The nerdy Goddess and her bully mate

arranged marriage
childhood crush

{s****l Content Warning} Rated 18+

Addison Silence is a normal 12th grader in High school, but is she?

The Nerd Genius has a lot going on when she turns 17, less than 2 weeks from now. She will find out she will be having changes in her appearance, and she will show powers. She gets freaked out when she has a bad day during school because of O and his gang. She comes home super mad, and her stuff turns on, and she asked her parents what is going on, and that is when she finds out she is special, she is a goddess.

She is not the only one going to be having changes, but she doesn't know, but Orion Powers already started early in his life. He will have his eyes open to what is in front of him all this time her Addison was the love of his life, but is it be too late for him to get her to be with him after how he mistreated her, just made her life a living hell, even his girl has been doing that since she caught Addison watching her boy toy of the year.

Addison Silence is :

The Next Heir

The Princess

The Ruler of Hearts.

Her Mother is Aphrodite, and her Father is Sancus. They're the God and Goddes of Love and Loyalty.

She doesn't know that. Her family kept this secret until she turned 17 years old. She was destined to Marry Orion because his Parents are gods also.

His parents are Zeus and Hera, The God of Sky and Thunder. She is the Queen of the Gods.

I have been in love with Orion since I first met him when he and his parents moved right beside me. He bullies me and torments me from the start. He would shove in my face all the kindness and love he showed to his girlfriend, and always kissing and holding his Cheerleader girlfriend Julie, I don't care for her last name, but it is Knight.

He always saying stay silent there Silence I was like yeah yeah, very funny their O, or should I say Jerk-Face Powers, he has always picked on me and shove me in the locker and always gave me hell, and I have no idea why he is so awful and so means to me.

But one thing he should know is I had enough of his s**t and everyone else's.

