The Alphas and The Orphan

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Book 1,2 and 3 in the Hidden Elementals series.

“The only reason you where brought here was to work, not laze about like a lump, they should have left you to die in the snow. You are just a filthy orphan no one wants”. Uncle punches me in the face, breaking my nose, blood sprays onto the wall. “Look at the mess you have made you b***h, clean it up”. I hear the husband and son snickering behind me.

My name is Star Anderson, my parents were killed in a rogue attack when I was ten years old,. My only living relatives where my aunt, uncle and their son Sebastian.

In the seven years I have lived here they have spent the inheritance my parents left me, mostly on drugs and alcohol. and I have been used as a slave and a punching bag.

Sebastian is worse than his parents, they used to hit him too, until he realised if he blamed me then I would get his beating, so that is my life.

I will be eighteen in two weeks, and I am planing on asking the Alpha if I can move into the pack house, anything to get away, even dealing with the Alphas triplet sons, they have never hurt me, but the constantly tease me, about my clothes, hair, height. But it’s better than a beating.

And I will be able to eat proper meals in the dining hall, I can’t remember what a full stomach feels like.

But the one wish I have for my birthday, is that I will find my destined mate, the one person who will love and care for me.

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"The Alpha and Luna's Unbroken Destiny"

My name is Briar Nixon, I am 15 years old and the only heir to the Blue Snow pack, our peoples origins are clouded in legend and mystery, some say we where created to keep balance in the supernatural world and that the gods bestowed us with great power. We live a blessed and enchanted life until one fateful night when I lost my whole world, our beloved pack is decimated and I am left an orphan. With the help of my dads best friend and his very sexy son Xavier, we reveal the secrets of who I really am and battle to fulfill a destiny that has been centuries in the making, can we survive the evil that is trying to envelope the supernatural factions, and can Xavier and I fulfill our destiny that the gods themselves set in motion.

