Mafia King's Brother


Meet Oscar Woods, the brother of a feared Mafia king. His world revolves around one unbreakable rule: loyalty is everything. Love is forbidden, betrayal unforgivable.

But when tragedy strikes upon his brother, Oscar's thirst for revenge ignites. He embarks on a dangerous journey, fueled by a burning desire for avenge.

In the midst of this perilous quest, he encounters Noah, a kind-hearted and innocent soul whose warmth melts the ice around his heart. Despite his loyalty to the Mafia's code, he finds himself helplessly drawn to Noah, falling deeply in love and challenging everything he once believed.

With tensions escalating and the moment of decision looming, he stands at a crossroads that will not only shape his destiny but also the lives of those he holds dear.

In a world where honour collides with desire and duty clashes with matters of the heart, Oscar confronts an impossible sacrifice. Will he abide by the rigid laws of loyalty or embrace the liberating power of love?

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Don't you dare fall in love
In the isolated alley, only a single flickering light dared to defy the darkness, casting intermittent shadows on two figures. Silence draped the surroundings like a heavy cloak, broken only by the remnants of snowfall that had left the ground damp and glistening in the dim glow. Clouds loomed overhead, hinting at more snowfall to come. “Please," the man on the cold damp ground pleaded in a quivering tone, "spare my life! I beg you." With a sinister grin etched on his face, Oscar squatted before him, positioning himself at eye level with the terrified man. Trembling, the man averted his gaze, but Oscar firmly grasped his chin, forcing him to meet his gaze. With his voice dripping with malice, Oscar sneered, "Who said I am after your life?” “I... I'm sorry..." he stuttered, trembling with fear and helplessness. His words caught Oscar off guard, causing him to punch his face as a quick reaction. He didn’t like it at all. Those words made his heart race wild and goosebumps crawl on his skin. He was taken back in time and the sound of a familiar female voice echoed in his ears, ‘I am sorry!’ The air filled with a mixture of shock and pain, as the man let out a cry of agony. Blood trickled down his nostrils, staining his trembling lips. Gasping for breath, he struggled to find the words to speak, but the pain seemed to have stolen his voice. Getting on his feet in satisfaction, he looked down upon the man who had dared to double-cross his brother, Angelo. Then he spoke out bitterly, "Don't bother with your apologies, just like you didn't bother with your loyalty to Big B." As Oscar cracked his bruised knuckles, Mark, his loyal accomplice, approached cautiously with his gaze fixed on the fallen man. Soon after, he raised a question, "What do you want me to do with him?" A wicked smile curved across Oscar's lips as he turned to face his subordinate. With an air of authority, he issued his command, "Make his life a living hell!" Mark nodded in understanding. His loyalty to Oscar ran deep, and he would carry out any order without question. Yet, a hint of concern flickered in his eyes as he posed another question. "Do you want me to report to the Boss?" With a smug expression, Oscar glanced over his shoulder and scoffed, "Do you think I would entrust you with the pleasure of delivering such good news to him?" Mark bowed his head respectfully, acknowledging his assigned task. With purposeful strides, Oscar then made his way to the street where his sleek black motorbike awaited him. Gracefully mounting the bike, he fastened his helmet securely. The engine roared to life with a powerful growl, ready to carry him swiftly through the silent street to the bustling city. Oscar Woods, a prominent figure in the cutthroat world of the Mafia, held the distinguished title of being Mafia King, Angelo’s brother. Their journey commenced in the humble surroundings of an orphanage, where Angelo, not just by circumstance but by choice, emerged as Oscar's shield against the tormenting bullies that plagued their childhood. Over the years, their connection deepened, evolving into a bond that rises above blood ties. The loyalty that Oscar harboured to Angelo was unwavering, a commitment so profound that he was prepared to undertake any task, face any challenge, or make any sacrifice for the man who had become not only a brother in arms but the very heartbeat of his existence. Arriving at his destination, he strode into the building with a helmet in his hand. Voice ringing in accomplishment, he announced proudly, "I got him down!" A tall figure stood by the window with his gaze fixed on the sprawling cityscape below. "Big B!" Oscar reached out to grasp Angelo's shoulder, seeking his attention. Startled by the sudden touch, Angelo quickly composed himself, concealing any trace of surprise, and then turned his gaze towards Oscar. "Yeah, I heard that," Angelo responded in a plain tone. Concerned, he