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Tie Me With Only Hope..
 My name is Addison Silence. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I am 5'4, and I am the Nerdy Genius. Orion is calling for me." haha, loser, come over here," he says. I am so sick of them over there thinking they can give me a hard time like this. I hope they will leave me alone this year. Seriously let me be. I was thinking, and I was in the lunch line waiting for my food to be served. As I was waiting, I heard whistles and laughter. I rolled my eyes and looked over at the noise, then I looked over, and some girl was getting picked on by Kyle and Jarrod. I was thinking you are on your own, girl. I got my food,  and as I walked towards my table by the trash bins.  That is my new table because, you guess it, I am a loner with no friends, and everyone hates me. I hear O, say" Hey didn't I say come here" I looked over and pointed at myself, and he smirks at me and, with a nod and snaps his fingers at me. And I was like, damn it, and then I whispered, "No." Orion Powers is the hottest male I have ever met or seen with my own eyes. He has short platinum blonde hair and grey eyes. and he is 6'5. His father looks like an older version of O ! wow!. They both are so gorgeous, and even my father is handsome. But for me, nope, I am the Nerd with Brown curly locks, and I wear glasses, and the only thing I love about me is. My eyes. They are a unique kind of blue, like a stormy day blue. I have my father's eyes, and he can get out of trouble with the eyes. I hope one day Orion would look at me, like how he looks at the other girls. I wish he would look at me like that, but now he is calling for me. "Damn it, what now," I said under my breath. So let's start from the beginning of my torture of my classmates. And the gang that gives me s**t all the time, Queen B. and Orion, but people call him O for short. Anyway, back to my story. I will come back when lunchtime trusts me. Just let me start how it all went down anyway back to the Flash-Back..... I will turn 17 in two weeks from today, and I am in my last year of High school, and I am also at the top of my class. I am in a drama club also. I'm also a writer in the school newspaper. Life was good until the night of my 11th-grade summer. It was our junior's and seniors' bash. I was having a ball with Dallas. She has been my best friend for a long time since I remember. We grew up together. My parents and her parents went to school together, and they are very close, like family. Anyway, we were watching everyone dance, just having a great time. Then some were on the Mic. "Attention everyone, Julie has a video she wants everyone to watch for the class of 2020, so here it is,". she says to the Seniors of that year which is us. I thought, damn, what does she have up her sleeve now. FlashBack I am talking to Dallas, "Hey, do you think I should confess my feelings to O" but before Dallas would respond to me my question, my face went completely white as a ghost because I was like, oh s**t no, no no, that is when I heard something I never thought I would listen to again. I said," I hate it here, and everyone is stupid, and I can't wait to leave this hell hole and start-up fresh someone where no one knows me, and I finally get a guy that is not a jerk-face like Orion," which I heard myself say. But then I was like, okay, not too bad, but then I started to talk to myself, saying, "You can do this and tell him how you feel, just say the words." "I Addie is in love with you, Orion, and I always have been. I want you to be with me and not Ms. Thing that thinks that has your heart", I say. After that, I looked over to see if he was responding, and there was no response of any kind. When Dallas and I added our answers, I noticed that he looked at me and started laughing. I was like, oh s**t, please just be only me that can hear that. I thought, but when I looked over, and I saw Julie glaring at me. The rest of my classmates and the seniors were staring at me and just giving me the death glare. I look over at them again, and I see O and his guy friends smiling and laughing at me; then I see him going towards me, but then he says, "Nope, ain't going to happen, so stop fantasizing about me, loser" He said. I have tears in my eyes. Then I look over at Dallas, and she is glaring at me, and she is mad at me. "Why did you say that Addie, why would you think about that even about me. I thought we were besties' '? she says., and then Julie says, "Hey Dallas girl come over her Jarrod wants to ask you something." She says to my best friend that I didn't know when it happened, but I just lost my best friend forever. She smiling Jarrod he winking at her, pointed over to her, and crooked his finger to come over for her to talk to him. I had an awful day. Do you remember when I was dancing around my room when I felt someone throw a balloon full of slime right through the window and hit me right smack in the middle of my chest? I was like," Wait, Dallas, please let me explain. Well, that was the day when I did that recording; please forgive me and still be my friend, please Dallas," I said. And I waited and hoped for her to say she is still my friend. I was still talking, "I was super mad because O and his buddies did that. I was wearing a blush shade color shirt. It became see-through any way that Orion and his buddies throwing s**t full of that crap in balloons at my window, and I was like I had a bad