My babies father is Alpha

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"I Crater west reject you, Nora Morris, as my mate.." He said angrily and left her broken.

A Rude Alpha rejects her...

"I want you...You are my Second Mate..." He said gently.

A sweet Beta wants her...

"I want you to carry my pup... And you will do it for me..." He growls coldly at her ears.

An evil Rogue King wants her to give birth to his pup...

What will Nora do in situations like this?

Who will she accept Alpha, Beta or Rogue King?

Or something unexpected happened?


Hi readers this is my first werewolf book... I hope you like it - Author VJ

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1. Her nightmare
"I Crater Waste reject you, Nora Morris, as my partner," he growled and left her broken. She felt all her bonds with her mate break, and she felt a sharp pain in her heart. She pulled her painful body and hugged herself on the bed. Her heart emptied, and her eyes became emotionless. Her wolf also left her. Tightness in her heart makes it difficult to breathe. "Ah ... Why did you do that, Carter?" She cried out in pain. "Mom ... Mom ..." She heard a soft voice calling out. "Huh?" She opened her eyes and looked sideways. "Mom ... Are you scared?" Her four year old son looked at her anxious face and asked in worried tones. Seeing his cute face, she finally came to reality. She sat up on the bed. Her son wiped the sweat from her face. She smiled softly and took him in her warm embrace. Gradually her mind began to calm down after taking in the scent of her child. Her son is so clever that he just hugged her. Then, he patted her on the shoulder. "Did I scare you?" Nora asked carefully. "I'm not scared, Mom. I'm just worried about you. You always have nightmares when there is a full moon at night, and you have trouble sleeping. Today is the full moon," He said, wiping away tears falling on her cheek. "Hmm... That is why I had that dream. But it's just a bad dream, baby. Don't worry; your mother is strong ..." She shows him a calm smile. "I know my mother is strong. So I will be strong like you too. So I will be able to protect my mother..." He said, waving his hand. "Of course, my baby ... Now, where are your little sisters?" She blew his hair and asked. "Mom ... my hair !! Abby - Gabby is with Uncle Leo. Preparing breakfast for you in the kitchen ..." He said and began to comb his hair. He doesn't like his messy hair. "Okay, Okay, I take a quick shower, and then I come downstairs for breakfast ... you go ahead and have breakfast. Then we will go to your school ..." Nora said, smiling. "Okay." The boy jumped out of bed and ran out of the room. "Slow down, Ace ..." She shouted behind him. "Okay, mom..." He replies to her in the same voice. "This boy," She said helplessly. Then she looks down at his wrist. That mark was still visible on her wrist when he rejected Nora. After that, she was unfortunate. Her life became meaningless to her, and she tried to end her life by cutting a vein in her wrist. But at the last moment, her friend Leo found her in time and saved her life. Leo was always there to keep her motivated to live life for herself. When Nora slowly tries to stand up, trying to leave her past behind, she suddenly finds out that she is pregnant. She could not understand how to handle those babies. How will everything happen? But surrounded by thousands of questions, Nora knew only one thing; it was her child, the love she felt when he touched her that night. It was the gift of that love. So what if he is not with her right now? She was no longer alone; her children were with her. That was enough for her to live to continue. On the other hand, Leo was with her to take care of her and the kids. With time, Nora forgets her pain and starts standing on her own feet for herself and her children. She studied medicine hard and became a heart surgeon. After four years of hard work, she has become a famous surgeon in a human city. Without her wolf, she is like an average human. She never forgot that part of herself. After that incident, she did not try to talk to her wolf. Because she doesn't needs her wolf in this life, she starts living everyday life. But every whole moon night, she had only one bad dream. Then, she sees the entire incident happening in front of her eyes. And she gets a panic attack. That night was the full moon when he rejected her. That's why she has that dream and doubles. That incident was so deep in her heart and mind that she could never succeed, no matter how hard she tried to forget him. Whenever she had a dream, she used to cry in solitude and harm herself. She was in terrible condition. At the same time, Leo used to help her a lot in this condition. He knew how to help her recover. At the same time, Ace knows his mother's condition from the very beginning. When he was young, he used to get very scared seeing his mother's illness. Abbey and Gabby also wept in fear. At that time, where Leo used to take care of Nora. On the other hand, Ace used to keep his sisters with him so that the girls would not be afraid. He used to play the responsibility of a good elder brother every time. Then as time passed away slowly, he and the girls got into a habit of yelling and crying about Nora's situation. Ace knew his mother's condition very well. So he started living with his mother. He started helping Nora recover. The only one who can calm down Nora. On the other hand, Nora would respond to his calls and touch. He can take her back to reality only by touching her. And Ace has been doing so for the last four years. So he is very helpful to Nora. The bond between this mother-son was powerful. Leo also lived in a house with Nora. They took only one home so that Leo did not have to run for Nora. "When will this end?" She asked herself the question. But she could not find the answer anywhere. She got out of bed, took a deep breath, and went to the bathroom. She had to get ready for the hospital. She had determined that she would not stop because of her past. She needs to move on and leave a painful past behind. She hoped that one day she would forget her pain. But instead, she will continue to do what she has been doing for the last four years. Treating her horrible dream as a dream will be ignored. *****

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