Mated to a Werewolf

friends to lovers

"You are an idiot." I say to him.

He walks to the bed and lies on it like he owns the place.

"Yep, and I'm all yours." He puts his arms behind his head looking cocky.

I sigh. "Why are you here?"

"We're best friends right, best friends hang out together." He says giving me a smug smile.

"Yea you're right, and that's all we'll ever be." I say being cheeky.

"You wish." He says lowly.

I roll my eyes and yawn feeling tired. "Well you came for no reason, I'm going to sleep."

"That's even better, I can guarantee you that in my arms you'll sleep ten times better."

"You are NOT staying over." I point my finger at him.

He smiles but makes no attempt at leaving.

I cross my arms. "Hunter you are leaving now."

"No, I'm not." He shakes his head closing his eyes like he's resting.

I look at him annoyed.

He puts an arm over his head. "You want me gone, then you have to come here and get me out yourself."

(Yea and fall into your trap, I think not. I know exactly how to get you out.)

I open the door and Nala runs in jumping on the bed, one look at Hunter and she starts hissing at him.

"LIL! That's not fair." He says sprinting back to the window with Nala running after him. He climbs out but sticks his head in.

"Fight me all you want Lil, but you are mine." He blows a kiss and jumps down. I panic and run to the window but the asshole is fine and I sigh in relief.

Before he gets inside the car he turns to me and gives me a cocky smirk.

"He is persistent."

