A Beta's Half-Blood

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“Get out,” I told him.

“Are you going to come with me?” he asked calmly.

“I already gave you my answer!”

He shook his head.

“Are you going to come with me, sweet Harper, or am I going to have to take you with kicking and screaming? Because I promised you, I would,” he reminded me.

I walked closer and jabbed my finger into his chest.

“You don’t get to do anything to me! Or tell me what to do! I make my own choices, and I do not let myself be bullied, so you and my father, and my cousin, and whoever else out there who won’t leave me ALONE can go to hell!” I sneered angrily. “I am not leaving!”

“Is that your final answer?”

“Do I need to repeat myself?” I inquired, crossing my arms. “I. Am. Not. Leaving!”

He nodded slowly, then grabbed his jacket from the back of the chair. “Very well,” he conceded. “Just remember this moment.”

“What?” I questioned.

“The moment you had a choice,” he elucidated.


Harper isn't just stubborn. She's fiercely protective of herself, scarred by past disappointments that leave a lasting mark. Determined never to relinquish control again, she decides her life is hers alone to govern, refusing to be swayed by those who claim to know better. She promises herself that she won't succumb to any wolf's allure or be drawn into their world. But she hadn't anticipated the magnetic pull of Archer.

Archer isn't kind or gentle. He's shrouded in darkness, a product of Hunter's influence. He's the wolf determined to possess Harper, willing to dismantle and reconstruct her to suit his desires. She may despise him, but escape isn't an option. He'll stop at nothing to make her his own, even resorting to abduction, confinement, and secrecy.

*Book Nine*

Recommended to first read: A Bite From An Alpha King, A Beta's Undying Love, A Second Chance Mate, A Luna's Broken Heart, An Alpha's Choice, An Alpha's Dark Secret, A Luna's Power and An Alpha's Favor

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Chapter 1: Distracted
Note: This series is a darker werewolf series not following the usual "plot" of fated mates. Be aware of darker elements such a described violence, abuse, k*dnapping and being conditioned.  -Harper- "You know those are for patients!" Kathy exclaimed, taking the big plastic bowl of lollipops away from me. She then reached over the desk and plucked the lollipop from my mouth, making a popping sound. I reached out, trying to retrieve it. "Hey!" "And this has gone on long enough," she stated. "What has?" I asked innocently, reclaiming the lollipop and popping it back into my mouth. Mmm, apple flavor. "This," she said, extending her hand towards me. I glanced down at myself, but I looked the same as usual. I was in my scrubs, of course, and my white doctor's coat with my badge clipped on, labeled "Doctor Vinson". That was me. "I'm not sure what you're saying," I replied. "Something's up with you, and it has been for like a month!" she exclaimed. "It worries me!" "I'm fine!" I lied. Yeah, fine... Besides the fact that I wasn’t sleeping, food tasted like nothing, my body ached all the time, and I longed for the touch of someone I had tried my best to erase from my mind. I was distracted, irritated, and so horny. I had never been like this before. I had never really had to take care of myself, but now all I could think about when I couldn’t sleep was a certain werewolf who had left his imprint all over my body. "Right," Kathy said skeptically. "And my boobs are real." My eyes automatically darted down to her breasts, pressing against her shirt. They weren’t overly large, smaller than mine, but she had clearly had them enhanced because, as she claimed, she had practically nothing before. "Hey! Eyes up here!" she teased. I shrugged innocently and looked at her again. "Listen, I'm fine. I'm just... experiencing some insomnia lately." "When do you not have insomnia?" she retorted. "Are you saying I'm not taking care of myself?" "Have you ever?" she countered. She crossed her arms over her chest, looking smug. I rolled my eyes and spun around in the chair I was sitting on. It was my break, and I had come to the trauma center where Kathy worked, but I was still restless. I constantly had to do something, all because of someone who must not be named, because even his name had me doubling over in pain, my body aching so much it longed for him. It's just a natural reaction, I had told myself initially. He had given me my first orgasm, and therefore my body had become addicted. The solution would probably be to find someone else who could do the same for me, you know, get someone into my system so I could get him out. But just the thought of someone else touching me gave me goosebumps. "You need a vacation," Kathy pointed out. "I don’t go on vacations." "And that is exactly why you need one." I waved my hand dismissively before spinning around in the chair again. Kathy walked around the desk, placed her hand on the back of the chair, and stopped me. "And you need to get laid." "Kathy!" I groaned. "Seriously. I've been saying this for years. You need someone to rock your world, someone who will make you feel better," she insisted. I had already had someone rock my world, and I was definitely not better. I was much, much worse. Now I couldn’t concentrate. Now I was just... useless, really, and I hated feeling like that. What was even worse was that Arch... I mean, the person I was trying not to think about, had said he would come for me after a month. But would you look at that! It had been a month and he was not here. I didn’t want to feel so disappointed because it was a good thing he wasn’t. It meant my words had finally gotten through his thick skull, and he had understood that I just wanted to be left alone. At the same time, I tried telling myself the only reason I was disappointed was that I had been let down again. Another person who didn’t keep their promises. I was just tired of it. But why... why did it also have to hurt that he hadn’t come? "I'm good,” I assured her. “No, seriously, we should go out this Friday, and we will find you someone,” she suggested. “I don’t think so,” I replied. “Come on! You need this!” "What I need is sleep." "I am not arguing about that, but coming a few times on a big c**k usually helps with that,” she remarked. “Jesus Kathy, not very appropriate in a workplace,” I chided, rising from my chair to lean against the other desk behind me. “Relax,” she waved her hand dismissively. “No one heard.” “I really just think we should talk about something else,” I suggested. It wasn’t that Kathy made me uncomfortable. I was used to her talking like this. The problem was the only one I wanted to make me come was someone I couldn’t want and shouldn’t want. “Come on, don’t tell me I am wrong. Don’t you just want someone to take you and make you feel so damn good?” she pressed. “Not really,” I admitted. “Liar! You are in desperate need of orgasms!” “That’s why the vibrator was invented,” I retorted. She laughed and nodded. “This Friday. Say yes.” “Why is this so important to you?” I asked. “Because you are my friend, and friends look out for one another. Besides, I have seen you push yourself, but this is just beyond that. I think you are keeping secrets from me.” “What secrets?” I asked innocently. “That is what I hope some tequila shots can tell me,” she said, pointing at me. “It’s not d**k, is it?” “No, I can handle him.” She sighed and shook her head. “I wish you didn’t have to.” “I am not the only one.” “No, I know. This world just favors white men, protecting them from their own horrible actions,” she said bitterly. Dick had tried getting with Kathy too, but after kneeing him once in his bellowed private parts, he had kind of let it go. “Yeah, the world sucks, tell me something I don’t know,” I said. She rolled her eyes. “Friday.” “Kathy.” “Come on!” she insisted. I clenched my jaw, annoyed by this conversation, and I just wanted to get out of here as fast as I could, so I did something I knew was a bit of a d**k move. “Wow, it is really quiet today,” I remarked. Kathy gasped, wide-eyed, her jaw dropping to the ground. “You didn’t,” she said. “Oh, I did.” And like on cue, someone was rolled through the automatic doors, paramedics quickly reciting everything that was wrong with the patient, and Kathy glared at me before going to help the doctors and nurses who were all assisting the injured person, bleeding from several wounds. I quickly made my escape and walked away, almost with a satisfied smile, until I came around a corner and froze. “Dad?”

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