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Warning: This book has too many intimate scenes. So if you hate too many scenes then please think before starting to read. Thank you?

Author: Author VJ


"I Crater West reject you, Nora Morris, as my mate.." He said angrily and left her broken.

A Rude Alpha rejects her...

"I want you...You are my Second Mate..." He said gently.

A sweet Beta wants her...

"I want you to carry my pup... And you will do it for me..." He growls coldly at her ears.

An evil Rogue King wants her to give birth to his pup...

What will Nora do in situations like this?

Who will she accept Alpha, Beta or Rogue King?

Or something unexpected happened?


Hi readers this is my first werewolf book... I hope you like it - Author VJ

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1. Her nightmare
"I Crater West reject you, Nora Morris, as my Mate," he growled in extreme anger and left her broken behind. Nora felt like her bond with him was broken. And she felt a sharp pain in her heart as if her ruthless mate had ripped her heart out of her body. Nora tried to get up from the bed but her body was hurting beyond limits. There was no strength left in her body to get up. It was as if there was no life left in her body. Nora was left with nothing but an empty heart and emotionless eyes. Nor was there any hope left in her to live. Her wolf also became sad and left her. Nora became even more sad when she realized that her Mate also did not love her. Nora was having difficulty breathing due to extreme pain. "Ah...why? Why Carter? What was my fault? Why did you break me, Carter?" Nora groaning in pain. “Mom…Mom…Open your eyes, Mom.” Suddenly a soft sound reached Nora's ears. Hearing that voice, Nora gradually calmed down. "Hum...." Nora opened her eyes in panic and got up. Nora started looking around. Then she saw her four-year-old son Ace sitting on his knees beside the pillow. He was staring at his mother with his big eyes. Concern was clearly visible on his face. "Ace…." Nara muttered his name. "Mom, did you have that scary dream again?" Ace asked in a worried tone while wiping Nora's sweat with a handkerchief. Seeing Ace's innocent face, Nora finally came back to her normal self. Ace was carefully wiping the sweat from his mother's face. Seeing her son's caring behavior Nora smiled softly. Nora took him in her warm embrace. Gradually her mind started becoming calm as she smell the scent of her son. Ace was so intelligent that he didn't say anything, just pat Nora's shoulder with his small hands to help his mother to calm down by patting her shoulder. "Ace, did I scare you?" Nora asked carefully after she calm down. "No mom. I'm just worried about you. You always have nightmares whenever there's a full moon, and you have trouble sleeping. Today is the full moon," Ace said, quickly wiping away the tears running down Nora's cheeks. Hui said. "Hmm...that's why I had that dream. But it's just a bad dream, baby. Don't worry, your mom is stronger." Nora said with a calm smile. "I know you are my strong mother. So I will also become strong like you. So that I can protect my mother." He said waving his hand. "Of course, my child. You will definitely be a good and strong son. One who will always protect me and your sisters. I believe in you." Nora asked, smiling as she ran her fingers through Ace's hair. "Mom...don't mess up my hair!!" Ace said as he pushed his hair back. Ace didn't like his messed up hair at all. She gets angry whenever someone touches her hair. Nora is the only one whose touch doesn't make Ace angry. Because Ace loves his mother the most in this world. “You look so cute with that hair,” Nora said smiling. "I don't want to look cute. I like to look smart." Ace said as he adjusted his school uniform. "Okay, now tell me are your twin sisters ready for school?" Nora asked smilingly. "Yes. Both girls are ready for school. And they are helping Uncle Leo are in the kitchen preparing breakfast for you. I just came to wake you up." Ace said, jumping down from the bed. "Did you have your breakfast?" Nora asked. "No. I want to have breakfast with you." Ace said in a calm voice. Nora knew that Ace always enjoyed having breakfast with her. This was his unwritten rule which he never broke. "Okay-okay! I will quickly take a bath and come down. You go and have breakfast first. Then we will go to your school." Nora said smiling. "Ok." Ace nodded and quickly ran out of the room. "Careful, Ace…" she yelled after him. "Okay, Mom..." Ace answered her in the same tone. “This boy,” she said helplessly. As soon as Ace left the room, the smile disappeared from Nora's face. She let out a deep breath and her eyes fell on her wrist. That mark was still visible on his wrist. The night Nora's mate rejected her. At that time, Nora tried to end her life by cutting her wrist, blaming her unfortunate fate. Because Nora was finding her life meaningless. Therefore she had no other option but to end hiler life. Nor did she have any wish left to live. But at the last moment her friend Leo found her in time and saved her life. Leo took her to the hospital in injured condition. After that incident Leo became an important person in Nora's life. Being a friend, Leo always inspired Nora