The Triplet Alpha Kings’ Plaything

opposites attract
blue collar

“You can either agree to become our plaything, a toy to be shared amongst the three of us, or choose to die by our hands.”


“Little brats like you deserve nothing but a hard spanking to remind them of their place.”


“You can take it, little omega. Now, shush.”


Zora lived a life filled with sufferings since she could remember, from losing the love of her life, down to the moment where she was to be killed after being offered away like a piece of trash by her mother. Although Zora’s life took a full turn at the last moment, it wasn’t for the better since she got moved from oil to fire on getting claimed by the triplets alpha kings who were hell bent on breaking and owning every inch of her.

The triplets were ruthless, and driven by vengeance since they were young, but neither of them counted on a little omega’s sudden presence changing everything at once.

With a thirst for revenge, so many secrets waiting to be unraveled along with unexpected prophecies coming true, join Zora and the triplets on this steamy and exciting bumpy ride.

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Chapter 1: Here Comes Your Doom.
Zora’s pov “Zora!” My mother’s voice alongside the bucket of cold, dirty water which she’d just dumped on me jolted me out of my sleep and I opened my eyes in the corridor that she’d asked me to clean. What was I thinking when I fell asleep like that? “You really think you’re special enough to fall asleep while working?” My mother asked and although I knew it was a rhetorical question that I dared not answer. Shaking my head with tears welling up in my eyes, I squeezed the piece of cloth I was using to clean the floor and started from where I stopped. “You’re just useless and I have no idea why I had you! Your existence is the worst thing to ever happen to me.” She seethed and I could feel my heart being torn to shreds with every word that rolled out off her tongue. My stomach tightened and growled, I was really hungry but I knew better than to ask for food when I have heaps of chores to do. It’s been almost two days now and I’ve barely had anything to eat. “And when you’re done with this? take out the dirty clothes including your sister’s and wash them right away,” my mother ordered and I was unable to say anything. Despite not making eye contact with her, I couldn’t ignore the painful pangs of the worms in my stomach anymore, “Mother, can I please get something to eat first and then I’ll come back to the chores later?” I asked in a low tone but it was loud enough for her to hear me. The sound of my mothers cynical laughter brought me to the knowledge that I’d just asked the most stupid question to ever exist. “You really want to eat?” She asked with a raised eyebrow that made me question myself if I really wanted to eat and before I knew what was going on my face was shoved on the wet floor that I was cleaning. “Clean with your tongue and your stomach will probably be filled up at once,” She yelled, her voice causing me to flinch in dread as the dirty water continued to drip down my face. “Silly girl.” She hissed before turning to make her way out of the room. Groaning dejectedly, I continued cleaning with the last ounce of strength that I had in me. It’s my home, but I still get treated like a slave. Truth is, she obviously never wanted me and to her, I’ll always be nothing but that worthless child in the family who serves as nothing but an annoyance. My name is Zora and I’m a nineteen year old Omega. My mother has two daughters, my younger sister and myself, but unlike the way my mother treated me, Lily was treated like she was the princess of the house. She has never bothered to hide her favouritism since I could remember. I knew one of the reasons why they hated me so much, one of the actual, glaring reasons why my mother and sister were so cruel to me, was because it was no news to the pack how beautiful I am. More times than I could count, Lily would get mad at me for getting the most attention despite not wearing exquisite dresses like hers or getting my hair done by an extravagant stylist the same way she does. I always still manage to make heads turn whenever I walk out and Lily has always hated that. Like it was my fault for attracting people without even trying. When I was done cleaning, I picked up the bucket to leave the room when the sweet aroma of cooked steak filled my nose. My stomach churned once again and hesitantly, I made my way to the kitchen after disposing of the dirty water. Washing my hands, I picked up a plate to serve myself since I was already done with most of my chores except the laundry that I felt like I could do after I finished eating. “What do you think you’re doing?” Lily’s angry voice rose behind me and I tensed before slowly turning to look at her with the plate of food I had just served myself. I noticed the elegant new dress she was wearing and the fact that she’d done her hair recently was so obvious due to how shiny her curls currently are. She had makeup on and her face was all caked up. I was itching to tell her how beautiful she was naturally and how she doesn’t need to try so hard but I bit my tongue and forced those words down. Lily and I have never been close enough for me to say things like that to her. “I… I.. haven’t had anything since yesterday. I’m hungry.” I responded quietly. I held out a tiny piece of hope that my sister would at least understand