couldn't help but inquire, "Are you okay?" A flicker of emotion crossed Angelo's eyes, but he quickly regained his composure. Ignoring the question, he revealed his plans with an air of finality. Turning his gaze back to the darkening sky, he replied, "I will be leaving for Italy tomorrow." Sensing Angelo's desire for solitude, Oscar nodded silently. "I'll inform Mark to make preparations for your departure." Just as he was about to leave, Angelo spoke out, “I want you to do something for me while I am gone.” “What is it?” he questioned in an alarmed tone. Taking out an envelope from inside his suit’s pocket, Angelo handed it to him as he said, “I want this person down.” Accepting the envelope, he nodded as he said, “Work will be done before you are back.” Then he advanced his steps towards the door. “And–” Before he could get out, Angelo halted him with a lingering pause. Oscar glanced back, his eyes meeting his intense gaze. "And?" He raised his brows. "Don't you dare fall in love!" His tone was sharp and solemn. The unexpected statement caught Oscar off guard, and made his brow furrow. With a reassuring smile, he replied, "You know me, Big B. Love is something that doesn't even exist in my world. I have already told you that this life is dedicated to serving you. So, rest assured and enjoy your trip. Once you are back, I will provide you with the good news you are desperate to hear." Angelo's expression softened briefly, before Oscar turned away, leaving him to his thoughts. Entering his room, Oscar pulled out the picture from the envelope and glanced at it. As he flipped it he found a name. Without wasting a second, he fetched his cell phone, and his fingers moved swiftly over the screen as he typed in 'Merlin Grey' and began scrolling through the pages. To his frustration, there were scarce pictures of Merlin, the profile filled more with scenic landscapes than personal snapshots. Just as his disappointment deepened, Mark, his presence announced by the creak of the door, entered the room. "The task boss assigned me has been completed. I have finalized the deal.” Scrunching his face, he questioned, “What task?” “Didn’t he assign the task related to Merlin Grey?” he questioned in puzzlement. “Oh! Yeah!” He nodded absently. Biting his lips in contemplation, Oscar pondered for a moment before asking, "Do you have any idea what the deal is with Merlin Grey and Big B?” Scratching his temple, he replied, “Not really. You never try to know the background story of any person we dealt with. Why suddenly–” “Ah! Don’t take it seriously,” he interrupted. “I just wanted to know if you know anything that would help me with this quest!” “What are you two talking about?” suddenly Angelo's voice cut through the air from behind, Oscar swiftly moved his gaze to him as he replied, "Nothing, just telling Mark to take care of you in Italy." Angelo, however, dismissed the notion with a casual remark, "There's no need for that." His forehead wrinkled in puzzlement. "Why? Have you already dropped the idea of leaving?" “No, however Mark is not going with me,” Angelo clarified. “What?” His shock deepened. “Why? He'll need you.” “I guess you will need him more than me.” Shaking his head in disbelief, Oscar muttered, “Really? Is that the only reason? Or do you want him to keep an eye on me as you are still not able to lay your trust in me?” “I didn’t say that!” Angelo protested. Shaking his head, refusing to believe him, he retorted, “But I can still feel it in your acts. I really don’t get why, after all the attempts to build your trust, you still end up having trust-issues with me.” “Don’t lure me with your emotional blackmail. Mark is staying and that is final,” he said in a determined tone. “Fine! If that is all you wanted,” he said, clenching his fist. “Have a safe flight then!” With a heavy heart, he made his way out. Getting on his bike, he rode away despite the soft snowflakes gently dancing in the air. He ruminated on the changing dynamics with Angelo, a closeness fading into distance that he could keenly sense. It hurt, yet he clung to the connection they once shared, determined to weather the transformation. In the midst of his ride, someone abruptly ran in the middle of the road. In response, he swerved the bike to avoid a collision, losing balance and skidding. “Are you alright?” a voice interjected just as he grappled with the pain. Enraged, he reached out to grab the person's collar, ready to unleash his frustration, however when he locked eyes with the saddest green eyes which cut through his anger. The innocence of the stranger melted his hardened heart. Attempting to suppress this sudden surge of emotion, he paused. Releasing him, he watched the boy among the snowflakes dancing around him, and he was not able to take his eyes off him, not even for once. The boy, without even giving a careful glance, bowed before him and uttered, “Forgive me!” and swiftly ran away before he could react.

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