to live life for herself. Leo was the strongest support in Nora's life. As Nora slowly tried to get back on her feet, leaving her past behind. Then she suddenly found out that she was pregnant. She became pregnant after spending a night with her mate. A few months later, Nora gave birth to triplets. Ace was the eldest boy, born five minutes before his twin sisters Abby-Gabby. Both of Nora's daughters were a younger version of her. Ace was also like his father. The same eyes and hair had also gone to his father. At first Nora was not able to understand how she would handle those children alone. At that time she neither had a job nor a house to live in. Nora had completed her heart surgery studies before being rejected. But she had no experience. Nora had many questions in her heart regarding her children and her job. But surrounded by thousands of questions, Nora had only one relief. That she is not alone in this world. Her three children are with her. This Babies is a sign of her love. The love that Nora felt that night when she was in her mate's arms. What happened if her mate was not with her at this time? Now she is not alone, her children are with her. Nora's children had become her means of survival. At the same time, Leo was also with Nora at every step to take care of her children. With time Nora forgot all her pain and stood on her feet for herself and her children. Nora first practiced in a small hospital and within a year, Nora continued practicing as a heart surgeon in a nearby hospital. After four years of hard work, she became a famous heart surgeon of human city. Without her wolf, Nora lived life like a normal person. Yet she had never forgotten that part of herself. After that incident she did not try to talk to her wolf. That day, when Nora regained consciousness in the hospital, she realized that her wolf had not left her. She simply locked herself behind thousands of doors. Her wolf was also hurt by that incident. So Nora thought it best to give her some time to recover. Nora never tries to talk to her wolf, because Nora did not need her wolf in this life. So Nora got busy living her daily life like other humans. She finds the life of humans easier than the life of wolves. But still, on every full moon night, Nora used to see the same entire rejection incident in her dreams. Who never lets Nora forget her past. Seeing the same incident happening before her eyes, Nora used to have panic attacks. Which became very difficult to handle. It was a full moon night when she was rejected by her mate. That's why she used to see the same dream again and again. That incident was so deeply ingrained in her heart and mind that she was never able to get that incident out of her heart, no matter how hard she tried to forget it. Whenever Nora had that dream, she used to harm herself out of sadness and anger when she was alone at full moon night. Only Leo helped her a lot in her terrible condition. Leo knew how to help Nora recover from this condition. And Leo takes care of Nora's depression medicines. Meanwhile, Ace learns of his mother's condition and seeks help from Leo. When Nora's children were small, all three of them were very scared to see their mother crying. Ace always felt bad about his mother's condition. Abbey and Gabby also kept crying out of fear. The time when Leo took care of Nora. Whereas Ace used to take care of his sisters so that his sisters do not get scared. Ace always fulfilled the responsibility of being a good elder brother at all times. Then as time goes on, Ace and the girls get used to Nora's situation. Ace knew his mother's condition very well. So he used to stay with his mother. Due to which Nora's condition gradually helped in recovery. Only Ace could calm Nora. And he had been doing so for years. On the other hand, whenever Nora was depressed, she would not care about anything. But she always responded to Ace's calls and touches. Therefore the relationship between this mother and son became very strong. Similarly, Leo also lived in Nora's house. Seeing Nora's condition and taking care of the children, Leo bought a bigger house. So that Leo does not have to run for Nora's treatment. It had been four years today. Leo had now become an important member of their family. With time Nora's illness was cured. But Leo still kept an eye on her. Nora still had those dreams, but she had learned to take care of herself. Leo and Nora both worked in the same human hospital. In the morning, both of them leave the house together, first drop the children to school and then go to the hospital. Here they live their daily routine. "When will this end?" Nora asked herself this question. But she could not find the answer anywhere. She got up from the bed, took a deep breath and went to the bathroom. Nora had to get ready for hospital duty. She was determined not to let her past deter her present and future. She needs to keep moving forward and leave her painful past behind. She hopes that one day she will forget her pain. But instead of waiting for that day, she will keep doing what she has been doing for the last four years. She forgot her terrible dream considering it a normal dream. And she is good at it. ******

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