Twin Alphas Destiny


**Twin Alphas' Destiny: The Royal Hybrid Series**

In the heart of a hidden world where werewolves reign supreme, Isaiah and Josiah Stark stand as the unchallenged Supreme Alphas. Their rule, marked by strength and unity, faces its darkest hour when tragedy strikes. Alicia, their beloved mate, succumbs during childbirth, leaving a void that echoes through the pack's soul. As they grapple with this unbearable loss, the somber air of Alicia's funeral brings an unforeseen twist to their fate.

Amidst the grieving crowd, a young girl, barely thirteen, with eyes reflecting a haunting familiarity, steps forward. She introduces herself as Savannah, Alicia's half-sister, unknown to the pack and unseen by the world. Her presence brings a stir of curiosity and a wave of unforeseen emotions.

But destiny weaves a more complicated tapestry when Isaiah and Josiah, guided by the powerful and unyielding bond of the mate pull, find themselves inexplicably drawn to Savannah. The revelation shocks the core of their existence: they are mated to this young girl, a connection as undeniable as it is forbidden.

Savannah, innocent and unaware of the deeper secrets of her lineage, stands at the crossroads of a destiny she never imagined. Thrust into a world of supernatural politics, age-old prophecies, and an unexpected bond with the most powerful alphas of their time, she must navigate the complexities of this new life.

"Twin Alphas' Destiny" is a tale of love, loss, and the unbreakable bonds that define us. It explores the depth of grief, the responsibility of power, and the challenging journey of accepting a destiny that defies norms. Isaiah, Josiah, and Savannah's story is a dance of emotions, set against the backdrop of a world where the supernatural is as real as the heart's longing for connection. As they confront the challenges of this new bond and the implications it holds for their pack and their hearts, they must ask themselves: how much are they willing to defy for love?

In this installment of the Royal Hybrid Series, the lines between right and wrong blur, age is more than just a number, and the heart's desires lead the way to a destiny written in the stars.

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Prologue Alicia POV: As the beeping of the machines becomes a distant echo, my thoughts continue to cascade through the years. The memories are like a kaleidoscope, each twist revealing a new pattern of joy and love, tinted with the shadow of my unspoken secret. The journey with Isaiah and Josiah, my twin alphas, was nothing short of a celestial fairytale. Their love was a fierce flame that warmed me even in the coldest moments. I remember the first time I saw them, standing tall and commanding, their eyes reflecting the moonlight. It was a moment etched in time, where destiny whispered softly in my ear. They were more than just leaders; they were the heart and soul of the Supreme Pack. Their strength was not just in their power but in their compassion, their unwavering commitment to their people, and their undying love for each other and for me. They taught me the true meaning of unity, of being a part of something greater than oneself. Natala, with her bright smile and infectious laugh, became more than just a sister-in-law. She was my confidante, my partner in crime. We shared secrets, dreams, and countless adventures. Her acceptance was a gift that I cherished deeply. She never judged, never questioned my past, only ever offered her support and love. And then there was the pack, our family. From the elders to the youngest pups, each one welcomed me with open arms. They respected me as their Luna, but more importantly, they loved me as one of their own. I found a sense of belonging with them, a sense of purpose. Leading alongside Isaiah and Josiah, we faced challenges, but together, we always emerged stronger. But amidst this beautiful tapestry of my life, the one thread that remained hidden, that haunted me, was Savannah. My half-sister, a part of my past that I kept locked away. I often wondered about her, about how she was growing up, what kind of person she was becoming. There was always a plan to tell everyone about her, to bring her into this world of wonder and magic. But fear held me back – fear of the unknown, of disrupting the harmony we had built, of exposing a part of me that I barely understood myself. Now, as I lie here, with the life slowly ebbing from my body, the weight of my unspoken words feels like a tangible presence in the room. I think of my newborn twins, their lives just beginning as mine fades. They will never know their mother, will never hear my stories or feel my embrace. My heart aches for them, for the moments we will not share, for the love I will not be able to give them. I think of Isaiah and Josiah, the pain and loss they will endure. They have always been my strength, my pillars. How I wish I could be there to help them through this, to guide them, to continue to be a part of their lives. But I know they will be remarkable fathers, their love and strength a guiding light for our children. And Savannah, my little sister, still a mystery to me. My greatest hope is that she finds her way to our family, that she is welcomed with the same love and warmth that I received. I hope she forgives me for keeping her a secret, for not having the courage to acknowledge her when I had the chance. The room is starting to blur, the sounds around me fading into a serene silence. I feel a sense of peace enveloping me, a calm acceptance of my fate. My life, though shorter than I had hoped, was full of love, adventure, and joy. I leave behind a legacy, not just in my children but in the lives I've touched, the changes I've helped bring about, and the love I've shared. As I take my final breaths, I whisper a silent prayer. A prayer for my family, for my children, for Savannah. May they find happiness, may they be strong, and may they always know love. My journey ends here, but theirs is just beginning. And in their stories, in their lives, a part of me will always live on. Goodbye, my loves. Carry me in your hearts, as I will always carry you in mine.

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