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My life sucks
STAR ANDERSON I was awoken with a start as I was yanked from my bed by my hair, "Get the fu.ck up, you lazy b***h! Mum said you have to make us breakfast before school. They are waiting. So move your lazy ass." My cousin Sebastian kicks me hard in the ribs, before leaving my room. When I say room, I mean a draughty attic. Fu.ck, it’s cold. Snow has come through my shi.tty broken window, leaking water under the plastic bag I taped to the frame. Okay, let’s pause a minute and let me introduce myself; cough, cough. My name is Star Anderson, and I am 17 years, 11 months, 2weeks and 2 days old, (my birthday is in 12 days, in case you can’t do the math), I am a werewolf. My other half is called Saffron, Saffy for short, and she is AMAZING. She woke up on my 13th birthday, and I love her more than anyone else. I have lived with my aunt Clementine, uncle Graham and the lovely Sebastian since my parents died when I was ten, and they are AS.SHOLES. We live in the beautiful Ravens Perch pack. Our forest home is nestled in a valley in the tranquil Devon countryside, about an hour from Exeter in England. It's got to be one of the best places to live. I volunteer at the hospital at the weekend. My favorite department is maternity. I could spend all day with the babies. And after school, I help our Luna with visiting the older members of our pack, getting their shopping, bringing them meals from the pack kitchen, or just sitting with them for a chat, our older members have so many great stories Apart from a small percentage of as.sholes (my family is at the top of that list), it is a great place to live. And ACTION!! Let my shi.tty day continue....... I quickly got dressed and ran down to the kitchen, grabbed ingredients for breakfast, and cooked up a storm. I serve the food, but as I am about to eat my small ration, I hear my aunt’s slurry voice. "What the fu.ck do you think you are doing? Are you stealing food now? Who the fu.ck said you could eat here?" Great, here it comes. She was so drunk she could barely stand, so it would be down to uncle Graham to hand out the punishment this morning. My head swung to the side as my uncle’s fist connected with my jaw, blood flying from my mouth, the force of the impact sent my plate flying, smashing on the ground. "Stupid b***h, look at the mess you have made, clean it up and get out, or I’ll give you another one." After cleaning up, I ran to my room, and cleaned the blood from my face. I can already see the bruise on my jaw turning purple. Grabbing my books, my coat and boots, I rushed to the bus. I am so late if I miss it. I will have an hour’s walk to school. Sebastian got a car for his birthday, so at least I didn’t have to deal with him and his nasty friends on the bus anymore. As I got on the bus, I heard a nasal whine in the back, fu.ck my life, Charlotte Prince and her band of slu.ts puppets, were sitting at the back of the bus. I had forgotten they would be traveling to school on the bus for the rest of the year. She got stopped by the human police for speeding and drink driving over the Christmas holidays. Her b***h brigade consists of the lovely Charlotte, Sandie Buggins and Billy Strokes (yes, that is her real name, and from what I hear from the football team, her name suits her and she is very good at it). This is turning into a great first day back. I took my seat at the front of the bus, next to Matty Davis. He is the chess champ of the school. Yes I admit it, I AM A BIG FAT NERD!!! After saying our good mornings, I sit quietly and mind my own business, but the bitches can’t stop themselves. "OMG, what is that smell? It smells like unwashed, dirty pu.ssy. When I am Luna, I will make sure trash like that knows their place." The rest of the b***h brigade laugh, "Smells more like poor and unwanted to me." Welcome to the arena Sandy, anything from Billy today? She normally just sniggers because she is stupid and doesn’t have an individual thought in her head. Matty and the other students at the front of the bus look uncomfortable, and I know Matty wants to say something, but the three witches are the current girlfriends of our future alphas. Yes, I said Alphas, three of them to be exact. Three identical god-like creatures, all tall, brooding and sexy, mmmyummy, sorry about that. Back to the triplet Alphas, in order of birth, the first in our list of the hottest studs at The Raven Academy, we have the beautiful Ace (the serious one), then come the gorgeous Alexei (the warrior), and finally the heart-stopping Ashton (the cheeky, but nurturing one). They are the only children of our beloved Alpha Andrew and Luna Amanda. Yes, they like the letter A (I have already started a list of names beginning with A, for the many children my fantasies tell me I will have with the three hunks). I have known the triplets my whole life. Our mums were best friends, so we used to be close. Even though we no longer see much of each other, they still treat me like an annoying little sister that needs to be protected. It can get a little annoying, but as we have get older, their attention tends to do something to my tummy. So.... where was I? ..... ah yes, Matty felt guilty about not wanting to get crushed by the Alphas. I winked at Matty, “at least they are leaving the rest of you alone, right? I am happy to be of service to the community,” the nerd squad all grinned at me, and the bus ride continued. Once we finally arrived at school, I headed straight to my locker. My besties, the wonderful Maxine Durham and the witty, but clever Suzie Hammond, are waiting for me. One look at my face has them both losing their s**t. "What the actual f**k happened to your face, Star? Which of the fu.ckers was it this time?" I looked at my best girls and sighed. "I only have 12 days left.I am meeting with Alpha Andrew tonight to ask if I can move into the pack house, so let’s drop it, and see what magic the two of you can do with my face, then we can get on with our day, shall we? " Max gives me her signature. “this isn’t over” look, and grabs her make-up bag. We are just about to head to the bathroom to “fix my face” when I feel my hair scrunchy being pulled from my head, not again, I turned to try to grab it back, it’s my last damn one. I looked up to find myself gazing into the sexy steel-grey eyes of Alexei Ravenwood, He is holding my poor scrunchy just out of reach, I go to jump for it, like a fu.cking puppy jumping for a snack, he pulls back and grabs my face. "What the fu.ck happened to your face, fairy-girl?" Goddess, I hate that nickname. I am only 5ft 1in tall, with very small features. He has called me something fairy related since we were in primary school. "It’s nothing, Lexi. I fell and landed on my face." I hear Max grunt behind me, Alexei is still holding both my chin and my poor scrunchy hostage. Another huge figure comes up behind me, penning me in. I move my eyes to see another pair of sexy grey eyes, Ashton. "You are becoming very clumsy, Starlight, last week you fell and cut your head open, this week it’s your jaw. I am starting to think you are lying to us." I sigh as the eldest triplet comes over. Fu.ck my life, as I have said before, the triplets have always been protective of me, but since their birthday 2 weeks ago, they have got worse, but, then so had the beatings at home, so they probably notice something is going on. Ace rubbed my shoulder, concern in his eyes, "What’s going on, Tink? You know you can tell us anything, right." I pushed at Alexei’s chest and knocked his hand from my face, jumping for my scrunchy, but Ashton grabbed my hips so I didn’t even get near. Alexei pockets my poor scrunchy, and now it's lost forever. "Please, Lexi, it’s my last one." Ace pulls at one of my curls, "you can have it back as soon as you tell us the truth, Tink." We stand in a kind of Mexican standoff, staring each other down. I scowl at the three of them, "You know, just one of you is over twice my size, so it is a little unfair when you all gang up on me. One could almost think you are scared to take me on individually." I puffed out my chest, "You don't scare me you know." Lexi steps even closer, leaving no room to move. "I think our little fairy is feeling brave. Look at how she is disrespecting us." I smirk, "not brave Alexei, I just have your mama on speed dial." Ashton chuckles behind me, and Lex looked like he was going to say something, when the nasal whine I know and hate calls down the corridor. "ACE, baby, I thought you would meet at my locker this morning. I miss you. What are you doing wasting time with that trash?" The triplets give me one last stare before Ashton turns me around and pushes me to my friends. "run along Starlight, and you look way prettier with your hair down." He smacked my as.s as I walked away. Wait!!! Did Ashton fu.cking Ravenwood just spank me? What the actual fu.ck is going on? I grabbed my girls and rushed down the corridor.

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