The Big Talk

2524 Words
Addison P.O.V I head up to my room after I got back from the movies with Bane. He is so calm and so kind. I just love spending time with him. He is like a big teddy bear when you need a hug or a cuddle, such a fantastic guy. I am like, oh s**t, it's 8:24 PM, and I need to go over to meet Mr. Cranky pants. O, in his room. I was like, well, I better just read some before I have to meet him. I was out my bay window reading a book. I then see his bedroom light turn on, then I hear giggling and moans coming from his room, then I am like, nope not hurting anymore gonna ignore it, and it doesn't bother me at all not anymore, but I am lying to myself it does hurt it's shattering me to pieces. I do not want to feel this way. I should just date Bane; he is perfect, but I feel like the force of love is towards O, even though he is horrible and hurtful towards me, but when I look into his eyes, I see that he has guilt and emptiness, then it's gone as soon as he looks away and starts his s**t again. I hear a girly moan and say, "Oh O yes, baby, more yes." Then I hear a manly grunt," f**k Yes, Baby, take my c**k" I look at the watch mine, and it's 8:45 PM right now. I was like, Ew, I am not going over there now. I am heading to bed. I head to my bathroom and take a nice hot bubbly bath. I am relaxing and just shutting the world around me off to stay quiet and calm. I have my music playing, just minding my own business. I was, oh well, what I look at the clock in my bathroom and it says it's 9:07 PM I was like so just stay here and take it slow washing my body and hair and just soak in here. As I was relaxing in hot water, I heard a bang on my bedroom bathroom door. I was like, what is it? I thought it was my dad or mom, but the banging was like someone was angry. I was about to say I'll be out in a minute, but then I heard some angry say, "Get your f*****g ass out here now," O says. I was like, damn, not again, I feel the pull again. "I just grab my towel and come out," I said. I got out of the tub, and then I grabbed the towel, then opened up the door, and then my heart was beating super fast when I noticed it was Orion, very pissed off. I see him huffing and puffing, and it looks like he also just got out of the shower. I am holding on to the towel for dear life when I see his eyes eyeing my body up and down, then I thought I was seeing things when he licks lips. I am like, "Yes, O, what do you need me for"? I said. He stares at me, then he comes near me, then he grabs me and throws me on the bed. I was like f**k, what are his plans with me? I thought. He gets up on top of me and starts to touch me and starts to kiss my neck, then he is like, "You are a naughty girl for not showing up in my room" Then he is like breathing in my scent, and then he licks my neck. I push hard for him to get off of me. "I waited for you to come over. I was going to show you who you belong to," He says. "You don't own me," I said to him. I glared at him, and then I saw him grabbing his groin and making a small grunt. I was like, I am turning him on, wow little old me, I thought he hated me and calling me names, and now he is here and pissed off of what?. "Oh O, just leave my room now. I do not need this hope. You are showing me, but I am not going to fall for it. Besides, I already moved on, so get out." I heard a growl, and then I felt my towel get torn off of my body; then I felt his hands on my hips and started to kiss my lips hard and rough. Then between kisses, "Your.. {kiss} Mine...{kiss} No other guy gets what's mine". He says between kisses. "No, I am not yours, so get that, but before I could finish my rant at him, he slams his lips down on mine again and sticks his tongue in my mouth and moves over my lips, then he also moans he dry humps me and moves my legs apart with his. I am sure this is more like it kissing. I love this with O, and I start to moan, and then I kiss him back. I was about to let him go farther with the touching and grabbing and the kisses, but when I heard the buckle of his pants. I am like, no, I am not going to have s*x with you to be used." I am saving myself for the man that loves me and only me." So O, do you love me"? He sits up and just stares at me, then he is like, "Baby, you know you want my c**k. You've been daydreaming for years now. So this is your chance to be with me tonight" I was like, "No, that is not what I asked you just now" I am watching and waiting for his response, then he is like yeah, sure, if you stay away from guys." I was like, "I am friends with, the Bane and you won't take my only friend away, and besides, I like him more than a friend, and I do believe he likes me more than a friend,d also." I feel O, hands on me, and then he is messaging my breast very hard and then bends down and takes my n****e in his mouth. I push him away, and then I was like, "NO O, go home." I said brokenly. He gets frustrated with me, then he holds my hands in one hand, then with his other hand, O is moving towards my v****a with his fingers, then he is flicking my clit and pinches it then I was like, "Oh wow, O," I am moaning. He is kissing my lips, then he is like, "Wow, you are a very loud damn girl, you love that, don't you? You know I am the only guy who can make you c*m. c*m Addie, and then the fun begins after you c*m. "Oh OH Oh, Stop O, not like this. I wanted you to treat me better than this, please don't use me for this please I beg you please O, I love you, and I always have, but if you don't feel the same way, stop this, okay". O, "Don't you get it? I can't stop, but I just know I was f*****g pissed when I had seen the new guy staring at you when he came into the Café, and he had only eyes for you, that pissed me the f**k off" So yeah, I can't stop this, I want you every since I have seen you coming out with a towel on only." I was just going