what do we do now?” Gamma Richard asks in response.  “Go brief the warriors, tighten all security. I’m going to my office. I have calls to make.”  We watch on silently as Gamma Richard and Beta Philip head off to complete their orders whilst my dad strides down the hall and disappears.  “s**t that doesn’t sound good.” Rosalie whispers nervously when the coast is clear.  I step away from the door and hold each of my sister’s hands in mine.  “Don’t worry. Whatever the problem is Dad will sort it out. Plus Silver Moon may be small but we are still a strong pack with some of the best warriors out there. I’m sure dad is just being overly cautious.” I reassure them.  It’s true my father can be a little dramatic at times but it’s not like him to panic so there must be something going on that has got him this riled. Dad and I have always had a close relationship and I can tell when something is really bothering him. Lately tensions have been high with a neighbouring pack and my father has been somewhat on edge. I’ve tried to discuss the matter with him on several occasions but he usually just tells me not to worry. I assume that he thinks I shouldn’t have to deal with the problem and that all of the worry and stress should fall in his shoulders alone. Perhaps anyone looking at me would think the same but the truth is that I am more than capable of handling it. I’m a strong and independent female and I train just as hard as the men! In fact I’d be a f*****g warrior myself if it wasn’t so against my parents views on rank and hierarchy. I’ve thought about leaving the pack multiple times and living out with the strict rules and expectations of Silver Moon but I know for a fact that being separated from my sisters would not make me happy. Despite our differences, I love them both to death!  “Do you think the ball will be cancelled?” Penelope chimes in selfishly causing Rosalie and I tut in disapproval.  “Get a grip Pen! We could be attacked by Crimson River at any minute and you are worried about a damn ball!” Rosalie says, walking back towards her chair in the corner.  “Well I’ve been looking forward to it for ages!” Pen protests, biting her lip cautiously.  I rub my hand over my forehead and let out a sigh. Despite her seemingly superficial outer shell, I know that deep down Penelope is sweet and caring. She’s just young and has some more growing up to do.  “Listen… I’ll try talk to dad… see if I can figure out what is going on. If it is cancelled, there will be others. We are werewolves! There is a ball for practically every occasion under the sun nowadays!” I say animatedly, throwing my arms around for effect.  Penelope laughs and nods her head gently.  “Okay sis. Do your best though and make the conversation quick… you are not getting out of dress shopping!” she calls out after me as I leave the room and make my way towards my father’s office.  I knock on the door and wait for a second or two before walking inside. I see my father sitting behind his desk, he has the phone to his ear and is wearing a serious expression on his face. I smile at him softly and he nods in return, holding a finger up towards me as I quietly move across the room and listen to the tail end of his conversation.  * * * “Yes Alpha Eric…  “Well, I would appreciate that. You are welcome here anytime. Please name the date and we will schedule a meeting and we would be happy to host you and your team for dinner…..” “Next Tuesday…” “Perfect.” “I’ll have my assistant contact you with details…” “Yes I appreciate your time… thank you.”  * * * As I am waiting for him to finish up, I am wracking my brain, searching it for information about Alpha Eric. My mom loves to keep me updated on the lives of the local Alpha’s, probably in the hope that I will pluck one out of the bunch and decide to settle down and give her all of the damn pups she so desperately wants. It then dawns on me who he is. He’s a little older than me, in his late twenties and is a widower. His chosen mate died a couple of years ago during child birth and I remember that both he and his pack were completely devastated. I’ve never met the guy though. My father hangs up the phone and offers me a smile. I raise my eyebrow knowingly in return and he instantly drops the act.  “Goddess Natalia, don’t look at me like that.” he says exhaustedly, rubbing his eyes and leaning back in his chair.  “Dad… come on, what’s going on? Maybe I can help?” I ask hopefully in response.  He smiles again softly and shakes his head.  “No, there’s nothing for you to worry about. Just a little pack dispute with Crimson River, you know how they can be but I’m handling it.”  “What happened with them?” I ask stubbornly, unwilling to leave without at least some answers.  He looks at me for a moment and I can tell he is debating whether to tell me or not.  “Well their Alpha seems to think I am responsible for an attack on their Beta and his family which occurred two nights ago. Our rift about territory has been pretty relentless these past couple of years but I wouldn’t sanction an attack like that. He of course, won’t listen to reason and has made some threats against us.”  I nod my head as I take in his explanation. The Alpha of Crimson River was once my father’s childhood friend but it seems rivalry and jealously over the years turned the old man bitter and now he and his pack have been a thorn in the side of Silver Moon for years.  “So what’s the plan now? They are bigger than us and have strength in numbers.” I say tentatively, trying not to s**t on the capabilities of our own pack.  “They do but our warriors are strong.”  “They are Dad and they have great potential but they lack discipline and a strategic leader! I love Gamma Richard to pieces but you have to admit his style is a little outdated.” I smile apologetically.  My father looks at me in shock and lets out a laugh.  “Goddess, when did you become such an expert in warfare?” he grins in amusement.  “I’m not dad! I don’t claim to be. It’s just what I’ve witnessed at training!”  “Well I wouldn’t talk too much about your training in front of your mother you know she hates it… anyway, my daughter, I really don’t want you to have to train… I can take care of you and your sisters.”  “But I want to train dad! Surely it’s better for me to know how to defend myself if there is going to be an attack and anyway I’m an adult or have you forgotten?” I protest with pleading eyes.  He lets out a low sigh and spins around in his chair to face his computer screen.  “Natalia, it’s time I get on with the rest of my phone calls. Alpha Eric from Black Dawn pack is coming to visit next week to discuss an alliance. It’s important for me to see if there are any other packs who wish to do the same.” he says authoritatively, tapping his keyboard and letting me know the conversation is over.  “Okay dad… try get some sleep though. You look like hell.” I joke.  As I move towards the door, I hear him let out a soft chuckle and I smile to myself.  Sure the situation with Crimson River is tense at the moment but I don’t think there is cause to panic. Yet. 

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