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Chapter One: Prologue
-If there is no spacing in the words, it is the app. I have edited the books over and over and from my side, the spacing is perfect.- My name is Lilith, Lilith Flores, I am half Latina but born and raised in the U.S. I live with my dad. My mom died when I was five. After that, my dad and I kept moving to different cities until we ended up here, a small town called Spring Valley.   I go to a school called Spring Valley High, yea very original, no? Well, to say that weird things happen here in Spring Valley is an understatement. From animal attacks, weird people passing through, and not to mention my best friend and his family. But even though people in this town are weird, I have grown used to it.  "Are you going to space out all day? Or are you going to keep score, Lil?" Hunter yells at me from the field.   I swat my hand in his direction letting him know that I don't care about any of that and he shakes his head unapprovingly.  I'm sitting here at the school field bleachers watching Hunter Lock do his thing. He is the quarterback and captain of the football team, the most popular guy in school, and my best friend. We met when I first moved here when I was eight. Some kid was trying to make me a target because I was the new kid and Hunter came out of nowhere and beat his ass up. We've been inseparable ever since.   Now, at that time I found it funny because the guy that was bullying me was two years older than Hunter and me, and Hunter was also a scrawny little kid but he still beat the guy's ass. Hunter is now one of the biggest guys in school with baby blue eyes and light brown hair, almost blond. He has muscles that drive girls crazy and rock hard abs.  He is definitely super-hot and most of his friends are as well... actually, they look freakishly big. Half of the guys in this school do.   Now thinking about it, it is kind of weird that the kids from our school look much more gifted in the body department than kids from other schools... must be in the water. Hunter is crazy attractive and he sleeps with any girl that throws herself at him... and that's a lot.  I don't judge him. Never have and he doesn't judge me either for my poor choices and that's probably why we are such good friends. Oh, and yes, I honestly think he's the most good-looking guy in the whole damned town but, I also see him as my brother and he sees me as a sister.   Hunter doesn't date girls, he just sleeps with them. I do date and when I date guys, the deal-breaker is that if they can't accept Hunter in my life, then I kick them to the curve and even though Hunter doesn't really date, he doesn't approve of his conquests being bitches to me either.  He's always looking out for me, and I look out for him even though I don't have to because he can definitely take care of himself.  I look into the field and see Hunter running in my direction, going near the cheerleaders.   "Hey, Hunter." The cheerleaders say to him when he passes by them.   He gives them what I call his killer smile and they swoon and giggle over him.   "Hey, you done? I want to go, I'm hungry!" I whine to him when he reaches me.  He sits next to me. "Girl chill."  "Chill? You know what happens when I get too hungry." I say crossing my arms.  "Yea, you go into your 'Latina' mode and your Puerto Rican side comes out." He says squinting his eyes at me. "Give me a few minutes so that I can take a shower at least."  "Fine fine... you have five minutes." I say.  He walks backwards towards the locker room, looking at me. "Yeah sure, thirty it is."  I stick my tongue out at him and he laughs turning around and running to the locker room.  Once he's out of sight, Nina, a cheerleader with black hair, big boobs, and icy blue eyes, walks over to me.  "So... will Hunter be going to my party on Saturday?" She asks me.  This is how it always is, the only reason they talk to me is to find out about Hunter. Not that I mind, I found out a long time ago that guys make better friends than girls do. Girls are vicious and I can't tolerate them. They make my savage side come out. Also, these girls have no shame in what they ask me either, from how big his c**k is to how good does he fuck... how am I supposed to know that? I have never seen him naked and we have never had sex.  (Dumb bitches.)  "Of course. He doesn't miss parties." I say looking back at my book.  She giggles. "Good."   She walks back to her friends and I watch her rolling my eyes. She'll just be another one for the book. Hunter doesn't date, he f***s and once he's bored of someone, he goes to the next one. It's not like he has to look hard, they practically jump in bed and spread their legs for him.  I pick up my stuff and go to the parking lot to wait for him there. And just like he is with girls, he is with cars. When he gets bored of a car, he gets a new one. Right now, he has a red Chevrolet Corvette of current year. He likes his expensive cars. Also, that's a reason I don't date any of the guys in Hunter's crew. They are just like him. They all say that there's no point in dating for them but they never tell me why.  I see Ian Asheton, my ex, walking out of the school. I don't want him back or anything like that but like hell I'll let him see me looking like a hag.  I take my small mirror out and check myself fixing my makeup and my long dark wavy brown hair. I have chocolate brown eyes and light tanned skin. I'm five-nine which is on the tall side for girls in our school and I have a curvy Latina figure... if that's even a thing I have a small waist but big hips and full B cup breasts, not big but I haven't had any complaints from guys yet.   I put my mirror away and lean on the car, trying to act normal.   "Hey, Lilith." He says walking by me giving me a smile.  I nod looking uninterested. "Oh, hey Ian."  His smile falls when he looks behind me. He turns around and walks away fast. I smile knowing that Hunter is behind me.  "You just scared him off. " I giggle turning around.  "Good. Means the fucker learned his lesson." He says unlocking the car.  We get in and he starts to drive.  "Are the guys going to be there?" I ask.  He nods. "Yea. They called me and are already waiting for us."  I look at him remembering Nina. "By the way, Nina was asking if you were going to the party. That girl wants to f**k you."  He laughs. "Good."  I roll my eyes.   