to tell you to stay away from the guy, and that was that, but I have this force to take you and make you mine". I have no idea why"? I said to him like super fast. "So your mine" and Only mine." Then O, he is kissing me hard and rough again, then I feel his finger slip through my folds and enter me; I am not up for this because of the way he just got me off. I am so weak and just want to go to bed. Then I hear him say, "Come on, baby, let me f**k you. I know this is a dream that would come true for you, so come on, let me f**k you and make you cream over my c**k, baby, let me make you mine." I heard the tingle of his belt buckle getting taken off of him, but I am in my right mind. I want to do this too. I kiss him this time, and then I was like, okay, this is one of the things I repeatedly dream for this moment to happen. Still, I feel him spread my legs apart, and then I feel him kiss my lips then he is working down my body towards my breast. He is licking and sucking on my boobs and n*****s, then he is kissing down my belly and then kisses me on my neither lips, and then he is eating my p***y, and then I am coming again. I see he is naked, and he is opening a condom open, then he is about to put it on. I had other ideas for his c**k right now, so I got up on my fours, and then I started to look at his c**k; wow, he is enormous, he looks at me, then he smirks, oh don't worry, I will fit. I grab his c**k then I bend down and make a lick up towards his head, then I feel his pulse in my palm of my hand, then he is grunting, "f**k do that again." I do it again and again ." f**k, baby more,. "he grunts out. I am so addicted to his flavor; I loved tasting him. "Suck me beautiful," he says out to me. I am like, wow, he called me beautiful, I thought. I suck his c**k like a pro. I read how to do it. Then he is getting angry. "How did you learn how to suck c**k"? I look up at him, and then I say, "Oh that" I lick and watch his reaction. "Oh yeah, I read about it, and how do you perform it." I sucked harder and down more of his c**k in my throat; I was thinking I wish I could get him all the way in, and then the next thing I know, I felt spread more out in my mouth. I got him all the way down my throat, and I am moaning and bobbing up and down; I might as well make it the best night of our life's well mine if it's not his anyway. When I realized he stared at me, I felt a gush in my mouth as I heard O say, "f**k me, yes, oh yes f**k me, that was good." I open my mouth and show him I swallowed it. Then he is kissing me on my lips, and then I feel his arousal of his on my thigh, then I feel him put the condom on, then he is kissing and touching me, then he is like, "Are you, ready baby." "Yes, I am ready." I felt his tip before I heard the doorbell ring, then my cell had the ringtone of Bane calling. I am like looking up at O, please keep going, so when I look up at him, he wanted to make sure I was ready, and then I feel his lips on my lips. I feel him go in more and then more and I feel a pinch, then I muffle my scream. Wow, it's over. I am not a freaking virgin now, I thought. Am I like, wow, that is s*x? I look over at O, and he is so worn out. Then I thought back before going to his house; he already had s*x with someone else. "Gross" Then he is like, "What" then he is glaring at me. I was like, "Ewww," then he is like, "Again what." "You just f**k someone in your room before you came over here." "Oh that, I was alone, that was a video of me f*****g Elise the Senior last year; she was a screamer." I was like, why would you do that. make me think you were f*****g someone before you wanted to have that talk with me, or should I say f**k you wanted from me". I am just so upset; that is why I didn't go over there". "Wait, you're lying to me, I can feel it." "You know what gets out of my room" You got what you want, now get out." O P.O.V "Fine, whatever, I am leaving anyway. I got what I wanted, and I am going to brag to Jarrod and the rest of the boys", good p***y you have, and now I am heading home, oh to be sure your mine whenever I want you. "We keep this hush okay, like secretly f*****g buddies deal" I hope she says no, please be different than the other girls, I was thinking. Addie looks up at me, then she is like, "f**k, no O, I will not be a side chick and a secret. f**k You". I leave the room after I get my clothes and shut the door of Nerd'sNerd's bedroom, and go out of her house with a smile on my face. I am so proud of her for having a backbone for standing up for herself about being like the other chicks. God, I love her, something is pulling me to her, and it gets more decisive more year after year, but it's so strong this year. I am lying in my bed. I still have the Nerd'sNerd's taste on my lips, and my tongue tasted so delicious. I want her only, but I need to stay with Julie and show my rep that I only wish her and the other chicks, not Addie. They all call me Number One Sexy Stud, both of my other boys are Jarrod and Kyle. They also have nicknames like I do. Anyway, I am in bed thinking I really want to f**k Addie again. God, she was the fantastic f**k I had ever had, damn so f*****g tight also responsive with every bit of touch or thrust I gave her. I hope she understands I am not brave like she is. I need to be up on top. I always had to be that way. I fall asleep thinking of the things I did with her tonight, and she is right. I did f**k some side chick before I was supposed to meet her up in my room; I f****d that b***h because Addie pissed me off. How she was looking at the new guy, I just wanted to rip that dude's head off and just stump on it to the ground. I never felt like that before. So yeah, I had Dallas come over, and I f****d her hard and fast. Yeah, I know I f**k Dallas on the side, and Kyle has no clue.
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