Slowly Turning Things Around To Become Awful

1909 Words
 Addy. P.O.V I woke up feeling very tender and sore down there between my legs, As I was getting into my bathtub, and as I was smoothing the pain between my legs with hot steamy water. I am thinking of the night before how O was I am remembering how I looked up when he was getting naked. I made a slight moan, and I was staring right into his eyes. He was licking his bottom lip. God! I love that boy so much; I can't believe I gave up my virginity to him, me knowing he played with my heart. I can't shake this feeling whenever he speaks. I listen to what he wants and do what he wants; it's like a magical pull and makes you do it. I crave him even more. I and everyone else I know do what he wants to be done. I should have asked him to spend the night with me. But as soon as we got done, he started to get dressed and then smirked and said: "Not such a bad f**k, your good anyway I am going to leave and head to bed; I am exhausted from all the activities for tonight." I've been fighting my feelings and how I feel about Orion. If I don't stick up for myself, he and everyone else will crush me and hurt me. I had it. I had enough. I'm going to march over to O's house and let him know how I feel so he can know for sure how I felt about him, without lust in the way. I am going to barge into his bedroom and tell him how I feel for him…. I am thinking that when I see out my window, he is getting up out of his bed. He is stretching out with his arms above his head, and then he bends down. I hear his phone going off... "Hey, baby, how is my favorite girl doing?" I just broke when I heard that. I was just crushed and just looked broken. I guess I am not important to him. ! What was I thinking? He never wants me in the public eye; he would like me in private and only privately because he is ashamed of me and wouldn't show me off or show me respect in front of everyone. Suddenly he looks up, then he winks, and says hold on babe, I got to shut my window just a sec, okay." I looked down after he caught me looking over at him; I popped my head up after hearing what he was saying to that girl he calls his favorite girl. Oh well, I guess I just got used; let's see what he will say now that I caught him red-handed. He is smiling at me, then he licks his lower lip and then looks right at me makes a loser sign to me I gasp "Oh" at him, then I am crushed at how he treated me just now, then he gets in front of his window then pulls down the window then shuts it and then shuts the curtains closed. I am just standing there in front of my window, stunned by what just happened. I thought it would be different after giving O' so much love and gave him my whole self to him. My virginity, my heart. Then I heard the doorbell. I climb down the stairs, and then I open the door, hoping it is O. so I can smack him on the side of the head and then slam the door in his face. I pop open the door then I see a young girl. She is maybe a Junior in high school she looks familiar, and then I am like," Hello can I help you" before she says anything then I heard another door open up, and then I look over that is when O comes on over towards my house then I heard O, say "Baby that is the wrong house. I am over here, sweet cheeks." I look over toward him, and then he says, "What are you looking at, freak!", I looked him up and down then, I replied, "Not a thing." Then he looks at me with hatred in his eyes. I smile and say to her, "Enjoy your day, Ginny Dale." "Same to you, Addison Silence," She says back with a smile. She stands there and waits for Orion to grab her hand to head her to his house, but he doesn't; instead, he puts his finger up and walks closer to me. As I was shutting my front door, I felt fingers around my wrist, then I felt someone close to my ear whispering, "you're getting punished for that little act you just pulled," He says to me while holding my wrist. "I bet you're a 100 bucks. Nope, ain't going to happen now, asshole," I whispered back into O, ear. Then I pull his fingers off of me and shove him hard, and then I shut the damn door in his face and head to the kitchen to make me lunch. I smile then I start to cry. Orion P.O.V I head Ginny into my room, and then I start to kiss her neck and lips, then I am like, "Who do you belong to?" I said. "You do, babe," she moans out. "That is right, I do," I say. I was working her and was about to finger her before I get my condom to get this f**k over with, but all I can think about is Addy. She was so delicious last night and so f*****g tight, Ginny has only been with me, but she is not like Addy. She is more like a slut in bed and not sexy, but I am horny, so I don't think you should blame me for this; I am male. I can't believe I have to marry after graduation because we both need to be together and married because that is how it always is, my parents said. I love Addy, but will I risk my name being tarnished because of me being with her before we graduated. "Babe, are we going to f**k or what?" Ginny asked. "Yeah, sure, baby, let me go to the bathroom first, okay," I said to her. "Okay, please hurry up. I have to be at volleyball practice in an hour," Ginny says. I go into my bathroom and try to control my thoughts, and I take deep breaths and then head back out to my room. She is lying down naked on my bed, and she is spreading eagle for me. "f**k baby did you shave it all off for me," I said. "Yeah, yeah, I did," she says. I started to come closer and kiss on her thighs, and when I was about to dive straight into her red hair p***y, but I couldn't do it. "Ginny, baby, I think today is not a good day or any other day. I can't do it anymore," I said. "No, what are you serious after all I gave you and did behind my friend's back and also my boyfriend's back," she shouts out loud. "I know, and I am sorry, but I can't do it no more," I said. "That is finally, end of the discussion, Gin," I said with a glare. "But I gave you my virginity, and I could give it to Leo, my boyfriend?" she says I shake my head and cross my arms over my chest. "As I said, no more talk of this anymore. This is goodbye, Gin," I said. "Fine, whatever, enjoy being alone for the night, jerk," she says while picking up her clothes and storming out of my room and down out of my house. "f**k" I screamed out loud. Addy P.O.V Hours later, I hear my doorbell again, and this time I just let it go because I already know who it is, and I am not letting him in not now, Not after what he pulled in front of me with Ginny, she is such a nice girl, but I guess she gets under his spell also as I do. But I feel sorry for Leo. He is such a nice guy. He never was mean to Gin or me. I wish she weren't cheating on Leo. He is a friendly kid. If I weren't in love with Orion, I would definitely see myself with a guy like Leo or Wyatt, but I am in love with a d**k head that breaks my heart over and over again. I kept hearing the doorbell, then I listened to my father in his office coming out and saying, "Addy bug, why didn't you get the door?' he said, and then I replied, "Daddy don't it's Orion I don't want to talk to him, He made me mad." I said. Then my father says, "Jeez Addy," he replied, I am shaking my head no, and then I mouth, "Don't open it please, daddy," but he is shaking his head. "You two need to become closer and friends, okay," he says. "Why is that," I said. "Just because okay, mother and I will tell you later after we come back from our vacation okay with the Powers," he says. "What do you mean with the Powers?" I shouted out. I am watching him open the door from up the stairs when he closes the door. I am like damn it I thought over and over the same word NO No No don't open the door fool go back to your office, while I was lost in thought and I didn't notice he was already here looking up at me, while dad was talking to him about his trip with O parents. "Yes, Orion, we will be gone for 3 weeks, but I hope you and Addy bug here is on your guys best behavior, okay," the father says to him, and then we both nod our heads. I was too caught up with what dad said to noticed that O was in front of me, smiling widely at me, then ask my father, is it okay if we can go up to Addy's room." he said, I do not like this not one bit. I am shaking my head towards my dad without looking because he is looking behind my dad and not knowing what I am doing. I hear this. "Yeah, sure, Orion, but I will be in my office, but if you both need me okay for anything, call for me, okay," my father says. "Okay, will do, sir," O says. I watched dad go back to his office, and we headed to my bedroom, and then I heard O chuckling to himself. I am mad at my daddy, he just let the devil in my room alone, and I have no idea what the devil will do to me. I am speechless and was hoping he was on my side and said no, how about you go home and come back when like never, but nope he didn't. I look over, and O is smirking and says, "After you, slave." I am thinking as I was walking up to my room! the word f**k!." I am so screwed." I whispered under my breath. "You sure are a beautiful slave," he says in my ear.
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