day then I have seen, Julie, over there laughing at me with her bikini top on. Her hair looks like a messy s*x hair mess. It hurt my feelings knowing he has been with her. I was in such a state I just blew up and, I am so sorry I said that. Please don't give up on our friendship for them, please. I am sorry for what I said and made you sad; please, Dallas, my best friend. I whispered to her all of that. Then I hear her say," well, I will go over there and talk to Jarrod because you know I had a crush on him for years and so yeah," when she said that she wasn't even looking at me when she said all of this. And that is the end of our friendship. End of Flashback. Present Now "Get your nerdy ass over her," O shouts at me. "Damn it, what does he want now," I said under my breath. I didn't have time to eat breakfast. I am back in the lunch and sitting at my table now. I am finally eating food. I am starved.  My table was close to the trash bins because no one wants to sit with me, so I am at the loser table. So if notice yet, I lost my best friend that night, and the next day she is best friend with Julie and dating Jarrod, and she is the Co-Captain on the cheerleading squad, and she never looks at me, she just r picks on me as much as them. But the one that really gives me hell is O, and he is my bully.  Dallas sits back and watches while everyone else gets the chance to make my life a living hell. I'll never forget that fateful evening at our class's inside bash, hosted by our junior class students.   As I was sitting and eating my lunch, I looked over, and I am like, no no, no, look away. Why did I even look over there?  I kept ignoring his calls for me to come over there. So I paid no mind to his shouts and demands. But I had to look over there. What teenage girl won't when you heard you're the popular hollering for you to come over there in his space where everyone can see him talking to you. I know I wouldn't because I know what he will do to me. I am not falling for it again. Not this time. So guess what I do? There is Queen B, over there with my crush O making out with him, this hurts so bad, and they are feeding each other their lunch to one another. I f*****g look, and then I felt my heart split down the middle, and it just shattered into pieces. I was like, damn, I hate this feeling. I like to ignore and keep my eyes down. Just finished your food and then left, I said to myself.  I am not just going to get up without making a fuss, but stupid, I had to look back over there, again, and I see O staring at me. He is smirking at me and then winked. I was staring at him, hypnotized while he showed the tip of his tongue, and he started to lick his lips with his tongue. I gasp and drop my food off of my fork. I heard him laugh when I did that.  I was so shocked, and my mouth was wide open, so broad and so far. I heard someone walk by, "Shut your mouth before you eat a fly again like last time," and he started to laugh by walking away. I got out of the hypnotized drooling self I was in and thought of that time back in my 11th year.  What a lousy year. If it weren't for Dallas that had my back at the time, I would have run away from home. I am —not going there. Just forget about Addison, I told myself. I shook it off, and then I heard someone clear their throat, but  I didn't pay any attention.  I just had my head down now and ignored everyone around, especially Orion and his gang of bullies,  I stated to myself under my breath. But he is making it hard to ignore him when he is awful to me. What a jerk," damn it," I said under my breath. That one time, and it wasn't my fault Dallas was telling me a joke. To everyone at our table, gosh, I miss them days just goofing off, and no one gave me a hard time except O and his girlfriend, and their group of people, except Wyatt he was cool and nice and sometimes Kyle was also when no one was around. I would always be mean to the girl that would always stare at him. O, were the ones that always gave me a hard time. I am mean always gave me a hard time, but now it's just about anyone if they run into me or just having a bad day. Or was sitting there, minding my own business everyone thought it is okay to f**k with me and treat me like s**t. Then I was like, and I can't wait to graduate and get the hell out of this town, Teacher sucks, and students don't help out when I am getting bullied or want to sit with me. I am always alone and now no friends either. I want to leave, but before I can get up and go. I felt that someone is behind me, then I heard someone clear their throat again, but I don't want to look, but I was curious," who would be behind me. No one comes over this way and not behind me. I have a view of everyone that is sitting down in the cafe. I get up, then  I turn around, and there he is. O" Damn," I said out loud. I see O smirking, and then he licks his lips. "Silence," he says. He is so sexy,  I thought to myself, but he has a cold heart. I wish I can warm it up for him,  damn you, girl, and I told myself stops thinking like that. I hear him say, "Earth to Silence, hey can you listen to me yet, loser girl.” He commands.   I bring my tray up and get ready to leave with slow hands, but he stops me and says, "Hey, I need a word with you," He says, and I was like, "what" I say. He is like, "Well, it won't just be a minute, trust me, it will be before you know it,” He says and smiles towards me. I was like, "Go ahead, Orion," I say.   "Listen, you need to stop staring at me every time you see me. It is pathetic and just plain wrong, so stop it. You're making me lose my appetite. When I see you over here, you're just daydreaming of me, and it's not going to happen, so f*****g quite alright" Orion, angrily said. I'm being humiliated at the inside bash in front of everyone, not just my senior and junior classmates. Teachers and members of lower classes included. My heart is hurting so much. Nothing teachers are doing to help me. They are just starting to laugh until they see me crumble in a puddle. Then I hear his buddy Jarrod say, "It's okay, baby, you can look at me any time of the day you want, babe," he says,  with a wink. Then he starts to make out with his girl. When he laughs, she laughed with him; my old bestie betrayed me that night at the dance. And now she laughs at me, My old best friend Dallas, when she is done making out with Jarrod. Kyle is with Amy, and he is looking past everyone's head in the corner where the girl I think her name is Sam or something ran away from, and I was like, what on earth is he planning to do anyway I look over at Orion, and he is laughing. As Orion approaches, he grabs my chin and brings my face closer to his, and he makes me look deeply into his eyes. Wow! Such amazing blue eyes he has. He is like, "Okay, listen now and good, it will never be me, and you ever. You're a loser, ugly pimpled b***h that I hate; you are a waste of space.” O, shouts out loud. “I wish I never met you, so do get it out of your genius head and stop them damn dreams of being with me, got it," He says in a demanding tone while pushing me away from him. Then he catches me before I fall but then feels a powerful force to make me agree with him, so I do. Then he let go and was walking away, but I fell to the ground from the powerful push of his fingers on my face,  Then suddenly  I felt someone help me up. I look up and” Wow, thank you hmm, who are you?  I asked.   “Hey, I am new here. My name is Banner Knight. But please call me Bane,” he said while greeting me. “But anyway, can I sit with you, Miss"? He says. "Yeah, sure, of course, you can, and oh, my name is Addison, but you can call me Addie," I say. He is smiling and sits down beside me and puts his tray down on the table.  Then he nods.  We both sitting down at my table, then we both start to eat our food, talk, and having a fun time. I am smiling and enjoying myself with Banner, But before Banner could say another word, and looked behind me. He was glaring. "What is wro--" I didn't finish what I was saying because someone pulled me up and out of my chair. "Hey," I shouted. I felt pain because someone grabs me up from my table and pushes me out of the cafe. Someone pulled me out of the Café that is mad at me and then out to the hallway. We stop. I gasp, then I am looking up.   I get pushed, and then he says, "What the f**k do you think you're doing"? O demands. What now, I thought while I grab harder, and he is closer to my face than earlier. I was like, "What, O," I shouted out loud. I thought, where are the f*****g teachers? And they are seeing this and don't do anything about it. God, I can't wait to leave this place, I thought.  "Why are you grabbing me and marching me out of the Café when I was about to eat my lunch?". I demanded with his answer.   He laughs, and then he is like, "That is it, you a loser and loser you are coming over to my house later you. So you better be coming over to my house. I will be waiting in my room for you.” O, demands. “So you better be there or else” O, stated. “ And you better be there around Nine PM. You better do it too and better not be late or else got it," He said when he was watching my reaction to what he says. I nod, then he lets go of me, and then O, he says, “Ooh, one more thing for you to understand, stay away from the new guy," he demands. I can feel this pull for me to agree with him, but  I was like, I have to fight this force to agree with him; he always does this. I am like nodding again, damn it. I need to fight him. I get so tongue-tied when it comes to O,  Then he walks away, and he says over his shoulder, "Better not be late." I huff and walk back to the Café to finish my lunch, but it is too late. the bell rings, so I have to head to Gym now, and O and Jarrod are in class with me. "f**k" I scream out loud as I was saying that. I heard the new guy say, "Here, I thought you might be hungry' I smile, then I say "Thank you. I ask him, "What is his class now?" He opens his schedule" Oh, Gym, why"? I was like, damn wow, what such luck for me.   I thought I do not care what O says. I have a new friend, damn, he is gorgeous and very kind. I hope we become great friends. I grab his arm, and we walk down the hallway together towards the Gym. I have a big smile on my face until I walk around the corner, and that is where I see O and Jarrod kissing their girls goodbye before class starts. I see him glaring at me, and then he focuses down where I am, holding Bane's arm with my arm in the crook of his elbow. My smile falls off of my face, and I look down. Then Bane is like, "Are you okay?" he says to me.   I shake my head; yeah, I am okay. Then I feel my phone buzz. Look at my phone, and when I do, there is no sign of the guys. I open up the message, and it says." I told you not to go near the new guy. Silence, now you better not be late to my room," I gasped, and then I thought of s**t.

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