We get to the diner in no time since the town is small. Once we head inside, the rest of the guys are already there, Ethan, Owen, and Nathan. All hunks of guys. Ethan is tanned, has green eyes and black buzzed hair. Owen has light skin, blondish with wavy beach hair that goes to his jaw, which he tends to put behind his ears and he has brown eyes. Nathan is Owen's brother with Nathan being a year younger than the rest of us. He is also light skin with blondish hair but he is shorter and his eyes are light brown and the boy loves to flirt with me.  "Dammit Hunter, you took your sweet time!" Owen says annoyed.  "I told him, but you know how he is." I say.  "I saved you a seat, Lil." Nathan says with a flirty smile.   "You're never going to tap that Nate, so stop trying." Hunter says.   The guys laugh but Nathan pouts.  "Yea because you always c**k block me." Nathan mumbles.  I gasp and hit his arm. "NATHAN!"  "Ok, ok, sorry Lil." Nathan says holding his laugh and rubbing his shoulder.   They always like to tease me.  "Ok so, the party on Saturday..." Ethan drifts off looking at me with hopeful eyes.  "Ah hell no! I am not being the designated driver on Saturday, you guys can suck it. I'm getting myself laid." I stick my middle finger out at them and Ethan and Owen laugh while Hunter groans annoyed.  He tends to be a little overprotective with me when it comes to guys but when I want something, I get it with or without his approval.  Nathan gasps and lifts his hand up. "I volunteer as tribute." He says smirking at me.  Ethan and Owen laugh but Hunter and I squint our eyes at him.  "No!" We both say at the same time.  "Oh wait, you mean as the designated driver? Okay." Hunter says now smirking.  "Hell no! I definitely meant s*x partner." Nathan says completely shameless.  I shake my head and Hunter narrows his eyes at him. Thank god the waitress comes and takes our order, taking us from this conversation that is going nowhere.   They all order and like always, Hunter orders for me. I am a creature of habit so he knows what I like. Once the food arrives, they all stuff their faces. I'm barely halfway with my food when the guys have already finished theirs.  "Why are you always so slow at eating Lil." Owen asks.  I look at him irritated. "Because I'm a delicate girl, unlike you sasquatches who inhale your food!"  They laugh. "Yea true about the girl but not so sure about the delicate part." Hunter says.  "Let me finish my food in peace." I say pouting.  He smiles and keeps talking to the guys.   "So, in less than a week you'll be turning eighteen. You think you'll find your mate?" Ethan asks.  I roll my eyes at their code talk. Seriously, they are like children. They have this way of talking with codes and s**t like that. Like for example, they have always called Hunter the alpha of the group. And they call Ethan the beta of the group. I don't even know what the hell a beta is but that's how they talk. Hunter told me that that's how they always talk since they were little and to not pay attention to them. I mean they even have a code name for a girlfriend, a mate. What the hell is that? Who calls their girlfriend a mate? They are so weird, just like this whole town. But I do what everyone else does and ignore it.  Hunter gives me a side look because he knows I think they are stupid when they talk like that.   "Don't know, we'll see." He says looking back at them.  "... And why would hunter find a mate." I say air quoting the mate part, mocking them. "He doesn't date. In fact, none of you do. So why would turning eighteen change that?"  They look at each other nervously. "No reason, it's just guy talk. Don't worry about it." Hunter says.  I roll my eyes and continue eating my food.  "So Lil, I found a small puppy yesterday. Want to come over to see it?" Nathan says wiggling his eyebrows at me.  I shake my head. "I will never be alone in a room with you."  He laughs.  "Nathan, stop trying." Hunter says annoyed and Nathan chuckles.  "There isn't even a puppy is there?" I squint my eyes at him.  "No, but I saw a wolf in my backyard a night ago." He says.  I shiver and unconsciously take my hand down to my ankle, caressing the scar that I have. There are a lot of wild animal attacks that happen in this town so wolves, along with anything with big teeth, scare the hell out of me. Sometimes I think I'm crazy that I want to be a vet.  Once we are done, we head out and Hunter and I go to my house to work on our history project. He parks in front and we head inside.   "Hey beba, how was school?" My dad asks.  "Boring like always." I say.  Hunter rolls his eyes. "You just don't like interacting with others."  My dad smiles. "Hunter my boy, you keeping her in check."  "Oh of course Mr. Flores, she's always getting in trouble but I do my best to keep her out of it." He says giving me a smirk.  I gasp. "You liar! It's the other way around."  He chuckles and walks up the stairs to my room. My dad smiles and shakes his head looking, back at his work. I go upstairs and Hunter is lying on my bed looking completely comfortable.   He looks up at me and smiles. "So, does your dad think we are making babies up here again?"   I groan. "Shut up! That was embarrassing enough the one time."  He starts laughing and wiggles his eyebrows but his smile falls when from beside him, we hear a hiss. Hunter jumps up from the bed and sprints, standing behind me and I laugh.  "Don't laugh, she's going to attack me again." Hunter says actually sounding worried.  "Seriously, you're the only one she attacks like that."   I keep laughing.  Nala runs to the bed, looking behind me with her eyes dilated and hissing.  "Lil, she's going to jump at me!" He holds me as a shield.  "Alright alright." I say still laughing.  I pick Nala up. "Come on sweetheart. Don't bother with him, he's a big baby." I say looking into her big yellow eyes.   He pouts and crosses his arms. "Aren't black cats supposed to be bad luck." He mumbles.  I roll my eyes. "I'm not superstitious and besides, you're the one that gave her to me."  "Yea and I don't regret that at all." He says mumbling and looking away, obviously being sarcastic.  I take her out of the room and close the door. "Ok enough goofing around, let's get to the project." I say.  I get our books, throw them on the bed and we start our school work.     *"Beba" is Spanish for "Baby girl" in English. (Puerto Rican Spanish. Other Hispanic/Latin countries might spell it differently or say it in a different way. Same goes for all the other Spanish words in this book.)

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