Tame the Playboy Billionaire

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Myra is a shrink who happens to be assigned to a billionaire who is proud, rude, stubborn, and sarcastic. He is so ahead of himself and she can't stand him. They don't seem to stand each other but fall in love after long time to an extent they are addicted to each other.

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My phone rings as I get into the car. I take it out of my purse and smile. It’s Gael. I tap the answer icon and put it on speaker mode. “Hey?” I answer placing it on the console. “Hey baby. How is everything?” He asks. “Great. Going to work. I have a few clients and I feel lazy. I just hate Mondays.” I say fastening my seat belt and pull out of the driveway. “Yeah. I remember how tough Mondays are for you. Were you drinking at the weekend?” He asks laughing. “Nope. I just went shopping with Quinn and stayed indoors watching movies.” I say joining the highway. “How is everything? I miss you.” Gael is my boyfriend. We have been dating for two years and he is in New York for work at the moment. I have not seen him for the last four months and I miss him crazily. We Skype every time but it doesn’t solve anything. I miss him here with me. “I miss you too. I have a surprise for you.” “Which surprise?” “I’m not telling you anything. It’s a surprise so just wait for it.” He chuckles on the other end. “Will be waiting.” I smile increasing the speed. “Great. I guess we will talk later. Just wanted to know how my baby is doing.” “Okay. Will call you later. I love you.” “I love you too.” He says and hangs up. Ugh! I feel sick. Totally sick. As I told Gael, I have not been drinking so I don’t know what this is. It’s because it’s on a Monday. Mondays are not my best days. They are always lazy days for me and I end up skiving work. I don’t know whether Ramsey has ever noticed that. Listening to some clients is just boring. I sometimes wonder why I chose such a career. This happens on Mondays only. I’m proud of my work during the other days but Monday? Not my cup of tea. Ugh! Mondays. Mondays. Mondays. I groan as I pull into the parking lot. I have my parking spot here so it’s never a hustle for me. I walk out of the car and enter the building. I take the elevator to the second floor and approach our receptionist with her smile. “Hey Sarah?” “Hey Myra. You look awesome today.” She says sarcastically making me chuckle. “Because Mondays are my best days,” I say sarcastically and lean on her desk. “What’s up? Is our boss in?” “Yeah. He came early today. He was asking whether you are already here and I said no. He said you should pass by his office. He wants to talk to you.” “I hope it’s not anything bad.” “Don’t think so. Just go and see him.” “Right away.” I give her a smile and walk to my boss’s office. I take a deep breath and knock. “Come in Myra.” He says with a smile ushering me in. I walk in cautiously and sit directly opposite him. “How is your Monday?” he asks with his sexy smile. He is married but I’m allowed to notice that. It’s just a compliment and it’s the truth. He is handsome and almost every lady employee is crazy about him. “It’s good sir.” I say with a smile. “Monday is good for you?” he asks chuckling. He knows how Mondays are a problem for me. “Yeah. I’m just trying to manage.” I say laughing. “I trust you. You are my best employee.” He says and props his elbows on the table looking at me. “Thanks sir.” “I need your help somewhere.” “Anything. Just mention it.” “I have a very important client that needs therapy.” He says his eyes not leaving mine. “Which client?” “Larry Brown.” “Larry brown as in the governor’s son?” “Yeah. That one. Our company is the best so his secretary called to set up a meeting with us.” “I get it. So how may I help you?” “I want you to deal with his case. You are the best we have.” “Won’t he be intimidating?” “He might be but I know how qualified you are. You have dealt with many clients and they all talk about how good you are. You can deal with this perfectly.” He says with a smile. “ I have never dealt with a powerful person before sir. I'm sure Carmel can do this perfectly.” I try convincing him. I don’t want to imagine a session with Larry Brown. I know how arrogant and rude these people can be. I have heard how he is and I don’t want to snap at him because I can easily do that. My profession doesn’t allow me to do that. “You are my best Myra. Carmel is not as good as you. I trust you to handle this well.” “Do I have a choice?” I ask dreading meeting the guy. “Nope. He is paying a fortune for this. It’s good for you. Just think about it.” “Okay sir. I will take it.” “Thanks Myra.” “When is he coming?” “Today. He is coming in the afternoon.” “I have a client at two,” I tell him. “Larry is more important. I know how he is. He is not the type of person to wait so I think you will handle his first. We can’t risk this place being closed down. Carmel can handle the other client for you. Or you can just postpone it.” He suggests. “I will see what to do. Anything else?” “No. I don’t think there is anything else. All the best.” “Thanks sir.” I give him a smile and leave his office. I walk into my office and plop on my seat. I prop my elbows on the table and groan. This is a nightmare. My Monday can never get worse. Larry as my client? This is tough. So f****d up. He could have chosen another day for therapy. He just had to choose a Monday? Today of all the days? Ugh! What is his problem anyway? What could possibly make him need therapy? What would make him want to see a therapist? And Ramsey had to give me the case? Me of all the other people? I walk to the dispenser and pour some water into a glass. I gulp it down and take my phone from my purse. I have to call Natalie and see whether she is okay with us postponing our session. She has to be okay. There is no option here. I dial her number and walk to the couch. “Hey Dr. Myra.” She answers cheerfully. “Hey Natalie. How is your daughter?” I ask. She has a daughter who lives with her mum. Natalie is a deadbeat mother who works as a hooker for money. That’s why she comes to therapy sessions. “She is good. Went to see her yesterday.” “That’s great progress,” I say happily. “I have a problem though.” “Which problem?” “Are you okay with postponing our session for tomorrow? I’m a little tied today.” I can’t tell her I have another client. It is not advisable. “Yeah, sure. I’m free tomorrow. At what time?” “let me see.” I walk to the cabinets and pick a notebook to look at my appointments for tomorrow. “Are you okay with three?” I ask placing it back on the cabinet. “Yes. I’m okay with it.” “Okay Natalie. I will see you tomorrow.” “See you doctor.” She says and I hang up. ****** I look at the time for the umpteenth time and take a sharp breath. It’s almost two. My morning session was smooth. I had two clients and everything went well. I dread seeing Larry Brown walking through that door anytime from now. It has become one of my phobias. I gulp down some water and look at the door. I hear footsteps approaching and sigh heavily. “You have a client Myra,” Sarah says gesturing to my client to get in. I come face to face with Larry and gulp loudly as his cold eyes meet mine.    

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