The Dragon's Fight

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“We are just trying to make sure you actually will be able to be crowned queen,” Liam said. “Going to war … many die.”

I could see the pain in my brother’s eyes. He had before been sent out like the rest, fighting against other humans trying to take more control over the lands. My father could not have such traitors running around causing trouble for him, so my brothers had been sent out together with a big army and had taken care of these things. I had seen only half of that army return. Sadly.

“I can protect myself.

“You have never fought in one!” Liam said.

“Now I will …”

“Laelia …”

“Am I the white dragon, or are you?” I asked him.

He sighed, closing his eyes for a little while before answering,

“You are.”

“And am I the one who will sit on the throne ruling the North and the South?”

“Yes …”

“Then why should I not fight in this war? I can’t speak to these people asking them to give up their lives, if I am not even willing to risk mine!” I said.

“But they aren’t the future queen!”

“No, but a queen is nothing without her people! I cannot ask them to risk so much if I am not willing to fight along side them. They are my people and I will protect them with everything in me.”


Laelia now knows the truth about everything. Her uncle's betrayal ... She needs together with Ashes and her brothers to find help around Acardia and assemble an army ready to fight her uncle, who now rules the North and the South, but things are never easy, and making people go to war, is harder than she believed it would be.

Ashes brothers are dead, but sadly the crown is still not his. Him and Laelia stand stronger than ever, but the two of them are again pulled in different directions.

Will the two of them finally be able to sit on the throne together? Or will this war take everything from them?