my plight and allow me to fill my stomach. “So you thought about entering the kitchen looking like a bag of garbage?!” She yelled as she reached out and tugged the plate from my grip and deliberately dropped it. it shattered at once, the food splattered all over the kitchen’s floor which I had thoroughly scrubbed some minutes ago. I saw red at once and was tempted to pick up a piece of the broken plate and use it to redesign her face. My mother came running moments later, halting those thoughts at once. Lily immediately sought solace in her arms as she cried, “look at her, mother. She just touched your pot and broke your plate, and I also saw her spitting into the food after serving herself– without your permission!” Lily reported like I’d committed an unforgivable crime and also unsurprisingly adding in a lie. She was the reason the plates broke in the first place but who cares? I shouldn’t be in the kitchen in the first place, after all. “You know what, sweet? You were about to go birds watching with those lovely alphas, right? Go ahead, I’ll take care of this mess here.” Mother spoke softly to Lily and I almost rolled my eyes in irritation, stomach churning at her referring to me as a ‘mess’ right now. After a few back and forth, Lily exited the kitchen, leaving our mother alone with me. The anger on her face was indication that this wasn’t going to end well for me. “Are you done with your chores?” She asked with a resounding slap that I could’ve sworn made me go deaf at once if it weren’t for the multiple ringing of bells that I could still hear. She made sure I understood that she meant business before finally leaving me to continue my chores, and once again, leaving me to wonder about how I was unfortunate enough to land a mother like this. —- Approaching once again was the yearly ritual of sacrificing an untouched daughter from a chosen family to the moon god. While I despised it, the tradition persisted. This ritual, meant to appease the moon god for strength and riches, worked alongside the moon goddess' role of bestowing mates, love, and fertility upon werewolves. As if my life wasn’t troubled enough, my family had to be the one to be selected from the thousands of families this year. I wasn’t dumb, I knew what that meant for me since I was the least favourite of my parents’ two daughters. I was hated and it felt like existing was my only crime. My mother would definitely offer me up as the sacrificial lamb without hesitating, and I was proven right because she stormed into the house about thirty minutes later and pinned me with a look that said it all. “Mother please, they’ll kill me.” I cried out desperately as I stared at my mother who had no flicker of emotion shown on her face. The days that followed were almost comical.The entire family had been tense these past days and mother wouldn’t speak to me, which only made me panic more. For days, I got treated like I wasn’t existing only for my mother to inform me that she has chosen me to represent the family, which I refused instantly. “You’re untouched, pure and also useless to the family, which is what the moon god really needs, who do you think fits into that description, you selfish prude!” She shot back at me and my body shook. I was going to die! Whoever is offered to the moon god was going to be killed but my mother didn’t care. “You’re going to be presented by this family and I don’t want to hear anything else from you!” She said firmly while I cried. She was holding Lily’s hands and both of them glared at me as Lily taunted. “We have a beautiful girl in the family already, we don’t need an ugly one to keep hanging around the house for nothing.” She crooned and I wanted to guage her eyes out. “But, mother. They’re certainly going to kill me. You don’t know what they do to those that get offered as a sacrificial lamb, please.” I pleaded profusely but my mother seemed to think I was a circus clown because she only Laughed at me without bothering to respond while Lily stared at me disdainfully. What did I ever do to her to deserve this kind of treatment? “Who would you rather have been chosen to be the sacrificial lamb?” She asked, her eyes blazing with anger and every word that came out of her mouth were like she was spitting fire. She closed the distance between us next, causing my breath to cease. “You would rather your sister go?” She edged slowly, I could hear the sound of my heart beating in my ears. “N… No.” I stammered out of fear as I had difficulty swallowing the bile that had already formed at the back of my throat. “Then what?!” The effect of her voice made me flinch as my palm started becoming so sweaty, the hairs at the back of my neck began to prickle and I could feel hairs standing in places that I didn’t think I had hairs. “You’re such a selfish bastard,” she spat at me angrily, “We’ve done basically everything for you but you’re so self centred that you would rather have your sister be offered as the sacrifice instead of you!” She finished. “It’s not…” I was still trying to talk when I felt a really hot and painful sting on my cheek. “You’re going to go through with the sacrifice and for once in your life, you’re going to make yourself useful for the family!” She shot at me and I had no idea when a sob made its way past my parted lips. Unable to speak, I watched as my mother stormed out with Lily in anger, leaving me to my own unfortunate plight.

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