*Book Three*

Recommended to first read: The Dragon's Call and The Dragon's Love

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Chapter 1
Note: This is a darker fantasy, not following the "typical" dragon plots. Be aware of described violence, k*dnapping, and death. -Laelia- “F*ck …” I tried lifting myself just a little and over the vase I had found, so I could puke everything I had inside of me out. The violent waves in my stomach threatened to spill everything I had inside of me, and it just got worse and worse throughout the day. It had been like this for a week now. I knew what was going on. No one had to tell me, and maybe that was why I had told no one. Or maybe I had said nothing, since I knew what would happen if I did. I would become the fragile Laelia again. The one who needed to be protected from everything around her. The one who would not be allowed to go on any mission. Yes, that was not happening. We were leaving today to go to the East to talk to the nymphs. From there we would go to the North, where I would sneak inside and free Pymyrth. It would be Ashes’s job to convince Mefan in the South to fight with us as well. He had finally, after weeks, shown his face, and he had decided to show up in the South where he had gotten very comfortable on the throne with Erika beside him, carrying his next heir. It was a disgusting sight, and I wasn’t talking about the age difference, but the fact the two of them just reminded me of the death of my brother and their betrayal cut deep into my heart. “Laelia!” I could hear Liam calling for me. He was going on this mission with me. He and Samuel were travelling with me, while Ashes and the rest would try to convince Rathilion’s father for the millionth time to fight in this war. His father still hadn’t agreed, and Rathilion needed help. It was starting to drive him crazy. His father was a stubborn man, and he refused to get involved in anything that had any resemblance to war, but he was forgetting if we did not bring war to my uncle, he would just bring war to us. “Laelia?!” I quickly straightened myself, wiped my mouth with the back of my sleeve and put the vase down behind some statue, acting like nothing was wrong, even though I was ready to throw up again. Why now?! Why in this second did God decide to bless me with a pregnancy? It was insane, and it sure was bad timing. “There you are.” Liam finally appeared around a corner, smiling, but the smile quickly disappeared as he looked at me. “Are you okay?” I nodded. Too weak to speak and too afraid I might puke on him if I tried to. “I called you three times; you did not answer. Are you sure you are okay?” he asked. I cleared my throat and tried my luck with my voice. “Of course,” I said. It sounded hoarse and wrong, and he was watching me carefully, but eventually he accepted my answer and stopped looking at me suspiciously. “Are you ready? We are leaving now,” he said. “I am ready …” I was really not ready. I felt sick and tired and all I wanted was a long bath and some water, because I could not keep any food down. That was clear. “Good, but I need to tell you Tylon is coming too,” he said. Tylon … While Tylon had gotten so much better, he still had a long way to go. Rathilion had used these needles on him that he had used to treat Ashes with as well, but Tylon had been under their effect longer than Ashes, and therefore, it took more than the needles to recover. He needed time to get his mind right and understand everything. Mayla was often at his side, playing a little game of true or false. He would ask her a question about us or him, and she would tell him if it was true or false. For some reason, he trusted every word that came out of her mouth, and it was nice to see he had not lost complete faith in all of us, but he had a good way to go. “Are we sure that is a good idea?” I asked. I didn’t mind Tylon coming. He was family to me, but I had enough to worry about, and I didn’t want him suddenly accidentally turning on us because his mind still wasn’t cleared of all the evil magic and torture. “He insisted and so did Ashes, since he couldn’t come,” Liam said. “Ashes thought it was a good idea?” I asked. Liam nodded. “Apparently so,” he said. “Samuel just told me." I looked at the ground for a while, thinking it over. It sounded a bit strange, but if Ashes trusted him, then so did I. We had not had a lot of time together lately. We were always planning and barely sleeping or having any time alone together, and when we finally did, we would always be so tired we just fell right asleep. It was a bit of a surprise that I had even gotten pregnant. But of course, once we woke up and before we headed to any meetings, we made sure to spend some time together, without clothes. “Well, if Ashes thinks it is a good idea, then we just have to trust him,” I said. “Of course, but what do you think? I am sure they would understand if you didn’t feel okay with this. It will be a dangerous journey, after all. I don’t think the nymphs would be of much help, and even if we free Pymyrth, there is no guarantee, he will help. We can’t even say if the elves will or Mefan,” he said. “Mefan said we had a common enemy and if I ever wanted to work with him, I should just come find him,” I said. “I have talked to Ashes about Mefan and Tylon. They both say he never does anything that he doesn’t gain from.” “And he will gain from fighting my uncle. My uncle will not just let Mefan be, so trust me. He will help us,” I said. “If you say so,” Liam said and held up his hands. “Tylon is coming … if he wants to. He needs a chance to prove himself to us. I think that is why he is insisting,” I said. Liam nodded. “Very well, we trust you, my queen,” he said teasingly. I rolled my eyes at him. “Libelle and Kayda are already driving me crazy with that queen thing. You aren’t starting!” I warned him. He just laughed as we walked towards the entrance, where our horses were waiting and Samuel and … the rest. I stopped at the top of the stairs, seeing everyone was there, waiting for us. I looked at Liam, who just smiled at me, and then walked down the stairs. I followed him, and Ashes walked over to me, wrapping his arms around me and bringing me close, kissing me like this would be the last time he kissed me. “Be careful,” he whispered when he finally pulled back. “I always am,” I said and winked. I was reckless, and we all knew it, so it just made him laugh, but things had changed for me now. I was not just risking my own life anymore. I looked at Ashes for a little while. Should I tell him? Yet I decided not to. I would tell him once this war was over, or if I could no longer hide it. Right now, he didn’t need to be concerned about me. He needed to focus, and so did I. “So, is this some sort of goodbye party?” I asked and looked at everyone. They just smiled. “Something like that,” Henry said and winked at me. “You sure about this?” Carter asked. “Why do you all continue to ask me that? Tell me again how many times I have saved all of you?” I asked and laughed. “We are just looking out for you,” he said. I nodded. They always were, and I appreciated it, but I could look out for myself. Besides, I was no longer the same girl leaving the North to live in the South as their prisoner. I was queen, and I carried the future heir to the North and South. “Let us get you up on the horse,” Ashes said. “Before, I can’t let go of you.” I kissed him shortly. “I will be fine,” I said. I walked over to my horse, and Ashes lifted me onto it. I swung one of my legs on the other side, and looked at my brothers and Tylon, who moved up on their own. Then I turned to Ashes who still stood beside me. He smiled a sad smile at me, and I understood. This was not easy for either of us, but I was well protected, not just by my brothers. Around my waist, I carried the sword Rathilion had given me, but on my back, I had James’s sword secured around me. The sword was made of dragonglass. I really would be okay. “I will be back soon,” I said. “Or I will come find you,” he promised me. I smiled at him before I nodded once at everyone. This would not be the last time we saw each other. I promised myself that, as we turned our horses and started to ride away.

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